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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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Fort Collins, CO

We had an open courtyard in the building where I first attended church in Woodland Hills, California. It was built in the early 60s--back when the ward had some influence on how the building would be designed, not dictated by corporate architects in SLC. It had beautiful artwork too, as there were talented artists in the ward when it was built. I hope those paintings are still there and have not been replaced by our Generic Church Art (can you tell my degree was in Fine Art?!).

California Steve
Hanford, CA

The old chapel(now torn down)on Berkeley Avenue in Turlock, CA had a courtyard. Lots of fond memories of that building. You know, picking the locks to get in to play basketball, Halloween carnivals in the courtyard, etc. When you're young it seems your life revolved around the church buildings you grew up attending. Hope the youth there enjoy their new courtyard too.

Queen Creek, AZ

In the phoenix/Mesa all the meeting houses from the 40's - the 60's had court yards. It was a step up from the design where the chapel and cultural hall were not connected, often in separate buildings. All of the original courtyard buildings I knew were filled in with classrooms.

Gram Cracker
Price, UT

The picture shows a beautiful chapel with a front area. Is this front area the court yard? I can't see this space functioning for wedding receptions or even ward parties. I looked at the picture of the chapel, and expected to see more pictures that showed something in the back, like picnic tables covered with a pavilion, or something like that. What would neighbors use this courtyard for? The article said other people could use the court yard. That front area just doesn't say "court yard" to me, if that is what that is. Are some pictures missing?

Gram Cracker
Price, UT

Woops! I just saw the pictures of the courtyard. I think it is grand!

GK Willington
Salt Lake City, UT

All I have to say is Woooooo for the DB 6th.

Bishop MM.. You my friend are famous.

Allen, TX

Why don't they build buildings with courtyards down here where we could use them 9 months out of the year, instead of being filled with snow for 6 months....

I know we could use one. Our current building is old and tiny, bursting at the seams with 4 units using it.

Santa Monica, CA

Wow! Thanks for the accompanying photo because now I can see what you mean by "unique". I mean--a courtyard? Off the hook and cutting edge to say the least! Is this a meeting house or some wonderful, new age glimpse of the meeting houses of tomorrow land!? Cudos to the designers for showing us all that "same old same old" is too often "lame old lame old".

Harwich, MA

All new buildings should be solar powered. Plenty of roof space.

Members attending the branch should bear the burden of the cost of the building. Just like they did in the 60's and 70's. It gives a much greater appreciation for the building.

Basketball courts are a giant waste of money, time and emotion. Cultural hall, of course, basketball, so silly.

Newburg, MO

If this 'new building' is anything like the one they just finished building in Mountain Grove, here in Missouri, then they are wonderful buildings. I did not see all the tech. stuff but the inside did have a few things that haven't been in buildings before, the court yard, a handy cap ramp up one side of the inside of the chapel (it is about time we made it possible for people in wheel chairs to go up to speak or bare their testimonies). Larger chapel and wider isles. I was surprised to know that only one ward was, at that time, occupying this large chapel. But then I thought..."DUH, the Lord knows that there will be a need for this large of a building. IF the Lord builds it they will come. I also noted that the cultural hall had huge double doors that led right out into the court yard. What a lovely building.

Plano, TX

J-TX, You're right, Allen TX does need a new building on the east side of town. I attended that building in the 1990's when we had 5 wards and shortened schedules while the McKinney Stake Center was being built. The Allen Stake center built in 2004-2005 was a welcome relief.

San Antonio, TX

What I want to know from ANY of our churches' designers is: WHY DO THE DOORS ON ALL THE RELIEF SOCIETY ROOMS HAVE TO CLOSE WITH SUCH A LOUD BANG???? Several people leave or enter our room during every SS and RS meeting and it's always with a loud BANG that calls attention to their entrances and exits every time. Now THAT's an important item to bring up to the church architects!

West Jordan, UT

Only one ward bishop was quoted in the article, but 3 wards will be meeting in this building. These wards are large and growing due to their proximity to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and a lot of home building going on. It is a lovely building that will be very well used!

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