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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

In a year most reasonable people will approve of the system. We need to ignore the narrow minded bitter radical minority.

Provo, UT

A comment posted on the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare FB page:
"I actually made it through this morning at 8:00 A.M. I have a preexisting condition (Type 1 Diabetes) and my income base was 45K-55K annually I chose tier 2 "Silver Plan" and my monthly premiums came out to $597.00 with $13,988 yearly deductible!!! There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can afford this so I "opt-out" and chose to continue along with no insurance. I received an email tonight at 5:00 P.M. informing me that my fine would be $4,037 and could be attached to my yearly income tax return. Then you make it to the "REPERCUSSIONS PORTION" for "non-payment" of yearly fine. First, your drivers license will be suspended until paid, and if you go 24 consecutive months with "Non-Payment" and you happen to be a home owner, you will have a federal tax lien placed on your home. You can agree to give your bank information so that they can easy "Automatically withdraw" your "penalties" weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! This by no means is "Free" or even "Affordable."

The Hammer
lehi, utah

@freedom fighter41

Big families help support positive demograhpic model where as small families support a negative one and taxation should be fair and that is why tax breaks are given to small families. As far as "tax loopholes" for AG and Oil most of them are to delay the cost consequences of discovering oil, and Ag to help protect crops. Although I don't like the Ag loopholes the oil loopholes are so we can actually collect revenue off of them later.

Arco, ID


All the training I have received on the new ACA, I have never heard of the types of repercussions posted on the FB page.

I know there is going to be a tax penalty for those who do not have qualified health insurance and are not exempt. In 2014: the fine is $95 per adult, 2015: $325 per adult and 2016: $695 per adult. This is figured into each person's yearly tax return, and is settled no other way.

I agree that the insurance premiums are higher since insurance companies are required to expand the type of coverage offered with a qualified health plan. That is the purpose behind Premium Tax Credits for those whose income is 100% to 400% of the federal poverty level.

Obamacare is not free. However, the law is set to make it more affordable than traditional health plans, especially with government subsidies for lower income families. (Whether the country can truly afford this is an entirely different argument, however.)

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Some people will like the ACA. Some won't. We don't have to all agree. But we do need to move on before this train hits us.

Sandy, UT

The Non Affordable Care Act is nowhere near 1 million people yet. The government is estimating that figure based on hopes and sound bites. The non biased news has been reporting that it is far less than that due to the online system that does not yet work. Once people go on they see the increased cost for health care and they are backing away. The only problem with that is that the IRS now has their information and will coming looking for the fine if not insured. Never good to be the genuine pigs for the Obama non Constitutional form of government.

Phoenix, AZ

"I am bothered by the fact that many people are hired by corporations at the minimum wage and not allowed to work enough hours per week to qualify for company benefits."

Blame increases in part time work jobs on Obamacare.

"It is bad enough to work at a starvation wage."

Blame poor wages on your lack of training and education.

"If the businesses in our country won’t care about citizens of our country, who but the government is left?"

Businesses are in business for essentially one reason... to earn a return for shareholders.


@one vote:
"It is the law..."

Immigration laws are also 'the law.' Obama continues to violate immigration laws to the extent that he should be impeached.

"...and Romney lost."

And the Republicans won the US House of Representatives. The US Constitution assigns control of the government's purse strings to the House.

Phoenix, AZ

"Lets eliminate the 'entitlement' mentality. Lets force big oil and ag to actually be self sufficient and lets close these tax loopholes."

Loopholes, as you with to call them are for the purpose of encouraging capital investment... without which businesses and thus, jobs would begin to disappear. Keep that in mind.

"If I should have to pay taxes why then should big families (who lack self control) and GE get tax breaks?"

You can get a few tax breaks, too, if you play your cards right. For example the mortgage interest deduction on schedule A of your 1040 Federal Income Tax return... And why do you suspect the government allows folks to take that deduction? Answer: To encourage investment in real estate.

Cambridge, MA

To "FreedomFighter41" unless you are uber rich, the poor do not cost us pennies. There is a study out there that shows that if a single mother with 3 kids goes on welfare, and earns only $20,000/yr she lives equally to somebody who earns nearly $70,000/yr thanks to all of the benefits that she would be eligible for.

"Big Oil" is not only self sufficient, but they are one of the largest tax paying industries. They pay billions of dollars in taxes, royalties, and other fees. If you look at how much they pay to just the Federal government, they have a tax rate that is easily pushing 20% of their revenues. Their profit margin is only 6.5%. The Federal Government gets more of their earnings than they do.

We need to set the tax laws so that individuals cannot get more back on their tax returns than what they paid. Everybody should pay taxes, so that they have some skin in the game.

tranquility base, 00

The real issue is that government is already involved in healthcare and the unintended consequences of requiring medical certification, drug certification, procedure certification ect give the medical community exclusivity. Add on top of that the record greed and profits the medical community is taking from their improved exclusiveness and 40 million Americans can't afford medical insurance.

Heck, without insurance I know I can't afford a $300 visit when my kid has a fever. Unless you agree to deregulate the entire healthcare industry including legalization of ALL drugs, you need to support fixing the healthcare system so it's more affordable.

The ACA was the republicans idea. If it's so dangerous why did THEY promote it in the first place!? The fact is the only dangerous thing to them is letting the democrats win anything. They are NOT patriots!

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