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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

poyman, what spin? I said you were wrong, I provided sources that show you were wrong, I provided a quote from the author of the original study saying you are wrong, and you admit you are wrong: "it is true that stating more people are on welfare than are working is inaccurate. . . ". Spin? What more could you want?

I also stated that Baldwin's study is seriously flawed. It is. He is comparing people working in the private sector against people on Medicare and those working in public sector jobs, (the fact he has to combine these groups to get the results he wants show hos flawed the study is) and he is trying to draw conclusions about the fiscal health of a state based on this. Yes, his study is flawed. He also states that those in the private sector are "gainfully employed", as opposed to those in the public sector. In other words, he is making the claim that cops, firefighters, teachers, and other government workers are a drain on society, never realizing that without these people there would not be a functioning private sector in which to be gainfully employed.

Truth Whisperer
Chandler, TX

And it continues... I don't care if we are talking about Government Workers, Welfare Recipients, Food Stamp Recipients or whatever ... If they are receiving pay or benefits from tax money and there are more people receiving than paying then that is a recipe for significant financial trouble... I am not suggesting that those who work in Government Related jobs or receive publicly paid benefits are not deserving, I am simply saying that if there are more of them than those who are paying for them then there is a strong probability that we can't afford it and Revisions need to be made.

Policemen, Firemen, or Teachers are honorable positions... You're the one that is attempting to spin my comments to make it look like that is what I am implying... I'm NOT.... In fact I am not even saying that people receiving welfare, food stamps or whatever benefits is not honorable even though you imply that I am...

I am simply saying... and please read my words carefully... We can't afford the debt load...

Let me say it differently, we have to stop spending money we don't have... Adjustments have got to be made...

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