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Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 10:20 p.m. MDT

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Needa Nap
St.George, UT

We need to feel sorry for them and pray for them. They have obviously stopped listening to Christ and are listening to the world about fairness & equality:( I am so sorry they have lost the light of Christ. I hope the few minutes of fame are worth it:( ladies you can be in the world and not of the world. Pray for forgiveness for that sad spectacle by daughters of our Heavenly Father.

mesa, AZ

May I say simply that conference was tremendous, uplifting, encouraging, hopeful, and truly a feeling of abundant love.so I will say to Ms Kelly or anyone who may question the value of women, self worth of women-the place of women-in the Lord's Kingdom.
listen again to Elder Anderson's remarks, reread the family proclamation--and then proclaim your blessings from the Lord as His daughter or son. I believe conference shared and expressed the Lords thoughts and feelings and reiterated his love for these women and to all his children-for in the voice of His servants it is the same as He speaking it-for it is His words--As it is His church.

New Yorker
Pleasant Grove, UT

"Resonate" is a term that sounds more New Age than L.D.S.

Faithful, attending, committed members can recognize one another among crowds of strangers by common scriptural idioms cultivated by repeatedly reading the scriptures and hearing them repeatedly quoted. "Resonate" does not appear in the standard works.

I see "resonate" as a tell here.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

A couple of hundred years or so after the death and resurrection of Christ, the doctrines of the Church began to change to bend to the politics and common thinking of that day. Leaders and Church members let personal beliefs and the doctrines of men influence doctrinal changes and many plain and precious Gospel truths were lost. Ultimately the Gospel was taken from the earth, necessitating the Restoration heralded in with Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. How is the "Ordain Women" movement any different than the shifting political and social winds that led to the demise of the Church in the meridian of time?


"How is the "Ordain Women" movement any different than the shifting political and social winds that led to the demise of the Church in the meridian of time?"

It seems you have not heard of our Article of Faith #9. In case not, it says in part, "we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God." Your 'closed heavens' and 'change is bad' attitude is counter to the fact that change is the only constant in this world and especially in our church. If you actually read and understand what the sisters you are condemning are actually saying (and asking for), then you will see that it is not inconsistent with our Article of Faith #9 and they are not trying to bring about the demise of our Church!


Katy Kelly of Ordain Women:
"We are... asking Church leaders to prayerfully consider the ordination of women.

Our understanding of the gospel is that the heavens are not closed....We believe that the expansion of Priesthood keys must come from God through revelation to the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles. The role of Church members in this process is demonstrated throughout the D&C which includes many examples of revelations received after members approached the Prophet and requested revelation. This pattern was established by Jesus Christ, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." It is our belief in God and our faith in the Church that compel us to bold, faith-affirming action. And your whole labor shall be in Zion, with all your soul, from henceforth; yea, you shall ever open your mouth in my cause, not fearing what man can do, for I am with you. Amen; (D&C 30:11).

Equality is not about sameness; it is about removing obstacles to access and opportunity."

Los Angeles, CA

@New Yorker

"Faithful, attending, committed members can recognize one another among crowds of strangers by common scriptural idioms cultivated by repeatedly reading the scriptures and hearing them repeatedly quoted. "Resonate" does not appear in the standard works. I see "resonate" as a tell here."

The word "idioms" does not appear in the standard works. I see "idioms" as a tell here.

Cinci Man

I see so many posters trying to equate the petition for the priesthood for women with the prayer of a prophet concerning the ordination of priesthood to all worthy males. All are forgetting the huge difference between the two. For my 60 years in the church I was taught that the blacks could not hold the priesthood in earlier days. I was taught that it was a temporary condition that we hoped we would live to see changed in our lifetime. I also taught that on my mission to the blacks in Colombia in the 1970's. There was no surprise when the revelation was given to the prophet - only gratitude and jubilation that the anticipated day had arrived.
My father also taught that we would likely witness the day of two-piece garments. Again, it was expected. At the appointed day of the Lord, revelations were received. The petitions for gay marriage and for women holding the priesthood are not at all the same. There are no such doctrines to support men or women of the same gender married for eternity, nor for women holding the priesthood.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


I have read and understand the 9th Article of Faith. The heavens are open and revelation does come through proper channels. I highly doubt that the opening of heaven is persuaded by protests in the streets and "likes" on social media sites. And clearly your "movement" is not a proper channel for revelation for the Church. I am sure that those leaders who made improper doctrinal changes in the early Church were well intended and believed that what they were doing was "consistent" with the doctrine. The point is, the change came from a source other than the proper revelation the Lord talks about in the 9th Article of Faith. Hence the danger of apostasy. When the Prophet speaks I will follow. Until then, I personally would not presume to counsel the Lord or His prophets.


The complete and utter lack of humility of these women, their belligerent and confrontational attitude, their total disrespect for the authority of the General Authorities of the Church, and their greater esteem for worldly philosophies than for the Gospel itself, are all precisely the reasons why they should not be ordained to the Priesthood. They didn't even care what was said at Priesthood session. They were only seeking to exalt themselves.

Miss Piggie
Phoenix, AZ

@Bleed Crimson:
"Then why on earth is she trying to get into the priesthood session in the first place? The purpose of the priesthood session is for the church leaders to give counsel to the brethren of the church, not the sisters!..."

Oops. Much of what was discussed in Saturday's Priesthood Session dwelt on missionary work... Why weren't the ladies invited to attend, since there's a ton of lady missionaries out there who need the training/encouragement just as much as the guys do?

Somebody needs to think this through.

Belinda, Melbourne Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sister Kelly obviously does not speak for the majority of LDS women of the Church. Every sister in my home ward in Australia has said that they do not want to be ordained to the priesthood. Why would we need to be ordained when we already enjoy the blessings of the Priesthood as wives, mothers, temple patrons and members of the Church? The Ordain Women group believe that by being ordained they can sit in council with the Brethren. Obviously these women have never served as a President or in a Presidency of the Relief Society, Young Women's or Primary organisations. The sisters who hold these offices sit in council with the Brethren often and work closely with them to ensure the needs of the youth, women and children of the Church are addressed.

The crowning comment though is stated by Sr Kelly that the messages of the Priesthood meeting did not resonate with her. Yet, as I listened to these talks, my heart was touched by the words of President Monson as he admonished the brethren to reach out to those for whom they are responsible. I guess that's the difference I listened with my heart.

Medical Lake, Washington

The trend of the world right now and has been for a generation or so, is for the sexes to demonstrate their complete independence from one another once and for all. It has seemed a major need for women to prove that they can support themselves and create themselves in the world without the need for men to assist them. It is unfortunate that some men have intensified this resolve through their own bigotry and self proclaimed superiority over women.

Sheri Dew, in her last Conference talk explained how men and women need each other; that neither was complete without the gifts and abilities of the opposing gender. What see is a group of well meaning sisters who feel that unless they can have priesthood conferred upon themselves, that they cannot be independent in the gospel. But that is the whole point. The Lord stated quite eloquently in the first chapters of Genesis that neither men nor women were complete without the other. Without priesthood, men could never compliment the natural gifts of the sisters.

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

Actually one of the talks could of had to do with her - the one on Home teaching. Just change it to visiting teaching and brethren to sisters. Each has to do it right and each should have heard that talk.

While I did watch it along with my husband I personally found the talks boring except for the one on Home teaching. So Sister Kelly - stop trying to draw attention to yourself. If you truly want to hold the priesthood go home and give your husband or any male member in your family that has the title of deacon, teacher, priest, elder and so forth a hug as you will then be holding the priesthood.

Pocatello, ID

When men start giving birth to children - then will I stand up and say that women should have the Priesthood - but NOT UNTIL THEN!

Chino Hills, CA

I'm an LDS woman. I think that if women are given the Priesthood, then we will take over everything in the Church. We will plan everything, give all the blessings, counsel everyone, do all the baptisms, take the lead in meetings, and so forth. In every ward I have been in, there have been more active females in the ward than actives males. I have noticed that females tend to be more diligent in their callings than many males. ("If you want to get something done, ask the Sisters" is a common refrain.)

In addition, women with the Priesthood will have everything that men have and MORE...because men will never be able to bear children. We will be able to have jobs like men, have all the authority and callings at church like men, fight in wars like men (women can train to become as strong as many men, and modern technology and fighting methods means physical strength is less important in fighting). No amount of training or dedication or protesting in the streets will give men the "right" to bear children.

The ability to bear children and Priesthood power are both eternally vital and complement each other.

gambier, oh

I do not understand the motivation behind this at all. If you believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by this church then you understand the Prophet is the guide here on Earth speaking for Jesus Christ and there is a division of power on earth. The men hold the power to act in the office of the priesthood and the women share by going to the Temple and completing the covenants they have made. It is a simple division but one that has been clearly defined and does have any blurring of the lines just because social convention says women should be able to exercise the priesthood in the same way men do. It is a team effort and can only be properly done if the women do their part and men do their part and together they do the parts that are required of them to enter the Celestial Kingdom. Christ’s church is a church of order and the order is explained through the Prophet not by any other means. This is a male and father son bonding experience, you can’t have it, sorry.

sandy, ut

Mike Richards

You, and many others on this site seem to be unaware that there is strong evidence that women held the priesthood in the early days of the church. Of course, you will probably deny it despite all the evidence to the contrary. But it seems to have happened. That is why it bothers me when people act like women holding the priesthood is such a far-out, far-fetched and ludacris idea. It happened in the past, so no it really isn't that far-fetched.

sandy, ut

Ad Rem

they have a right to voice their concerns in the church just as anybody else does. that is how the bretheren are made aware of possible problems and necessary changes in the policy of the church. Many times since the 1830's has there been changes in doctrine, policy, and practice. It has happened before, why can't it happen again?

Houston, TX

I think the reason that men and boys have a Conference session of their own to attend is that the Priesthood Meeting encourages them in their divinely designed masculine roles. Relief Society and Young Women conferences encourage women and girls in their divinely designed feminine roles.

In each case, the vision being presented is enhanced by being surrounded by those who share that same role.

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