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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 8 2013 10:45 p.m. MDT

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Washington, UT

Mika is likely better right now than Davies ever was, or will be. He will make everyone forget Davies in about five minutes of play.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU will be a sweet 16 team this year and will continue its dominance over the utes. The future looks VERY bright for the Cougars.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Down Under,

You're the third best team in a one bid Weak Coast Conference.

River Falls, WI

Chris B.

Why do you think that the WCC is all of a sudden a one bid league?

Teams currently in the WCC that made tournament appearances in...

2013: 3 (St. Mary's, Gonzaga, Pacific)
2012: 3 (St. Mary's, Gonzaga, BYU)
2011: 3 (St. Mary's, Gonzaga, BYU)

Sure, conferences have down years (the PAC-12 only had two bids in 2012)... why do you think that this will be a down year for the WCC? I'd love to hear your analysis.

Orem, UT

Yeah I was going to say the same thing, didn't the WCC send like 3 teams to the tourney 2 years ago? And I guess the interim years as well...seems like they get respect enough, especially Gonzaga and St. Mary's in there...

Rexburg, ID

Chris B.

The PAC-12 is probably a three bid conference. But there is one thing for sure, the bid winners will all be standing on a Ute doormat.

LOL and have a great day.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


So is 3 teams your conference's down years or up?

You're saying the Pac 12 had 2 team in a down year and in your best years the WCC had 3?



This team is going to rely heavily on 3 players that are HUGE question marks in my mind.

1. Kyle Collinsworth - He was a complementary player that "started" some games and will be expected to play a number of wing positions this season as well as to defend the best wing player for all (or nearly all) of BYU's opponents this year. That is asking a lot of a newl returned missionary who is trying to find his rhythm again.

2. Eric Mika - Say what you will, he is still a freshman and he is coming in to replace an all-time top-10 player at BYU (at least statistically) in Brandon Davies. Mika may do many things well, but don't expect Davies-like numbers from him just yet.

3. The velociraptor himself, Nate Austin - Austin lacks the mass necessary to effectively defend in the paint and his outside game offensively is too streaky to legitimately be viewed as a mismatch for most team's 4. BYU is shallow in the front court (Austin, Mika, Worthington, Sharp...) so the most important thing for him is to stay out of foul trouble, which goes against his nature.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Just ignore Chrissie

Dave Rose see Mika very promising which is good. We will find out how his first game play out and we'll go from there. Looking foward to new season and I HOPE Matt Carlino has matured during off season.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ Chris B

Hey Chris you guys have lost 11 of the last 12 games we have played. You have little credibility around here. your senior and your seniors seniors have never beat BYU. You would've lost to Lone Peak High if you played them.

River Falls, WI

Chris B.

"So is 3 teams your conference's down years or up? You're saying the Pac 12 had 2 team in a down year and in your best years the WCC had 3? LOL?"

You must have put the question mark after your LOL because you are totally confused. Let me help... the WCC (including BYU and Pacific) have not been a one bid league since before the turn of the century.

2013: 3
2012: 3
2011: 3
2010: 3
2009: 2
2008: 3
2007: 2
2006: 2
2005: 3
2004: 2
2003: 3
2002: 2
2001: 2
2000: 2

Frisco, TX

3 NCAA invites from a 10 team WCC is about the same percentage as 4 NCAA invites from a 12 team PAC.

But the truth be known, I care more about whether my Cougs get an invite than I do about how many invites come from the conference. If the WCC only gets 1 invite and it's my Cougs, I'm happy. However, if U are a particular Ute fan / troll, U probably have to focus on the number of conference invites since it's been so long since U've been invited to anything. And there are no invites for U on the horizon.

I'm very excited about Mika's potential, but let's remember he is a Freshman. He will develop as the season progresses, but he's not going to be a star on day 1. Haws will be the leading scorer again this year.

Unlike U, we have some difficult non-conference games. I think BYU will be about where we were last year with about 25 wins and probably an NCAA bubble team.

But the future is very bright indeed!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


And how times in that span has the Weak Cost Conference had more than the Pac 12?


Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

It is expected that ALL of the games will be played on the court again this year!

River Falls, WI

RE: Chris B.

"And how times in that span has the Weak Cost Conference had more than the Pac 12?"

Two of the last four years.

How many times has Utah gone dancing over that span? I'll give you a hint: it's far less than the cougars. It's got to be rough being the doormat of such an excellent conference.

Las Vegas, NV

Using Chris B's constant expression in regards to BYU-Utah football rivalry can be used in BYU-Utah basketball rivalry:

"You may say we're bad but your worse"

7 straight and 11 of the last 12. Nuff said!

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B,

No one is claiming that the WCC is consistently better than the Pac 12. But, correct me if I am wrong, I thought you were a Utah fan, not a Pac 12 fan. I am a BYU fan, not a WCC fan and BYU has been better than Utah at basketball for a while now. Also, in defense of the WCC, I think it has been proven that your claim that they are a one bid league is completely false, considering the fact that they have averaged about 2.5 bids since 2000 and never had one bid during that time. Again, no one is claiming that the WCC is a better basketball conference than the Pac 12. But I would rather be the 2nd or 3rd best team in the WCC than the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the Pac 12.

armchair quarterback

Well my big brother can beat up your big brother!...that's what I hear when people run their mouth about their conference. Who cares? Who are these people that put conference stickers on their rear windows? When it says champion underneath it it will start to mean something. Cheer for your team and stick to their merits when you are feeling like you want to be a proud fan. If they haven't done anything recently to brag about....keep cheering for them anyways. No need to disparage the other teams in the state.

This article was about BYU Basketball. Their team has done plenty in recent years to be proud of and the future looks bright on the Provo hardwood. I think Mika looks very promising. It will be fun to see how he does against D1 collegiate competition. He definitely has the tools to succeed.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Why just mention the last 4 years when you listed the WCC invites the last 13 years?

Spin, spin

Orem, UT

Samwise, chris b. is neither a pac 12 fan nor a utes fan. He is a BYU hater pure and simple. How his antoganistic comments are construed as "civil dialogue" I will never understand. The WCC is a good conference not great. The Pac 12 is sometimes great, sometimes just good. But in the end none of that matters. Only the tourney matters and we are consistantly in.

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