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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 8 2013 8:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is the home of Big Brother. The government is spending billions upon billions to spy on Americans:

A) It will get out of control, and be used for ill purposes, like the IRS abusing their power recently

B) All that data in one place just makes it easy for our enemies to locate what they want and hack it. Everything, EVERYTHING is hackable.

Forest Grove, OR

And to think that ancient Israel was forbidden by the Lord to even do a census. How far our country has degraded from its original founding and noble ideals!

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I think if the Government could mind their own business, they won't be minding mine.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

So comforting to know that my personal data will be stored so safely.
All of us must have our data accessible to hackers for eternity.
We all know that government employees are 100% trustworthy and would never leak information like they did with Joe The Plumber. They would never use this information for political purposes, only the IRS does that against the TEA Party.

( I guess I should not have said that because they know who I am and will be reading this.)

Salt Lake City, UT

But, is George Orwell laughing or crying?

Provo, UT

The meaning of the phrase "We will be watching out for you" takes on a whole new meaning.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

"With the Utah Data Center, our “abundant availability of low-cost power” has brought billions of dollars of investment, thousands of jobs, and millions in ongoing revenues to our state.
The Utah Data Center is a dramatic example of the direct, tangible benefits which Utah’s energy supplies bring to our state – but it is hardly the only example."

- Gary Herbert, Utah's Competitive Advantage website.

When asked about the Data Center in 2009 by KSL, Jason Chaffetz said "It's a benefit to our economy and our national security."

To all my conservative friends, remember that when they come up for reelection. Jobs and money are more important than liberty and freedom.

American Fork, UT

I have yet to read from anyone who has had "Fourth Amendment" issues because of any information that the government has in their data system. How come it isn't a fourth amendment issue in reference to all the data that Facebook or Google or Amazon has on their data systems. What do you have to hide that is of such concern? If by gathering meta data the government can prevent one death then I'm sorry but your privacy is worth that. Does anyone who has commented on this even understand what meta data is? How many of you throw away all the credit card offers that you receive? More data is extracted from your trash than ever will be extracted from the NAS unless you really do have something to hide. Mr Rock. You can bet that the data at the new NSA center is not stored only in one location. I would hope it is stored in at least three other locations.

clearfield, UT

CHS 85

Thousands of jobs?? May I ask where? I've been looking online and cannot locate a site that is publishing any work available at this new facility. My suspicion is that, like Obamacare information sites, a lot of the workers are being brought in from out of state. My thinking as to why this facility was put in Utah is because the planners figuered that Utah being a very pro military type place, there would not be much protest to the NSA having a facility here. And there probably wouldn't have been except for the Obama administration revelations that have come out recently. Imagine if they had tried to put this site in the San Francisco Bay Area? Protests and road closures daily from the left.

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