Comments about ‘Boy Scouts remove 'God' from oath in UK, welcome atheists to the ranks’

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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Why not join every secularist club so that we can help them?

Bingham High School Student
South Jordan, UT, UT

pleasnatgrove, go for it, but it seems like too much work for me. If you decide to use the argument that they won't let us join because we are Christian therefore we should not let them join BSA, then you have failed to look at the whole picture. A Christ-like person would look beyond whether someone does not let you into their club, and treat them in a kind and non-judging manner, while being a good influence, and accepting them the way they are. Yet a Christ like person would also try to convert them, but if this person asked us to stop trying to convert them, a Christ-like person would still treat them lovingly, and respectfully

mid-state, TN

@pleasantgrove --

"Why not join every secularist club so that we can help them?"

Go for it. You might actually learn something.


The Scientist
Provo, UT

Whenever you "try to convert" us, you are condescendingly treating us as inferior creatures who are not acceptable as we are, and you are relating to us as a salesman relates to a "mark" (or a predator relates to prey) rather than as real, equal human beings should relate to one another. As such, your way of being is fundamentally insincere, dishonest, and unethical.

Stop trying to "convert" others! Live and exude your way of life with genuine openness to the reality of others and their fundamental "acceptability" as they are. If they feel a desire to change by virtue of your presence (not your preachiness) in their lives, then they will do so.

Why is that so hard to understand?


You don't get either of my points. The church has adopted a man made organization. Why? If a boy wants to be in a scout group go for it, but don't make it part of the lds religion. It's the only man made organization in a church that could easily set up its own inspired ym program.
My other point is, Scouting is only one of thousands of self help/service groups, and we obviously aren't going to join them all or make them all part of the church. Simplify stupid. Get scouting out of religion, we have plenty of other better things to do.

Boy Scout
South Jordan, UT

@The Scientist, I think you are trying to pick a fight with Bingham HS Student, but what you said is brilliant. I agree with that "convert" People just need to accept each other as they are, and if they want someone to change, just be an example, but don't try to force it onto them, and hope they change on their own. I am a mormon, and this is very similar to how I think. I am still planning on going on a mission, where I will be trying hard to convert people, or "invite all to come unto Christ." But while I am at home, I think that the best way to follow our prophet's council "every member a missionary" is to just be an example, and hope that people you want to "convert" come up to you. Now there are exceptions to my philosophy of course, but in general, this is the safest way to do so without offending anyone.

Salt Lake, UT

Gasp! If they change the oath much more they'll find the magic words that make the world explode! Seriously I'd say let's just get rid of the thing. There are certainly much more effective ways to get into the spirit of scouting than to recite a boring and over-generalized collection of platitudes. Is this about the form or the function here?

Newport Beach, CA

Lord Baden-Powell called. He thinks you Brit Scouters are a bunch of pansies, who wouldn't last five minutes on the veldt.

wheaton, IL

Wonderful news! This needs to happen in the USA.

Salt Lake City, UT


1) "How was life created in the first place"

Your question is a little flawed. "Created" assumes a creator and the question answers itself.

If you haven't studied abiogenesis, it's a good place to start. Let's be fair and say that we've only begun learning. More answers will come.

2) "Why do humans have a conscience?"

It's a beneficial trait that reinforced as we developed. Beyond that, you're assuming a purpose.

3) "How was the earth is perfectly designed to support the millions of forms of life?"

Again, the question is flawed in assuming a designer.

We should expect our environment to support the life that's here.

People often think of your question in terms of odds. What are the odds this could happen without a designer? Next time you walk outside, take note of the first licence plate you see. The odds of you seeing that exact combination of letters and numbers is extraordinarily unlikely. Then consider the next license plate, the odds of those two consecutively are unimaginable! Yet it just happened.

Life, happens.

Ultimately, God's are divisive and threaten social cohesion. Good for you BSA!

Iowa City, IA

On the flip side, this could be a chance for those scouts who do believe in God to provide a positive example and experience to the children of unbelievers. You never know, they may end up becoming believers.

Not that I'm advocating that the scouts do that in the states, just that if you're dealt a blow you can either run and hide, withdrawing support and going into a bubble, or you can step up and realize this could be an opportunity for the faithless to receive some light and knowledge. You may not help all of them, but you might help one.

cincinnati, OH

Some these comments about only believing science and not god are ridiculous.

Remember when science said that the earth revolved around the moon? Scientific theories are just that - theories. To put absolute faith in scienctific theories (ie big bang) and none in god is unwise.

Brian Westley
St. Paul, MN

"Remember when science said that the earth revolved around the moon?"

No, because "science" never said that.

"Scientific theories are just that - theories"

Yep, theories - models that explain known facts and make predictions.

Religious myths are just that - myths.

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