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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 8 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We already got a signature win when we won weber and that means we get to a bowl game now for sure. But no worry because we will win the rose bowl anyway.

Midway, UT

Good luck to the Utes. They are a quality program that has the ability to beat even a top ranked #5 if they put their mind to it. The U has always been good as an 'upset' team and they need to channel some of that energy. I assume the jump to a big conference has messed with the psyche and they need to regain that underdog edge until they can join the perennial top tier.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

They may be knocking but the door is shut, locked tight and the conference has moved on. Their only wins will be against Colorado if they are lucky.

Utah rules
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't see any signature wins this year unfortunately. The Utes may make it to a bowl game in 2014 but not this year.

Salt Lake, UT

Remember when everyone said we'd lose by 20 to UCLA? If Wilson only threw 2 picks we win that game by 14. Heck, even if he only throws 5 picks we still win. I'm even more confident about this team after the UCLA game than I was before, even with the tough loss. That big win is coming, and there will be no looking back once it does. It is only solidify us as a serious Pac 12 contender and head and shoulders above the regional programs here in Utah that aren't in power conferences.

Utah 32
Stanford 27

Iowa City, IA

I wonder if Utah fans would argue that it is good news for BYU (or bad news for Utah) that they are "knocking at the door" when it comes to getting a win over Utah.

If BYU "almost winning" isn't seen as good news for BYU, then I don't see why "almost winning" should be seen as good news for the Utes.


Down under/But seriously/Utah rules, again, glad to see you've fully recovered from that apparently near-fatal illness that struck some time late September 21st.

Brad J
West Jordan, UT

@ Chris B

Utah is not a power house and never will be. They can't contend with the Big Boys, the only reason they are in the pac 11+u is because it will give other teams a little break as they play their schedules.


At 7-13 in the PAC 10.2, Utah needs any kind of win.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


The difference between Utah almost winning against the great teams of the Pac 12 and you almost beating Utah, is we have acknowledge since our Pac 12 invite it would take a few years for us to catch up, mostly in recruiting, to the Pac 12 teams to the point we were equal with them. We've made big gains(again our recruiting has improved quite a bit from our average mwc recruits). There are reasons we have struggled, and those reasons are being addressed. It's not like we play byu-quality opponents 12 times a year. WE play true national powers.

Are you acknowledging you are a step(or two) below Utah?

You don't seriously think almost beating UCLA is the exact same as you almost beating us do you?

What this means is that whatever level we're at, you're one step below. So yes, mock us for being a step below UCLA, Oregon State. Guess what? You're TWO steps below them and one step below us.


Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
seriously? Utah is the Vanderbilt of the Pac-12. Vandy upsets people as well.

West Jordan, UT

Logically speaking, I really do think that we have a chance to win this game! Our rush defense is one of the best in the conference. Our Defense can stop their rush attack. Our defense has an Identity. I think if all cylinders of our team are clicking. We can make it a great game!!

GO Utes!!!

Good Luck Utah St. and BYU as well!!

Iowa City, IA

Hi Chris B,

So, as an individual who predicts that the Utes will win every game and instructs people to "mark it down," are you admitting that you expected all along that the Utes would lose most of their games?

Harrisville, UT

Welcome to the party Ute fans. Please feel free to meet at the back door with the rest of us.

Best Regards,

Kansas Fan
Vanderbilt Fan
Duke Fan
Iowa State Fan
Washington State Fan

Harrisville, UT

Chris, in your next meeting with the Utah coaching staff, make sure you remind them that the Utes are two steps below Eastern Washington one step below Oregon State and UCLA and one step above BYU and Weber State.

West Jordan, UT

I think then that must be pretty embarrassing for BYU to be 3 levels below EWU, I think that puts them right between Stevens Henager and Wasatch Academy of the Arts. Congrats!

Murray, UT

Keep it close boys. Coach whitt loves a good moral victory. 3-9, but undefeated in the state. Do you think Gary will leave Wisconsin so soon?

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

there are many "b"'s making comment... how about utah getting a win in the pac12 let alone a "signature" win.

see how the pac12 helps you in the rankings when local teams finish ahead of u.

I hear pac12 decals out sell u decals in slc.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I'm admitting that our athletes 4 years ago were not nearly as talented as most of your Pac 12 schools. I also point out that all recruiting services show a big improvement in recruiting these days for the utes compared to our MWC days. I think that is the biggest reason for our Pac 12 struggles. However, the gap between Utah and the other Pac 12 schools has decreased significantly. I also think its one of the biggest reasons we beat byu year after year after year. We have better athletes. No, I didn't see it was the only reason. It doesn't guarantee success, but it certainly helps to have better athletes than your opponent.

P.S. Did you know that every year since our Pac 12 invite more kids have picked Utah when they had both Utah and byu offers?

Ouch! That hurt? I guess even the best Mormon kids like the idea of Pac 12 Utah over WAC/indy byu. If that doesn't scare you about byu's "future", it should. Those kids used to be byu locks, but are more and more picking Utah these days.

Iowa City, IA

Chris B
"I'm admitting that our athletes 4 years ago were not nearly as talented as most of your Pac 12 schools."

And yet you still predicted them to win every game and instructed people to "mark it down." Why would you do that if you knew that they were clearly outclassed?

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