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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 8 2013 6:45 p.m. MDT

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Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

What does Burks need to do to land a starting job?? Corbin has vetidis. If you are in your thirties you start no matter what. I argued against tanking but it sure looks like that is the way the team is headed.

Temecula, CA

As long as Alec gets thirty minutes a game or so and starts more and more as the season progresses, I am o.k. with this move. I am confident that Alec will prove to be an indispensable finisher on this team, and personally, I like to see the same five start a game as finish the game. I think that the Jazz see both Hayward and Burks as shooting guards who can play another position. It's early, anyway. No big deal.

Tokyo, Japan

eventhough Hayward had an off night shooting...his stat line looked Awesome...near triple double with 3 steals...not bad in just 26 mins...now...of course we know that Corbin would be doing this stuff...i mean he already gave a hint about it on a different article...the Guy clearly prioritized elder statesmen in terms of age...i mean...burks played really well tonight...efficient statline...i see this coming knowing Corbin's tendencies to rely on aging vets....next time...Biedrins would start over Kanter....lol...until season comes..and the starters would be Lucas Rush Jefferson Cook Biedrins....lol....way to go Corbin...

Cache, UT

Should've bagged Corbin and hired Hornacek while we had the chance.

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