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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 8:35 a.m. MDT

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Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Oof, the study authors are going to catch some serious flak for this. Prepare to be bombarded by tolerance.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I can't say this is surprising. It's obvious that the best environment for a child is a mom and dad together and married. Nothing else is an equal substitute.

Scott Rose
New York, NY

There is no causality between being raised by a gay parent and not graduating from high school. Put another way, many children raised by gay parents excel academically; many children raised by heterosexual parents do poorly in school. The study is ridiculous, because it claims that gay-headed families were legally on a equal footing with heterosexual headed families, yet the outcome measure is high-school graduation, and the data is from the 2006 Canadian census, taken one year after federal legal equality was achieved in Canada. That means the longest a legally-equal gay-headed family could have been raising a child was one year. How many 1-year-olds graduate high school?

Kaysville, UT

Children are not naturally born into same sex unions, is it any wonder they don't thrive? The saddest little boy I've met was a three year-old son, created by artificial insemination, with two lesbian parents. It broke my heart to see such a young child without the natural enthusiasm possessed by most young children. The couple went on to have another child,then broke up within a few years. People may rail at the truth, but it is still the truth. Intact heterosexual married couples provide the best opportunity for a child's successful and happy outcome.

Huntsville, UT

Biased studies produce biased results. Let's wait for some real peer review.

Orem, UT

I bet little girls raised by 2 male guys are at something of a disadvantage...and wonder if vice versa as well. But of course that's just my theory, it would be interesting to see some studies on it. (And a note to the author of the original study, you can't publish things that are against gay marriage, don't you know that that's not PC anymore? LOL).

non believer

I am sorry, but I do not believe this study one bit! The authors are from some unknown University and since when has Canada ever represented the United States? I call BALONEY on this!

St.George, Utah

Oh, Please.
Why don't you try to locate some positive research for a change.
DN seems to seek out all negative on this topic.
Since this was again discussed at LDS Conference, is the barrage of anti-gay cruel bashing beginning all over again?

Conner Johnson

A Canadian study.... Lost me just after reading that sentence.

Salt Lake City, UT

Talk about an Inconvient Truth.

I wonder who is going to be boycotted - the entire country of Canada or just these researchers?

Columbus, OH

Douglas Allen sits on the board for the National Organization for Marriage--an anti-gay-marriage lobbying group. Do you think it might just be possible that he has a slight bias in conducting his study? Michael J. Rosenfeld at Stanford and Gary Gates at UCLA have already highlighted some of the major problems with this study. The most glaring issue is that he doesn't control for factors such as poverty. Once such factors are controlled for (necessary if you are actually trying to establish causation) the difference disappears.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Scott Rose,

What would a marriage certificate from the govt have anything to do with a couples ability to raise their children with sufficient upbringing to have them graduate?

Are you excusing poor parenting by gay couples on a lack of a marriage certificate? Poor form.

Children deserve better.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can't measure what having a Mom (female) and a Dad (male) did to help me become a functioning member of society. Having both may not be a pre-requisite but it sure was a huge advantage.


"The study found that "Regardless of the controls and whether or not girls are currently living in a gay or lesbian household, the odds of graduating from high school are considerably lower than any other household type. Indeed, girls living in gay households are only 15 percent as likely to graduate compared to girls from opposite sex married homes.""

""It is important to note that the census identifies children living with their parents, and not just adults. Hence, children of same sex parents are those who respond affirmative to the question: 'Are you a child of a male (female) same-sex married or common law couple?’”"

These two quotes taken together totally invalidate the claim of the study - they give every indication that current family status was not considered, just some vague connection to at some point in time having parents who were involved in a same-sex relationship.

How can a study claim something matters but also doesn't matter?

Salt Lake City, UT

*shrugs* Should we start restricting marriage to other demographics (race, religion) based on averages? Some parents are going to do a good job, others aren't. That applies to all demographics. Using these kinds of stats to target particular groups ignores individual efforts and is stereotyping at best, bigotry at worst.

mid-state, TN

Oh fer heaven's sake.

The very first sentence of the article tells us that this study has the same flaw as Regnerus' laugh-fest did.

"A new Canadian study based on that country's census says children in households headed by same-sex couples are less apt to graduate than those in married, opposite-sex households."

Notice that they compared ALL same-sex households to MARRIED opposite-sex households. IOW, they compared a group with many UNSTABLE households against a group with STABLE households.

Once again, they measured the difference between stability and instability -- NOT the difference between opposite-sex parents and same-sex parents.

And they got predictable results.


PLM says, Intact heterosexual married couples provide the best opportunity for a child's successful and happy outcome.

Let me fix that for you: Intact COMMITTED couples provide the best opportunity for a child's successful and happy outcome.

You're welcome.


Every study about gay marriage and homosexuality is biased - It is simply too much of a political issue for anyone to want the truth. Each study is set up so that the researchers get the results they want. we will probably never get good, scientific research on this issue because of this.

What is obvious is a general decline in society each generation. As we become a less moral society, we lose our place in the world. It happened to Rome, Greece, and Europe, and it is happening to us. I am not speaking of homosexuality as being the main cause. It is a by-product, just as it was in the Roman bath houses. We are turning from the hard work and morals that built our society, and we will reap the destruction from it. History is a hard but truthful schoolmaster.....

Florissant, MO

My husband died when my daughter was 11, you don't think that affected her? In raising her child, she tells me that there are things that her husband brings to the table, that I totally lacked as a female. And my daughter is pro gay marriage and very liberal, but she can see from her own upbringing as compared to her daughters what was lacking.

Salt Lake City, UT

"What is obvious is a general decline in society each generation. "

That's not obvious at all. Violent crime is down. Jim Crow is gone. More women are being educated than ever before. There's less wars in the world than ever before. There's less slavery in the world than ever before.

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