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Published: Sunday, Oct. 6 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

So when the US House recently passed a compromise, backed also by Rep. Matheson, that wouldn't have defunded ObamaCare, but delayed implementing part of it, and Sen. Harry Reid refused to even let it be heard, that was the GOP's fault?

When the House passed a bill to keep the parks open, and Sen. Reid wouldn't let it be heard, that was the Republican's fault?

When, instead of calling a meeting with the House and Senate leaders of both parties to solve the impasse, the President scheduled the meeting to see how to get a "clean CR" without dealing with any of the problems of implementing ObamaCare, which even Rep. Matheson's office said was would not get anywhere as soon as the meeting notice arrived, that was the Republican's fault?

Who hasn't had even one budget passed during his entire time as US President, when even his own party wouldn't buy in to his proposed budgets?

The majority of the problem has been with the US Senate Democratic Majority Leader and our current US President . Why doesn't the press pick that up?

Mark l

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are constitutional heroes, and should be praised for standing up for principle. It's unfortunate that the dominant liberal establishment mass media is all in for democrats and the progressive agenda. This letter brings up a good point that conservatives need to simply get their message out, and convince Americans that their policy ideas are sound and good. But how is that to happen when the left dominates the messaging? Any thing a conservative says is scrutinized by the media to make them look foolish, while democrats are given a pass on their gaffes. The last two presidential elections should be proof of that. The realm of public education is also dominated by the left. Left wing radicals from the sixties are now tenured professors, able to indoctrinate impressionable young minds by mocking conservative principles and agendas. K-12 is also dominated by democrat, teacher union members who preach the wonders of collectivism.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

It's obvious that the Democrats know that Obama and Reid will take the fall for the government shutdown, as those two should because they are the two people in America who have shut down the government.

Back when Clinton was President, we didn't have the electronic media like we have today. People were spoon fed the "official" line by the media and the people still believed the media. Today, things are different. Who, except Obama, believes the media?

With the countless blogs, people are seeing that the Republicans HAVE funded the government. They're seeing that the Republicans have funded the parks and WIC and everything else in government with the single exception of ObamaCare. People are seeing that Reid has refused to act on the budget and that Obama has threatened to veto any budget bill that does not include ObamaCare. People have learned that the White House shut down the parks and monuments and instructed the Park Rangers to cause as much havoc as possible.

No, it will not be the Republicans who will reap the whirlwind this time; it will be the Democrats.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The party of Abraham Lincoln has slowly morphed into the party of John C. Calhoun.

American Fork, UT

I'd rather the republicans not destroy their brand but they seem bent on it; so be it.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

A letter acknowledging reality is refreshing and hopeful. Get ready for the radical spinners and conspiracy comments to follow.


This article doesn't represent the feelings and views of most of us who voted for Senator Lee. If you have a crystal ball or some way to predict the future, please don't spew this drivel.

Mapleton, UT

Objections to President Barak Obama are often less reasons worthy of serious consideration than self-serving manipulative tactics to delegitimize his presidency. Mostly we believe what we want to believe and find what we look for. Beliefs determine what we can see. And nowhere is this more evident than with the tea party coalition whose uninformed and irrational radicalism poisons all institutions political and religious that embrace its single-minded ways.

Sadly, it has discredited the Republican Party to the point that it no longer functions as a meaningful counterweight to the Democrats. It has negated nearly all initiatives of a capable and well-intended president. And it has paralyzed our government. Our democracy is in crisis as threats and intimidation seek to override elective government and constitutional ways. Their revolutionary creed echoed in the actions of our own Senator Mike Lee is that to save this nation we must first destroy it. Is this when the Constitution hangs by a thread?

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

What's increasingly obvious is that thr tea party wing of the GOP has backed itself into a rhetorical corner and has no endgame strategy for getting out unscathed. The above commenters who believe that they'll be able to spin this as a victory aren't paying attention to national polls.

E Sam
Provo, UT

Excellent letter. And I think you'd find that most liberals would be happy to work with conservatives to reform the ACA. Just as long as such reforms met the basic goals of the legislation. But there have not been any conservative plans that do that.

Provo, ut

I guess we'll see. After the Clinton shutdown the press blamed the Republicans, not a surprising position as they are currently trying to do the same thing now. However in the next elections the Republicans gained seats in the House and the Senate. I hope this heightened attention brought upon the horrible Obamacare law will have the same result



The Senate did vote on the House measure and it was voted down.
The Senate also voted to "table" subsequent measures offered by the House.

What Senate measures has Boehner brought up for a vote?
Please name them.

The President and the Senate "compromised" with the hostage takers last time which resulted in the Budget Control Act commonly known as Sequestration.

Othello, WA

Exactly right BU52!! Most leftists think that when Chris Mathews, Katie Couric and John Stewart along with a few other media mental "giants" like these are speaking there language, then they are in the majority. That's their standard of measurement!
Got to love it when we get these lilies who write letters claiming to be GOP but go on all warm and fuzzy for the liberal agenda. I am literally shaking in my boots over how scared I am of the potential dominance of the Democrats after this government shutdown. Not really, and I don't see any sign of that from Cruz or Lee....and with good reason.
" And I think you'd find that most liberals would be happy to work with conservatives to reform the ACA" How naïve!! That is what this whole issue is about. Liberals have been in charge for the past 6 years. What are they waiting for? Start compromising and reaching out!!

durwood kirby
South Jordan, UT

" Sen. Lee is no doubt a very smart guy. " Please cite valid evidence.

Salt Lake City, UT

You guys read polls?

From an ORC poll conducted Sept 27-29 of this year. When asked if they oppose Obamacare because its too liberal, or not liberal enough this was the result:

Favor 38%
Oppose, too liberal 39%
Oppose, not liberal enough 11%
No opinion 13%
+/- 3.5

So if you add those that favor the bill, and those who don't because its not liberal enough you get 49% as opposed to 39% that that think its too liberal. Add in those that have no opinion and you get 62%.

Could it be the fringe conservatives in the House don't speak for most Americans after all?

Also in the same poll 60% thought approving a budget was the most important thing to do, 34% thought stopping major provisions of the ACA was.

And it had this: 69% thought Republicans were acting like spoiled children. (44% of Republican respondents thought this as well.) Only 25% thought they were acting like responsible adults. Really, it had that question.

Again, 69% of people think the Republicans are acting like "spoiled children". 44% of Republicans actually think this.

This isn't going to turn out well for Republicans.

Far East USA, SC

"It's obvious that the Democrats know that Obama and Reid will take the fall for the government shutdown, as those two should because they are the two people in America who have shut down the government."

A perfect flashback moment. Reminds me of election night when Romeny, Rove and countless others refused to acknowledge or believe the reality that was staring them in the face.

Wishful thinking does not reality make.

Salt Lake City, UT

There have been many Republicans that have been extreamly critical of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and the Tea Party faction. There have been conservative pundits critical of the tactics being used. Polls show that the public is giving most of the blame to the GOP for the shutdown. Glenn Beck is selling T-Shirts on his site that say, "De-fund the GOP". Many Tea Party people are talking about splitting from the GOP.

What do you think is going to happen to the GOP and the Tea Party in elections if they split? And what do you think is going to happen to the GOP when their fringe goes after the debt ceiling? (Those question's are for those that live outside the bubble.)

No, this isn't going to turn out well for the Republicans.

Far East USA, SC

I will have to give Rupert credit. He has created the perception that anyone but Fox news is liberal media.

While I would agree that there are liberal slant media (MSNBC) I find it maddening that those on the right don't see Fox as right wing slant.

Talk about oblivious.

albuquerque, NM

It's obvious by now that the House Republicans didn't have a reason for shutting down the government. They said they did it for "the American people". They said the American people are suffering under ObamaCare even though that SCOTUS-upheld law hasn't even gone into effect yet. Then, as the health exchanges went online and demonstrated the great interest so many Americans have in obtaining affordable insurance and obviously, affordable basic health care, the House Republicans switched out their reason for shutting down the government.

Now they say it's because President Obama "won't negotiate". It's becoming obvious that they shut down the government because they could. That's abuse of power. Only the most extreme right-wingers approve.

The House Republicans want something, they won't say what it is (Obamacare is off the table, they haven't mentioned it in days), they seem to not even know what they want, but they will keep the government closed till they get it? That's extortion. I believe that neither President Obama nor Senate Leader Reid should negotiate on their terms. You wouldn't.

salt lake city, utah

" Reid has refused to act on the budget and that Obama has threatened to veto any budget bill that does not include ObamaCare.", and just why would/should the President or Senator Reid negotiate the death of their primary piece of legislation that they firmly believe will improve America? It's the law. It passed Congress, it passed the last election, and survived 42 votes by the House to kill it. After voting 42 times to kill it we're now suppose to believe that "we just want to improve it". Let's delay it for a year and we'll all sit down and have a nice chat to improve all the terrible things we say will happen. By the way we also have a bridge you might be interested in.

This law has been discussed over and over. It's the law and it will be changed many times over the course of it's life just like all social programs, but after working 70 years to get something done democrats are not going to "negotiate" it's death before it starts.

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