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Published: Sunday, Oct. 6 2013 2:35 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Does anyone really care?

River Falls, WI

RE: sammyg

"Does anyone really care?"

I do. Heaps is a BYU alumn and a recruit that I was very excited about several years ago. Today I checked to see how Ansah did for Detroit as well.

Taylorsville, UT

You must. You cared enough to read and comment.


I really hoped that things would work out better for Heaps, but this game seems a lot like his experience at BYU (2 QB system, who makes that work well?), I'm sorry for that. Hopefully things will get better for him.

Alpine, UT

I hoped Heaps would do well at Kansas but was afraid he wouldn't. There is still time but so far it's looking like BYU part 2 for him. I'm definitely glad we're going with Taysom now instead. Taysom may not have the passing skill that Heaps has but he has everything else including athleticism, passion, maturity, leadership, discipline and humility. Taysom's passing skills will continue to improve and he will be the best BYU QB we've seen in a very long time over the next few years.

Springville, UT

FYI--- I didn't read the article but it's hard to ignore headlines.

Provo, UT

Jake made a bad decision by going to play for Weis, go anywhere except for there! I don't see why they would pull a QB in the middle of a drive? I understand switching drives but if you have momentum why try and distort that by throwing off timing and momentum?

Overton, NV

John Beck and Max Hall were very good BYU QBs. It hasn't been that long.

As for Heaps, how long until the Bronco haters start criticizing Weiss for "mistreating Heaps and stifling his development?"

Yeah, not holding my breath waiting for that one.

Houston, TX

I felt bad for Heaps. He didn't survive Doman's 2 QB system, quit and gone and wait for another year before he plays again. Now, 5 games into the new team, and found himself in the same old crap. Should have red-shirt last year at BYU and fight for the starting job. Very unfortunate man.

Salt Lake, UT

I wish Jake the best of luck this season and next year. He is a great talent who, unfortunately, both with his current and former team, does not have the talent necessary around him to win big games. Good luck this year Jake.

Fellow BCS member, University of Utah utes

Cedar Hills, UT

Please tell me all about "Doman's 2 QB system." After Heaps was given the reins at BYU, he had every opportunity, week after week, to develop. After Heaps won the starting spot, Riley Nelson didn't see the light of day until Heaps had failed so miserably that Mendenhall's job was probably on the line to keep him in.

Bloomington, IN

First off, Heaps isn't a BYU alum, please don't categorize him as such. Secondly, I still hope for the best for him, but I'm also very glad he's no longer here. His 4 touchdown to 5 interception stat line was very reminiscent. I watched a few minutes of an earlier game, and it's clear that he doesn't lead his team, he's nonchalant in his demeanor, refused to go for the tackle after one of his interceptions, and usually has that whiny look at his face that we all got so familiar with. Maybe he can still develop into an NFL caliber qb, but I think the first half of his season shows that he really wasn't mismanaged at BYU. He might have a cannon for an arm, but there are a lot of other intangibles that go into being successful.

River Falls, WI

Come on Dave, "alumn" doesn't only include graduates of the school but includes former students as well. I think Jake did his best at the Y and was simply as not as good a fit as everyone had initially hoped. I still wish him well.

Incidentally, I'm an IU alumn and probably know you. How's it going?

Hyrum, UT

@ Christopher.B:

Following your same line of reasoning... apparently Travis Wilson, a great talent who unfortunately does not have the talent necessary around him to win big games... since half way through the season they are still PAC-12 winless again this year.

As you mentioned... Kansas and the Utes do have things in common. Both are BCS conference affiliated. And both actively compete for the cellar status of their respective conferences each year. Continued good luck to both.

West Jordan, UT


Bronco was never a suppoter of Jake Heaps from the get go!If you remember, his freshman year, he was starting to flourish under Robert Anae, and then Robert Anae left the program due not getting along with then assistan coach Lance Reynolds. Doman was just a very young and inexperienced quarterbacks coach, who was promoted to offensive coordinator following Anae's departure. Doman did not have the reigns given to him by Bronco, therefor Bronco dictated evry aspect of the offense as well as the defense. Doman was all about Heaps, and Bronco was all about Nelson. Because of the difeerences of opinions within the coaching staff, the palyers became divided as well. There were several starters on the offensive side of the ball that didn't want to play with Heaps. The locker room was divide and Bronco did nothing to put an end to it. The offense suffered and so did Jakes career at BYU. I blame Bronco for ruining Jake Heaps and his confidence. We all see where Riley took us! Nowhere! So no DSB, Jake Heaps did not have a fair chance at BYU!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Multiple rotations during each series not an ideal system. Wow, poor Heaps. Good luck kid. Is he a junior or senior?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Wilson as of yet doesn't have the talent to beat many of the Pac 12 teams.

But the talents that he does have is certainly good enough to beat byU.

We don't play byu 12 times a year.

If we did, we'd be BCS Bowling year after year.

Good Pac 12 talent > Utah talent > byU talent

Just remember, however "bad" we are, you're worse!


Cedar Hills, UT

@ Sportfanatic

Game 1 vs. Ole Miss - Riley Nelson ran one play, gained 6 rushing yards.
Game 2 vs. Texas - Nelson ran one play, gained 4 rushing yards.
Game 3 vs. Utah - Nelson mopped up the last 5 minutes after Utah built a 47-10 lead.
Game 4 vs. Utah State - Nelson takes over as BYU QB with 5 minutes left in 3rd quarter, leads Cougars to victory.

After nearly 3 3/4 games of offensive ineptitude, Mendenhall finally gives up on Heaps and finds that Nelson performs enough better to win some games, and has about a thousand times more heart and guts than Heaps. He's not Johnny Manzeil by any stretch, but it's an improvement.

In all of 2010, Nelson was relegated to the typical backup QB role - a few run plays, and mop up time. Apparently Bronco's alleged man-crush on Nelson didn't translate into favorable playing time for his pet. Heaps was given EVERY opportunity to succeed, and any division on the team had nothing to do with Bronco and everything to do with Heaps.

I think it's more accurate that some fans had, and continue to have, a deluded man-crush on Heaps.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Chris B,
Hate to burst your red tinted bubble but neither team is so much better then the other that they would go undefeated only playing each other and even if they did neither team would go BCS bowling or to the playoffs!!! Just like having beaten us for the fourth year in a row will send you BCS bowling this year!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Stanford!!!

Lindon, UT

So, Sportsfanatic, just wondering about the divisions in the Kansas lockerroom now, and how Coach Weiss must obviously be favoring the other quarterback, and how the offensive coordinator must obviously be doing a lousy job. After all, Heaps inability to rise to the top has to be the fault of everyone around him, right?

Funny, I don't recall a single negative word about Heaps from Mendenhall, ever. Although we are aware that several offensive players lost trust in Heaps, just like you said, is anyone aware of any offensive players who were fiercely defending Heaps? Loss of trust was clearly Mendenhall's fault, I suppose.

As an avid BYU follower, I read a lot of articles about BYU football. When Heaps was starting, Mendenhall was "all about Heaps," and it was only after Heaps lost his starting spot through his own poor passing, terror of the defense, and lack of heart, that Bronco became "all about Nelson" in support of his starter. Still, not a single negative word about Heaps. All the Heaps groupies need to face reality.

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