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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

chris b

You obviously have not read any of my posts. This is not about Alabama or LSU. This is about BYU/Utah. Let me key you in on something, the U of U are not a National Title caliber teamI don't know why you are using this argument. I am not claiming byu could take alabama to the woodshed. I am claiming that BYU and Utah are very similar in talent level. As far as the U winning the last 4 games. this is due to execution and coaching. the U has out executed and coach the BYU cougars as of late. Its not a talent issue.



"1984 let me know when you guys one"

Chris is talking about a team winning a national championship in the modern era.

BYU was awarded the national championship in 1984 by beating the worst teams college football had to offer. Not one single good team. Not even a major bowl.

The system has been completely changed so that could never happen again, because it was ridiculous.



I am not a Chris B fan but he is winning this argument, you need to quit while you're behind.

"I am not claiming that byu could take alabama to the woodshed."

Funny because the Utes did that pretty recently.

You haven't done anything to refute Chris B's point. The star system isn't perfect, but on average it is proven to be a useful indicator of talent. Every independent recruiting service agrees that Utah has recruited better talent than byu consistently over the past four years. Yes there are one offs, there are players who develop differently at the college level, etc, but there is no denying Utah has an edge in talent and depth right now. This has been a factor in the Utes dominating the rivalry in recent years.

Eagle Mountain, UT


We have a NC Trophy! Period. You can come look at it if you are feeling sad you don't have one.

Cheyenne, WY

I think Chris B needs to point out that Utah classes are usually within 10 spots of BYU classes according to the rankings. so that makes the ute class 8.1 percent better.If you go by star percent it is between 4 and 9 percent better. So they may claim a little better but not a lot.
The reason Utah has won consistently: They have better schemes and execute much better when playing one another. Talent is very similar both teams have a great receiver and a great linebacker. One place where Utah definitely and for years has had an advantage is the offensive line, but both teams have brought in similar talent. Two highly recruited Y offensive lineman were lost for their careers. How would the Utes do if they lost the two best o-lineman?
How many of you have played sports? I played competitive sports for 4 years. We lost to teams that had less talent and beat teams with more talent. It comes down to coaching and attitude. Utah is better at both those regards. I am not a ute fan but they will compete with any team because of attitude and coaching.

Cheyenne, WY

p.s. currently 2014 class Utes 1- 4 star 5 -3 stars 3 no star commits. BYU 1- 4star 5- 3 stars 8- 2 star 9 out of BYU 14 commits have offers from BCS schools. 4 out of Utahs 11 have offers from other BCS schools. BYU class is also ranked higher. And Cody Hoffman was a 2 star commit now a NFL bound receiver.



"We have a NC trophy! Period."

Yes you do. From 1984. Earned under a different system with a body of work that would not come close to being considered a National Championship by today's standards. You didn't beat any good teams to get it.

See how that has zero relevance in a discussion about BYU's ability to compete in the modern era against good teams with better talent?

Eagle Mountain, UT


"I am not claiming that byu could take alabama to the woodshed."

Funny because the Utes did that pretty recently."

Interesting how you just proved my point. Tell me what your star rating was that year? You guys get so lost in your own points that you start proving mine. thanks

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

How many stars did Eric Weddle have?

Provo, UT

You know, when the day comes that Chris B and the Utes go 0-12 some year, he (she?) will still try to point out some way, some how, that the utes are the best team of all time, and would beat Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Steve Young and the Iron curtain defense because they are just that good.

To listen to the Utes here, they are the real National Champs because they beat Alabama. Once. Several years ago, now. At the same time, they give no credit to BYU beating Miami or winning the national title. It's called hypocrisy.



"Interesting how you just proved my point. Tell me what your star rating was that year? You guys get so lost in your own points that you start proving mine. thanks"

Actually, you proved Chris B's point by citing Alabama, a program that consistently gets a lot of 4 and 5 star recruits, as your standard for greatness in the first place.

As I mentioned earlier, there are always exceptions and upsets (thank goodness), but the point remains that on average, teams with higher rated recruits have more success, send more players to the NFL, and have more talent, which is a factor in winning games against teams that weren't able to recruit the same talent level.

I'm not sure why you're struggling with this, but it's entertaining.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


It's so simple huh? And byu fans are struggling. They don't like to accept the truth when it hurts.

Higher rated recruits are usually better athletes and the overall stars a team has is very telling of thei athletic talent.

Utah has won 4 years on the field.

Utah has won 4 years in recruiting(average 2.6 stars byU and 3.0 for Utah)

And yes, that means that Utah has better athletes.

And that's a big reason we beat them year after year after year after year!

San Diego, CA

Well BYU beat a team this year with the best recruiting class in the country, explain that one, and took them to the woodshed. By the way, the article was about a player, not recruiting. Get a life guys

Salt Lake, UT


Yes, byu beat a talented texas team. Not sure what your point is? None of us have ever said teams will worse recruiting never beat teams with better recruiting.

Did we? Nope! Seriously, where do you byU fans get these crazy ideas?

And how do you think byu would have done in that game with even better athletes? Or worse athletes? Or do you think the quality of athletes has nothing to do with winning football games?

If so, LOL!

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ ChrisB

You are a very giggly person. I think it would have been hard to have gotten any more rushing yards even if we had more talented players. at some point you simply run out of time.

Highland, UT


Uh....you're struggling. The point being very well made by nhatch82 is that there is not much difference between the talent levels of BYU and utah, not the talent levels of byu, or utah, and alabama. utah has won the last 4 years sure, but talent hasn't had much, if anything to do with it. Mistakes BYU has made have lead to every single one of those wins and making mistakes is not a matter of physical talent, it is a problem with focus and execution. If you want to try and make the point utah prepares better than BYU does for that game then I am all with you. If you want to claim utah has the mental edge at this point then I'll agree with you again. If you want to try to claim that utah's physical talent is somehow vastly superior then I'll simply laugh at you. When you are dealing with recruits the level BYU and utah get there is not much to distinguish between them. They are pretty much mid level recruits, although BYU actually gets more high level recruits than utah. the utah talent advantage is a myth.


@ Duck

"Utah has won the last 4 years sure, but talent hasn't had much, if anything to do with it."


Utah has brought in significantly higher ranked recruiting classes than BYU over the past four years. Despite one offs and exceptions, Pac 12 recruiting has given Utah an edge in talent and depth as an overall team, generally speaking. It may not be huge, but it has shown itself on the field.

Teams that recruit higher ranked classes tend to have better talent.
Teams with better talent tend to have an edge in football.

It is hilarious watching you struggle with basic concepts.

Palo Alto, CA


"Utah has brought in significantly higher ranked recruiting classes than BYU over the past four years."

LOL! There's barely any difference.



"LOL! There's barely any difference."

This keeps getting better and better.

1) Go to a major website that ranks recruiting classes.

2) Observe the consistent disparity in recruiting class ranking over the past several years.

It is significant. It is consistent. It is more than likely playing somewhat of a factor in Utah's current dominance of BYU in the rivalry.

In other news, 2 + 2 = 4.

I'm not sure why this is an argument, but watching you guys twist in the wind over this is absolutely priceless.

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