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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Los Gatos, CA

I do not see the problem with this change in UK scouting. I was a Boy Scout in an LDS troop, and got zero religion from my scouting experience. My religion came from my family and church. We had non-members who were atheists, and attended our troop because they liked the scout activities and teachings of scouting, which were secular.

Salt Lake City, UT

"How was life created in the first place (meaning DNA molecules being formed etc.)?

Why do humans have a conscience?

How was the earth is perfectly designed to support the millions of forms of life?

As someone with a graduate degree in a scientific field I am geniunely curious about your response. I could list many other questions but these will suffice for now."

1978, you claim to have a degree in a scientific field and yet you ask those questions like they actually mean something. I assume you are asking them to show that a God must exist (if not please clarify your point).

But if you really have a degree in a scientific field one would think you would understand that there are many question that science has not answered (nor, indeed, may ever answer), and yet all that means is there are many question science hasn't answered. It does not point in anyway towards a "God" as default.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

If I as a God fearing and respecting person were to go to an atheist group or meeting and start demanding they change what they teach or belief so I can attend and feel comfortable in the group how would they respond? The world wide Boy Scout organization is built on faith and religions of all kinds not just Christian!!! Faith and belief in a Supreme Being is the foundation of the group!!! I hope that BSA will not follow in this path or the LDS church will withdraw its support of this fine program!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

This will be my last post on this article because I am heading out of town in the next few minutes.

Let me summarize: Evolution as an answer to the basic question of how everything came to be from unorganized matter is a myth that is not supported by science when objectively looking at the facts and conclusions. Evolution as an answer to how species adapt, change and survive is totally valid.

Evolution cannot answer the basic question of how life was formed because it is a mathematical impossibility. None of the unnamed books that have been listed can prove otherwise.
The idea that organization can come from chaos – without a superior force directing that effort - in is direct contradiction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

BTW real scientists may not know about books on evolution but they do know and understand basic laws of physics, mathematical probabilities and thermodynamics, etc.

In conclusion if someone wants to belief in evolution because it fits their lifestyle and educational philosophy that is fine with me. However to state that it is a scientific fact as some have insinuated is completed false. It is a myth masquerading as a theory.

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

The existence of God cannot be proven nor dis-proven, faith is what is needed for a belief in God. Those who belittle and demean those of faith and then call them bigots ought to look in the mirror. I have known and worked with some of the top rocket scientists in the world, most of whom believe in God and Jesus Christ, even though they have tremendous intellect they also have a simple humble faith.

Happy Valley, I am truly sorry that you were so involved but missed the whole purpose of scouting movement. It was not founded to prepare soldiers but did use the methods of scouting to excite young men to do their Duty to God in the laboratory of the great outdoors with adventurous activities. The methods of Scouting are a means to an end. Duty to God, patriotism, respect for others and development of self.

"No man is much good unless he believes in God and obeys His laws. So every Scout should have a religion....Religion seems a very simple thing: First: Love and Serve God. Second: Love and serve your neighbour." - (Lord Baden Powell, Scouting For Boys, 1908)

Cedar Hills, UT

My LDS faith teaches that America will ONLY continue to be a land of liberty and freedom so long as they (as a majority) accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. When America rejects God (as a majority) America will lose its economic freedom, its liberty and its sovereignty. The prophet Mormon watched his people destroyed by the Lamanites after they "rejected that Jesus who stood with open arms to receive them". America WAS founded on Christian principles with a united belief in Jesus Christ and also a tolerance to allow others to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscious. Today the atheistic forces of political progressivism are firmly entrenched in our government starting with the White House and this plague is spreading like locusts from state to state...in our schools, in our governments and yes within the boy scouts and other youth organizations. You can scoff if you want - but at least do it after educating yourself with other socialist and communist states and their sad history. The ROOT of their fall was ATHEISM.

Saint George, UT

the Boy Scouts, started in England by lord Baden Powell to honor God, must be rolling over in his grave. Without god, scouting is nothing but an outdoor adventure group.

Syracuse, UT

Why can you only 'like" a comment, but "not like" a comment?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Evolution cannot answer the basic question of how life was formed because it is a mathematical impossibility."

No it's not, 1978.

"The idea that organization can come from chaos – without a superior force directing that effort - in is direct contradiction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics."

Oh. . . You're one of those.

But you're still wrong.

"America WAS founded on Christian principles with a united belief in Jesus Christ "

Oh my gosh, that is just so false.

mid-state, TN

@1978 --

"The idea that organization can come from chaos -- without a superior force directing that effort - in is direct contradiction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics."

You appear to be misinterpreting what that "superior force" needs to be.

For example, for decades scientists have been able to create amino acids and other organic compounds, including DNA nucleobases, de novo in a test tube, by using raw ingredients resembling the "primordial stew" and adding electricity. So your "superior force" doesn't necessarily mean a Superior Being.

Unless you believe that electricity is God?

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

Thanks for that amazing insight mark

Salt Lake City, UT

"Thanks for that amazing insight mark"

Hey, your welcome, Rico!

Oh wait, you're being sarcastic, aren't you. Silly you.

I suppose you wanted me to go into more detail in my responses. (But, of course, what you aren't taking into account is that the claims I am replying to went into no detail themselves. For instance, saying this country was founded on Christian principles with a united believe in Christ, is nothing but an unsubstantiated claim itself, so really it deserves nothing more then the response I gave, which was: no it wasn't. But, nonetheless, this claim has been debated many times here and in other places, and it has been shown to be wrong every time. I would be happy to provide you with the quotes from the founders, as I have many times before, alas, I think this may be my last post. And the claims made about evolution were presented with just as little substance as the claim on Christianity, and have been addressed in detail elsewhere also, so again, they really deserve no more of a response then I gave them.)

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Anybody else ready for the Lord to come and solve this mess?...this cesspool of evil, stupidity, cowardice and immorality called "life on earth"?

I am....

Orem, UT


If atheists had a hall to meet and socialize in, likely sitting around and bashing on religion would be their preferred social activity.

us, CA

I think it is crazy always asking groups which do the most good to "evolve" away from what gave them their strength in the first place. There is always going to be somebody who doesn't like something about any given group, but that shouldn't necessitate change. I agree the solution is for them to start their own groups and quit expecting others to drop their beliefs for yours. What will change next? I can assure you that the position of morality held by BS is NOT that of say Justin Bieber or Miley Cyres. So do we now forct them to "evolve" to include those whose standards are much lower? We are slowly evolving away from what made us strong. To those who argue that it merely reflects scientific thought, I would counter that what was 'scientific fact' in the earlier centuries is laughable today and what is "scientific fact" today will be laughable in 100 years. Atheists/secularists need to quit worrying about others "evolving" to their points of view and get out and do some actual good in the world like the groups they seek to change do.

newhall, CA

Despicable decision. Removing God is exactly what the opposition wants. To accommodate atheists but ignore Christians is ridiculous.

mid-state, TN

@sukiy --

"I can assure you that the position of morality held by BS is NOT that of say Justin Bieber or Miley Cyres."

Justin Bieber has loudly declared his Christian devotion many times over the years. He was raised by conservative Christian evangelicals and is born again.

Miley Cyrus was raised Southern Baptist. She was known in recent years for wearing a "purity ring" as a sign of her faith.

She has said that her faith keeps her "grounded" and affirmed her desire to follow Jesus. "Live like Christ and He'll live in you, and that's what I want to do".

In other words, being Christian isn't the same thing as being moral.

Not by a long shot.


Lets try this again. I wonder why my comments haven't shown up yet. Just curious.

I am amazed that the lds church continues to support and treat scouting like its part of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Its the only program I know of in the church that wasn't a restored principle or inspired by the church leaders. Why do we continue to spend so much time, money and energy with this secular organization? Half the church doesn't even have a scout program. Why not get out of this scout tradition and create an inspired program for the young men. Oh wait there already is one-the priesthood and duty to God.

Bingham High School Student
South Jordan, UT, UT

Guys, I am a boy scout, and I think this change is a great idea. It does not say that this is the only way of saying the British Scout Oath, It Says that it is an ALTERNATE way of saying the oath. "Scouting officials in the U.K. said the Scout Promise has been altered before to accommodate Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and non-citizens who are not subjects of the queen." You do not seem to be mad that the Muslims, Hindu's, and Buddhists got exceptions.

I can not believe that you people are so immature so as to think that the boy scouts is only for Christian or Religious people. IT actually says in the Scout Oath "To help other people" and allowing secularists to join can help them.

Bingham High School Student
South Jordan, UT, UT

"Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society."(http:// members.scouts.org.uk /fundamentals /?pageid=2944)
No where does it say that it is only for Christians, Secularists should get an equal opportunity to benefit from scouting as the religious. Because that is what scouting is about--bieng a positive influence.

To those of you who think it is a bad idea to allow Atheists into the BSA (Most of you are LDS, or wouldn't be on Deseret News in the faith section. I am LDS also) is this not a perfect opportunity for missionary work? Every member a missionary right?

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