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Full transcript, video and audio of Utah football's Monday press conference

Published: Monday, Oct. 7 2013 3:55 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Reason for the loss: Bigger, faster, better athletes. A well Travis would have still been whipped. P.S. Travis is a great quarterback, Ammon OLsen is a great passer.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Stanford 24
Utah. 10

Too much strength, and too much speed. I think utah fans are starting to see the difference between MWC recruits and PAC 10 recruits....if Utah wants to win in the PAC 10.2....they have to get deeper.....you can see the difference between Utah and UCLA last week. This week will be worse!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I didn't come away thinking Whittingham made any excuses. In fact I thought he was straight up and respectful in fielding each question.

Chris B - you need to wake up from your dream.


@pac man, wjcoug, ute hater

Where were Coach Whitt's excuses? Utah's athletic communications director told the press that Travis Wilson wasn't at the press conference because he was sick, just as he was during the game. Coach Whitt then explained that he was still feeling the effects of his sickness. At the end of his interview a reporter asked point blank "Was Travis affected at all illness-wise during the game?" Coach Whitt responded "No excuses. He was there. He was playing. So if you're playing, you've got to produce. So, the answer is no."

Please tell us, you pro-BYU, Ute haters, where was Coach Whitt's excuse for Travis's playing sick? It is apparent that he went out of his way to NOT allow this as an excuse. Did any of you even read the transcript? I didn't think so. If so, you need to go back to school and take a reading comprehension course.

However, I doubt

Baltimore, MD


"Michigan was as good as the Texas team you beat a few weeks ago."

You lose ALL credibility when you make such foolish statements.

Lehi, UT

'(Travis Wilson) was in bed the whole game day leading up to the UCLA game'’ ?


What about the Receivers who bobbled and dropped ? helped with at least 3 of the 6 interceptions, ??
"probably sick in bed too. ;)

San Diego, CA

I quit reading after the second page because I thought it was boring and because I didn't want to waste my time reading utah articles comment section so much more entertaining reading you thinking you are so much better since joining the PAC whatever. You have the same players as the mwc and while you were there you bashed PAC 10 conference all the time. I even went as far as making a screen name mwcbetterthanpac. What is it, a great conference or inferior conference? By the way...go cougars

Lehi, UT

UCLA's Defensive secondary was as TOUGH as they Get!

However, the athletic 6-1, 184-pounder performed like UCLA’s best cover guy in the spring,

Leading the way at the other cornerback opening is redshirt freshman Ishmael Adams, who has performed nearly as well as Jefferson this offseason.
The most experienced backup corner, 6-0, 182-pound Fabian Moreau is only a sophomore.
The competitions at safety have yet to be decided. At strong safety, 5-10, 187-pound Randall Goforth and 6-0, 198-pound senior Stan McKay are locked in a tight race. Goforth would have a slight advantage

Over at free safety, 5-11, 195-pound senior Brandon Sermons and 6-0, 200-pound junior Dietrich Riley
Watch Out For .... the incoming freshmen to not play like incoming freshmen.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Last year byu quarterback was playing with a broken back.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

I don't usually read Utah only articles, and I'm not sure why I read this one, but I guess I was intrigued by the headlines. I didn't know Travis was sick, and playing sick has got to be difficult. Makes me wonder how many times players play under the weather and we as fans take it for granted.

I am very impressed with this question and answer session because the reporters actually sound football savy asking pretty intelligent questions about Stanford. KW interviews well too. I chuckled inside when I read his PAC 12 plug, "...our fans are going to be getting used to that in the Pac-12," in reference to playing highly ranked team. So that's where U fans get it from.

I don't know why I read the comments, but I am shocked to see all the trolling from my fellow, so-called BYU fans. Are you kidding me. I thought only Utes did this stuff to us. Be true to the Blue Cougs and recognize what you represent.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

How Christian like of all you BYU fans to slam Coach Witt and Travis Wilson for this. Yes, you represent your school well.....NOT! How pathetic.

Plano, TX

I watched the game. I thought Utah played ok in spite of the numerous receiver drops, and in general against more physically blessed UCLA players. Whit gave very good answers to questions posed. Travis being sick would certainly take just the edge off a sharp performance. Hope he gets feeling better - it is no fun being sick in college especially when it drags on. Stanford by two scores.

Saint George, UT

To all those who think Whit is making excuses for the UCLA loss, just listen to the last 5 seconds of the video. It speaks for itself.

I like the coach and believe he is doing the best he can to win in a very difficult conference. It would be a shame if he is let go at the end of the season.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Good point CT98. So many BYU fans are showing their selective listening by not paying attention to Coach Witt's statement that the illness isn't an excuse.

Highland, UT

I think there is a bit of excuse making by whittingham here. If he really wasn't making any excuses he would have just said "yes travis is sick but he appears to be on the road to recovery". But he chose to elaborate and tell us that he "was in bed all game day" and elaborated even more about it. Just qualifying his comments with "no excuses, he played" doesn't really offset the fact he was making some excuses.

Not that it is really a big deal, at some point in almost every season everyone is sick and I am sure someone, or multiple players, are sick every single game on every single team. When you are dealing with around 100 people someone is almost always going to be sick.


So much frantic and emotional trolling here... whats new?

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

How Christian like of all you BYU fans to slam Coach Witt and Travis Wilson for this. Yes, you represent your school well.....NOT! How pathetic.

Dude, give it a rest.

Doesn't it get old playing the religion card? That is pathetic.


There are reasons and excuses in life. There are reasons why the Utes can't compete in the PAC. Call them whatever you want, but while Utah is getting up for Stanford and other PAC power teams, they are not going to get up for Utah. So I see Utah getting a W soon, because no one takes them seriously (just like: Utah - SDSU, Utah - Alabama, Sugar Bowl) Kyle needs to surprise and beat someone and not just scare them with a close game. He needs to do it soon.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

I bleed true Cougar blue. Recently, I have learned to hate the Utes from the behavior of a few big mouthed fans. I am an alumnus of UCLA and was still hurting from the loss to Utah when I tuned into the Utah-UCLA game. I was prepared and anxious for a UCLA beat down of Utah. Despite all my prejudices, I found myself, by the mid-3rd quarter, rooting for the Utes. The defense was terrific and despite the turnovers, Utah was giving it all they had and hanging close. I was bummed when they couldn't pull it out. You don't win them all and Utah is at least a season away from contending for the PAC-12 title. But, I was proud of the way they played. Utah will yet be a force in the PAC-12. I now have a tinge of red in my blood.

West Jordan, Utah

Utah is 3-2 and those close losses to Oregon State and UCLA are tough to swallow. The defense played really solid against UCLA and the offense struggled with a sick Wilson. Then against OSU, the offense was scoring points up and down the field while the young defense was yet to gel. This is why I thought Utah was one year away from being really good. To much youth and inexperience.

I like the Utes talent but with the youth, future recruiting is hurt when wins aren't as abundant as need be now.

Presently, with Jake Murphy out and Kenneth Scott the same (for the year) after breaking his leg game one, it really hampers the offense. Dres Anderson, Kenneth Scott, and Jake Murphy all would start for most BCS teams across the country. Dres can't be as dominant a deep threat without a go to possession guy (Scott) opposite him. Then Murphy on top of that would give Wilson huge help in moving the ball.

The Utes have a tough schedule and the depth issue is really challenged with the injuries piling up.

Highland, UT


Overcoming injuries is tough and when a team doesn't have great depth to begin with it is even tougher. But those are excuses and as utah "fans" have been telling us in this thread utah doesn't make excuses.

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