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Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Pleasant Grove, UT

I watched this game....PG completely outplayed Lone Peak . But when they had 150 yds in penalties to Lone Peaks 40 with most of those ending drives inside the 20 it is tough to win. I don't know who is in charge of the officiating for high school football in Utah, but they need someone to train these guys. I want to see the kids play, not the refs throw their flags. PG either got homered by some biased refs or the officiating is just really bad. If it were bad both ways you could live with it. But 250% more penalties for one team, the visiting team, smells of something.

podunk utah

Orem 7... if you want some real ref bias, check out a JD game or ten

Alpine, Utah

all this talk from PG about state... and now they are 1-2 in region?

Was PG over-rated or just not as good as they thought?

Pleasant Grove, UT

PG is good. 14 penalties is tough to overcome. Riverton is good as well. I don't doubt the officiating was bad at other games. From what I have seen, the officiating is bad bad bad. It is a shame because the refs are becoming the focus. When they went from 4 refs to 5 I think they thought it would help. All it did was create more pressure to use their flags. Now 5 guys have to make themselves legitimate. The other problem is that the officials are not policed. They say they review them but the reality is they just justify their calls and do not improve. It is getting worse.

Alpine, Utah

Orem, I was not at the game so I don't know. However seeing someone blame the refs for a loss does not bode well for the losing side, it just looks like sour grapes.
Flags CAN be thrown on every single play. What type of penalties were called? Blatant penalties? PG seems to be struggling to score points all of a sudden, not sure I would blame the refs.

mapleton, UT

refs are going to blow calls, that is part of sports. however, that is not going to be the sole reason somebody loses a game. i can promise that there were blown calls on both sides, not just against PG. Lone Peak wins, fair and square


Blaming the refs won't hide the fact that PG's wins have all been over sub par opponents. The only quality team they have beat is Timpview, which now has a different starting QB.
I am afraid we will not even make the playoffs.

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