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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00


So it's NOT just me.

Mike Lee and John Swallow can't even get passing opinions from BYU.

That should say something.

Wally West

to O M M...

Sadly, neither will occur.

San Antonia, TX

Swallow really should go,

Senator Lee. We voted for you because we need you would not lay down on the job. Stand tall.

But, never forget that you work for me and all my buddies in America.

The People are in charge.

You all need to get out of our way when we want to go visit the Grand Canyon or Zion. Those are our parks.

Power to the People!

Salt Lake City, UT

Hard to say, as between these two, who is more culpable. And that's a sad comment on both.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Tea party havoc.

salt lake, UT

hurray for mike lee for standing up for what is right and for what he believes. maybe we should find out all the information on john swallow before we convict him and kick him out i thought it was only with the irs that you were guilty first then you had to prove your innoconce

DN Subscriber 2

Polls like this are nothing but a pop quiz to see if the media narrative is successful in twisting the views of people who really don't pay much attention, or know the details.

Mike Lee is one of the five best Senators in Washington today, and doing heroic work trying to save this country from destruction. Even working for those who do not realize how bad things will be if Obama fully implements his healthcare scheme, and borrows a few more trillion dollars to give away. You WILL be getting the bill in your future taxes, and your children will be much less well off than their parents.

John Swallow is a solid conservative, and therefore a popular target for a number of groups, and they all piled on after some bogus charges made by a convicted felon. A federal investigation already cleared him, and the remaining investigations are ones started so other politicos could claim they are "doing something" while avoiding defending him or citing non-existent evidence.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

@DN Subscriber 2

Polls like this are nothing but a pop quiz to see if the media narrative is successful in twisting the views of people who really don't pay much attention, or know the details.


I'm a Vietnam War era alumnus.

I'll take the OpenMinded opinions of University and College students over FoxNews fed folks anyday.

Just like the Communist media fed students in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

sandy, utah

Subscriber 2

"A federal investigation already cleared him" So you trust the federal government now. Does not sound like a "Mike Lee kind of a guy". By the way My children are already suffering economically relative to what I experienced. I owe it to them to provide some form of affordable health care.....don't you?

Durham, NC

"and your children will be much less well off than their parents.'

This line always cracks me up, because the same crowd could care less about leaving the planet in great shape.... just their wallets...

... but here you have it, another survey from the left leaning BYU supporting the media mainstream again in brain washing us all to their socialist ploy to take over America and deliver it to the muslims..... ( I hope you all understand just how tongue in cheek that was).

Poll after poll like this continue to show that neither extreme represents the majority of what Americans think nor believe. Most Americans want world leading national defense, world class leading services from our government, done with the core value that the government is spending our money - and needs to do so wisely. The other stuff is just noise from those who would try to divide in order to gain more power and influence.

We are all far less apart then the wedge issues being used would indicate.

Cedar Hills, UT

Senator Lee did compromise. For heaven sake where have you been D-NEWS? It is Barack that won't compromise.

Lincoln City, OR

Doesn't pass the smell test... Sorry.

I don't believe that 56% of Utah Voters believe that it is okay to keep spending money that we don't have...

This community of all communities believes that we have to live within our means and I simply don't believe that Utahn's say it's okay to keep spending money and pass the bill on to future Taxpayers... Are parents didn't do it to us and they went through some real hard times (Depression, WWII, etc.) Whether we are talking about Obamacare, welfare, food stamps, whatever... You can't spend what you don't have regardless of how noble the cause... it's not fair or right...

I haven't seen the questionaire but based on these results I would say that there is something wrong with it...

This Country has always been fiscally conservative... To all of a sudden say that Utahn's don't care about how deep we get in debt simply doesn't make sense... Today there are 11 states who have fewer working people paying taxes than they have people receiving taxpayer funded benefits... That's a recipe for financial disaster.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

This poll doesn't confirm my personal pre-conceived bias which is dutifully confirmed daily by fox news, right-wing radio personalities, right-wing blogs, right-wing chain e-mails, drudge, ect., ect, so it must be wrong.


Springville, UT

Mike Lee is doing a fantastic job in Washington. I'm proud of him. Unfortunately, the progressives and leftists who control the media not only nationally but also locally hate the guy. The most vocal critic of Mike Lee in this state is Doug Wright (KSL), who spends nearly every day ripping into him. All of these people (radicals as far as I'm concerned) exert their influence to shape public opinion.

Why the hatred? Because they're threatened. They're scared. Anyone with a will to voice opposition to the progressive government takeover of our lives is a threat.

Durham, NC

Potman.... where do you get your facts. This country was in debt before we had a constitution.... and has been in debt, increasing that debt year over year for over 200 years. And then factoids like your 11 state comment... by the numbers, that isn't all that hard to see. If on average the work force is just a little more than 50 percent of people, it is not hard to see how through medicare, WIC, educational funding, unemployment, disabilities, and low wage jobs that are below the poverty level.... that in the aggregate there are more receiving benefits.

I don't say this to pick a fight with you, only that history has been distorted. We have this overly rosie view of the past. For example, compared to the great depression, all the KPis and measures don't even come close to the state of the government at that time.

No doubt - debt needs to be reigned in. Governments delivery of services needs to be more efficient. But lets not distort the past or not put it in proper context.

Proud Ute

Whoever is advising Mike Lee should be fired too. He can't be this clueless by all by himself.

South Jordan, UT

DNS2 and Patriot: Both of you are absolutely correct. It is Mike Lee and conservatives who have compromised and come to the bargaining table. Obama is the one who will not and states publicly that he will not compromise. He will talk to Iran but not the Republicans. The DN, BYU, and the media do not pay attention.

John Swallow is also a victim of the liberal media who loved to lick its chops and go after a story line. Baloney. This is a good man who will be cleared. Guilty until proven innocent should not be the way we have justice in this great country.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Senator lee failed nod should resign.

New Yorker
Pleasant Grove, UT

Tea Party = Anarchists in Patriot's Clothing.

For them America is some 200 year old myth that never existed in real life, not the America of John Kennedy and Ronald Regan.

America has worked because we cared about each other, not because we were perfect people neither perfect idealogues.

i am hank
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Your comment is totally irrelevant to this discussion. Why bring up the caucus system debate here? I'll be glad to debate the merits (or, more accurately, the lack of merits) of the caucus system with you, but this thread is about how Utahns view Mike Lee and John Swallow, not about whether or not the caucus system should be maintained.

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