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Full transcript, video and audio of Utah football's Monday press conference

Published: Monday, Oct. 7 2013 3:55 p.m. MDT

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PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Kyle should know better than to make excuses about losing to UCLA because Travis Wilson was " in bed the whole game day leading up to the UCLA game".

Marc Wilson beat Texas A&M in College Station three days after having a appendectomy.

Robbie Bosco beat Michigan in the Holiday Bowl while playing the entire second half on an injured leg that he could barely stand on.

If Travis wasn't well enough to play, he shouldn't have been on the field.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

If he was too sick to play, play a back up. If he wasn't too sick to play, then I don't care that he was sick.

With that said, all our doubters claimed we'd lose by 20+ to UCLA, and those poor predictions certainly didn't include 6 picks by Wilson. I'm more confident than ever about this team, not less so after UCLA. Coming down to the last play against a top 15 team? I'll take that all day every day. We can do this. And I think we will.

Utah 32
Stanford 27

Harrisville, UT

Did he sleep in? Did his alarm not go off? Was he "recovering" from a late night out?

I confess I did not watch the video.

Go cardinal.

West Valley, UT

Whittingham should stop making excuses for his quarterback.


"Don't have time to watch the video? Here's the audio."

Because listening to the audio is SOOO much faster than watching the video!

Really, who writes this stuff, my High School paper had less goofs than the DN!?!

Provo, UT

Starting a sickly Travis Wilson against UCLA sounds about as dumb as Bronco playing Riley with a broken back.

Salt Lake City, UT

The kid is a competitor! Nothing but respect!

Hyrum, UT

Without more information than the article explains, I'd have to say that Travis Wilson needs to learn when to leave the ladies alone and Kyle needs to learn that most football pundits aren't impressed with after-the-loss excuses.

Ute fans totally disparage Bronco if he even insinuates some sort of excuse in a similar situation.

South Jordan, Utah

It's bad enought listening to all the excuses from Utah fans. Now we have to put up with excuses from Whittingham. I really thought he was above that . . .

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@PAC man

Kyle should know better than to make excuses about losing to UCLA because Travis Wilson was " in bed the whole game day leading up to the UCLA game".

Robbie Bosco beat Michigan in the Holiday Bowl while playing the entire second half on an injured leg that he could barely stand on.


Michigan was as good as the Texas team you beat a few weeks ago.

Kyle said we lost because we had 6 turnovers. The same excuse Cougar Nation has been using for the 54-10 beating.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Two PAC-12 games, 9 interceptions (minus 8 in turnovers). Utah should have lost by 14+ points with so many turnovers.

The offense and defense have shown they can compete with any team so far. If we can reduce the turnover margin then I think we have good chance of winning the game.

Salt Lake City, UT

He was asked if Wilson was sick and he said Wilson was sick. Goodness, it's not like he brought it up on his own.

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT

BYU fan here. It looks to me that Coach Whitt was not making excuses for Wilson. He did not defend Wilson during openinig statements. He only mentioned Wilson was sick after being asked about it in the first question. Midway through, he was asked about interceptions. He simply said not all of them were Wilson's fault, but there were no excuses. Then, the last question was, "Kyle, was Travis affected at all illness-wise during the game?" Whitt responds, "No excuses. He was there. He was playing. So if you're playing, you've got to produce. So, the answer is no." To me, that sounds the opposite of making excuses for his QB.

Come on Cougs. Read the whole transcript before you troll and only give legitimate gripe.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

relax utah and byu fans. i beleive whit (i don't like him). wilson is a player and will only get better. they still should have won. glad most on this post have never played at the college level, so i expect you would be critical of anything that is said. maybe you can suit up for wilson on saturday.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

"...He was in bed the whole game day leading up to that game. He got sick, actually, the night before that, and hasn't gotten over it yet..."

Translation: Don't give up on me or my team. Our quarterback is really good - the only reason he threw 6 picks is because he was sick - not because we didn't coach him up.


ChrisB BYU 3and 2. Utah 3 and 2. Utah will not beat Stanford regardless of any sick players on either team. Mark it down.

Fight On!
St George, Utah

I didn't watch the whole game, but saw the highlights.
It was clear UCLA underestimated a Ute defense that came out swinging. Utah's Defense played the best game anyone could expect with Wilson giving up SIX interceptions, with the last one that should have been a pick six if the UCLA defender had not slid out of bounds.
So far Wilson has thrown 4 TD's and 9 Int's vs PAC-12 opponents and has yet to play the 4 top defenses in the conference (Stanford, USC, Oregon, ASU). That kind of QB play against good competition will never result in wins.
I have said it for 3 years now. Utah will not be truly competitive in the PAC-12 until 2016. And you have at least 2 more years of being under .500 and missing the post season. I think Kyle is a great coach and if Hill and the Ute fanbase can be patient he will bring the Utes back to winning.
In the meantime,
Utah 10
Stanford 27


@Chris from Rose Park

Thank you!! I was wondering why in the world all these cougar fans are saying Coach Whit is making excuses? How about you guys read the WHOLE article and not just the title before commenting. Thanks Chris from Rose Park for being intelligent enough to do read the ENTIRE article

Cottonwood Heights, UT

If he was capable of playing it shouldn't be any excuse. So we lost the game.. no excuses.
We had 6 turnovers... signs of sloppy playing. And we lost the game.. no excuses.

Man up Utes. We either win or we lose.. There are no excuses!

IRS Agent

@ Uteology

I agree with your comments, but you should have said, "I think we have good chance of winning a game."

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