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Published: Friday, Oct. 11 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

I agree.

Most of the stuff we hear about this shutdown is wrong.

Stuff like... Obama won't compromise... Or that it's Obama's shutdown... Or that shutting down the government isn't really that bad...

If only we would tune out fair and balanced media and AM radio blowhards.

Phoenix, AZ

"The government is shut down."

So, let's see who actually shut down the government...

The Republican House first voted to fully fund all of the government except Obamacare. Obama refused to even negotiate and the Senate Democrats refused to consider it.

Then the Republican House voted to fully fund the government, but merely delay Obamacare for one year. Obama refused to even negotiate and the Senate Democrats refused to even consider it.

Finally, the Republican House voted to fully fund the government but added a requirement that everyone live under Obamacare, including Obama and all of Congress. No more special waivers for the Congress and staffs. Obama refused to even negotiate and the Senate Democrats refused to even consider it.

So, I ask you, who's intransigent? Who's refusing to fund the government? Who's shutting down the government? Answer: Obama, Harry Reid and all the Democrats in the House and Senate.

Phoenix, AZ

@The Real Maverick:
"Stuff like... Obama won't compromise..."

Please list what Obama has compromised or that he's willing to put on the negotiating table. We're waiting...

"Or that it's Obama's shutdown..."

Obama runs the Executive Branch of government. It's organizations under him that's shutting down... Parks, war memorials, NIH, etc. John Boehner, head of the House or Representatives, didn't give the order to shut down. He couldn't. He's in the Legislative Branch.

Mr. Bean
Phoenix, AZ

@Irony Guy:
"Dems spend it on education and science and protecting the environment and lifting people out of poverty..."

Yeah, things like food stamps for beach bums, disabled payments to people with hang nails, and cash for unwed moms to encourage more of the same.

"... this is called investment."

Not It's a complete waste of taxpayer money.

"Republicans spend it on wars: this is called psychosis."

Not. It's called fighting world terrorism and helping bring freedom to enslaved millions.

"Polls show overwhelming public support for ending this shutdown."

A shutdown caused by the Democrat intransigence.

"That's why the Republican party has a 29% approval rating in Gallup...

The 29% is the work of the liberal media trying their best to push the Democrat cause.

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