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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00


Add to that --

The millions of professional career people,
being constantly "denied" personal or family coverage from the greedy FOR-profit insurance companies because of lay-offs, buy-outs, job changes, or moves from State-to-State - due to a pre-existing condition?

The GOP offered NOTHING in return but a promise to make Obama a one term president.

And when that didn't work,
they trample the Constitution with their tantrum!

high school fan
Huntington, UT

It's either business or the governments responsibility to take care of somebody, it is the individual's responsibility. People are responsible for themselves, it is time that we remember that. Businesses are created to provide a service and to make money, nobody creates a business to go broke. People work there to earn money and if they don't earn enough they get a different job.
As for the government, we all hire them to do things for all of us like police, fire, schools that is better managed than we can do by ourselves, we never created a government to take care of us.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

It is the law and Romney lost.

Burke, VA

"...many people are hired by corporations at the minimum wage and not allowed to work enough hours per week to qualify for company benefits."

Excellent letter Newel. And thanks for pointing out an important issue. Many people are claiming that the oncoming Affordable Care Act is the impetuous for companies cutting back hours for their employees so they will not have to pay for their benefits. While there is evidence that is true, the fact is that companies have been using that practice for years. They are not interested in providing benefits to the people that make their companies successful every day. They are interested in maximizing their investment. Some people will say that is their right to do so. But I follow the words of my late father engraved on my brain by his good counsel - "With every right comes a responsibility."

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

A business must make a profit. Without a profit, it can't hire you. Without a profit it can't pay taxes and you can't pay taxes and the government can't raise revenue. A businessman uses all kinds of accounting tools to know if he is making a profit. One of those tools is "break even analysis". He must know how much profit he is making from every item or service that he sells. He must know how much prices must go up if expenses go up. He must know how much his customers will pay for goods and services. If he can't raise prices, he must cut costs - or he must close his doors.

ObamaCare or the ACA, whichever you want to call it, is an unknown cost. A businessman has no idea what it will really cost. All he can do is to remove it as an unknown cost - by cutting hours.

You can thank Obama for that. It's his program. FDR tried to freeze wages - so we got health insurance in lieu of wages. Obama is trying to force health care - so we get unemployement instead of jobs.

Burke, VA

high school fan wrote "It's either business or the governments responsibility to take care of somebody, it is the individual's responsibility."

I think you meant to say "neither" and in so doing you have stated the basic premise of the ACA. It is the individual's responsibility and instead of letting free loaders use hospital emergency rooms as their regular doctor, and not paying for those services thereby driving up hospital costs for all of us which result in higher insurance premiums, the ACA says everyone should have insurance. And for those who can't afford the payments, the government will help them so that they have access to preventive healthcare and will most likely remain more healthy and avoid costly treatments that, once again will be paid for by those of us who have insurance and take responsibility for our lives.

Waltham, MA

It is not now, and never has been any ones responsibility to take care of you besides YOU!!! That is one of the big problems, with our country is the entitlement, If you want a better job and better benefits then you do the work needed to get it, and then you stop buying everything you want and going in debt, when you spend every penny you make you will never make enough money... People need to learn to save, and put money away, Learn to go with out. Stop being so dependent on the government for everything, this is suppose to be a free country, please stop throwing away the very freedom that so many have given their lives for... So some one else can take care of you!!!!

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

The idea that essential services should be for profit is barbaric Mike, City water, utilities, medical treatment, these folks should be free to charge whatever they want, in your free market world.

I remember well... Christ saying that money is the root of all righteousness, and that society should be based on ones ability to profit from there neighbors misery, who are miserably because of their sin of poverty.

Sorry Mike I don't even use my insurance which I've had for over 30 years. I'd like to think someone else might benefit now instead of my premiums being paid as a bonus to someone who finds ways to deny consumers a benefit, just to increase profit for shareholders.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Some people refuse to read. The People have assigned seventeen duties to the Federal level of government. All duties not enumerated in the Constitution are to be left to the States or to the people.

There are many levels of government. The people can choose to pay for services on any of those levels, but government cannot self-authorize services that the people have not assigned to it.

Some people don't know the difference between public services, such as police protection and private services, such as security services for a business.

Some people are so unfamiliar with Christ and His doctrine that they would have us believe that Christ demanded that the civil government force people to be charitable.

Any person can choose to pay another person's bills. The government does not require you to ask permission to be charitable; but, this is not a Marxist nation. The government cannot take from "those who have" and redistribute that money to "those who have not". That is thuggery.

ObamaCare is the redistribution of money from the private sector to the general fund, where politicians without integrity use that money to pay for "pork".

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

A gem. Rare around here.

Othello, WA

Let me guess...like most of his fellow leftists, this guy probably thinks free healthcare is really "free". Nobody pays for it! He probably thinks there is not limit to how much money government can confiscate from the private sector, without major ramifications. I'll bet Mr. "cradle to grave" can't name 5 people working for a major corporation, that make minimum wage. Starting wages at McDonalds in my area, are well above minimum wage, and we have the highest minimum wage in the nation. Mr. socialist needs to realize that we still live in a capitalist society, and that means corporations aren't beholding to leftists social experiments.

Burke, VA

Mike Richards makes this statement, "Some people refuse to read."

And then as if to prove his own point he states, "ObamaCare is the redistribution of money from the private sector to the general fund, where politicians without integrity use that money to pay for "pork"."

The ACA is not redistributing anyone's money. It is simply saying that everyone should be insured and that insurance companies have to provide coverage to anyone, regardless of the "pre-exisintg history." The government will subsidize those who genuinely qualify for those subsidies and the inclusion of so many more policy holders and the competition they will generate by banding together in the state exchanges (for those who do not have employer provided coverage) will drive insurance premiums down, just like they do for the "group" called federal employees.

That's all. Let's all make a point to read the legislation before commenting on it. OK Mike?

J Thompson


Do you believe that Social Security funds were not mixed with the general fund and then used to pay for "pork"? What do we have in Social Security's "locked box"? There's nothing but I.O.U.s from Congressmen who are long gone, but who helped themselves to our Social Security funds to advance their careers.

What did Obama tell us about ObamaCare? He told us that he would either wipe out the deficit or reduce it to a level lower than when he took office AFTER ObamaCare was passed, implying that he would have absolutely no qualms about mixing ObamaCare funds with general revenue funds instead of keeping them in a "locked box" for use only for healthcare.

If an insurance company used policy premiums to give George Soros a $2 BILLION loan to drill off the coast of Brazil, the management of that company would be spending decades in prison, but Obama thinks that he can do similar things with the money that he will force us to pay into ObamaCare.

As Mike R. said, "Some people refuse to read." The facts have been printed. You don't have to pretend otherwise.

Salt Lake City, UT

If the ACA is the law, and it is, why not implement it now without exemptions for political favorites? Those favorites complain that they now have to give up their "Cadillac" health plans and pay more. Welcome to the middle class. The ACA web site had three years and hundreds of millions of dollars to prepare for enrollment and it crashed the first day. It was a 600% cost over run. Is this an example of the government serving the public in a thoughtful and efficient manner and is it a harbinger of things to come?

Centerville, UT

The affordable care act, created at least 13 new taxes and possibly more. Most of these taxes are not limited to funding health care. In addition the act provides for subsidized costs to families based on if they purchase health insurance through the private insurance market. That is wealth redistribution. The act itself does not have the federals providing a source of health insurance. The act itself does not have the federals providing medical services to the poor and needy.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

The ACA is already working for millions of people who would otherwise be excluded by the obscenely profitable insurance companies. The companies ought to be grateful for ACA; otherwise their days of exploiting sick people would be numbered.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Obamacare does not address the problem you describe. In fact, it exacerbates it by encouraging businesses to further reduce hours for their part-time employers.

Try again, since obamacare does NOT address the problem, why do you like it?

Open minded,
Why do you repeat the lie that the GOP offered nothing in return?

One vote,
It’s the law – why isn’t BO enforcing it ALL? Why isn’t he enforcing our immigration laws? Why isn’t he enforcing laws aimed at stopping voter intimidation? Don’t give us the “it’s the law” garbage when even BO is NOT enforcing it!

Thanks for admitting it is true obamacare is having a negative effect on employment and worker hours. Obamcare is forcing a reduction from 32 to 29 hours. And somehow that makes obamacare good?

Where did Mike say essential services should be for-profit? You made that up so you could call him barbaric. You heard Christ say, “Money is the root of all righteousness”? I don’t see that in any of the scriptures. And you accuse others of making stuff up?

E Sam
Provo, UT

Great letter. Typical tired responses to it.

Cambridge, MA

To "Newel Standley" you realize that your letter is nothing more than liberal propaganda.

The ACA does little to nothing to protect "those who are unable to protect themselves." In fact it puts more people at risk because employers are dropping health coverage, cutting hours, or can no longer afford to expand becaue of the ACA.

Lets look at the "evil" Walmart corporation. They have a reputation of paying low wages, but how many of their employees are covered by insurance. According to various sources 90% or more are covered one way or another.

If you are concerned about the number of hours they work, and any recent cuts, that was directly attributed to the ACA and the expenses that it would put on employers.

Who is working for starvation wages? What you should be asking is why are these people not looking for jobs that pay more? Why do they expect tax payers to make sure they have food and clothing?

Provo, UT

I love when repubs rant about the "entitlement" mentality.

They rip poor people who cost us pennies while "ignore" the rich people and corporation who receive billions in subsidies, tax breaks, and tax loopholes.

yes... I agree... Lets eliminate the "entitlement" mentality. Lets force big oil and ag to actually be self sufficient and lets close these tax loopholes. If I should have to pay taxes why then should big families (who lack self control) and GE get tax breaks?

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