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Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 10:20 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

These women need to stop trying to stir the pot. If they are so obsessed in being "ordained," perhaps they should move their membership to one of the "mainline" churches that allows female ordination. But, then again, they wouldn't be able to stir the pot and run their blogs and seek media attention trying to changed the practices of the LDS Church.

Florissant, MO

Kelly kind of shot herself in the foot, she has now proven a point that she is fighting against, Priesthood sessions are not intended for the sisters. I went in and listened to some of it last night with my husband. But the messages were for the men, not for me. All my life I have asked either my father or husband what was said. I have enjoyed getting basic information, but I knew my husband would not want to watch the Relief Society session, why? Because it has nothing to do with him. Isn't it wonderful that we are members of a church where they take the time to address the women and the men individually and center their comments more to their needs.

West Jordan, UT

Re: Truthseeker

My comment is right on. I am talking within the comment sections of the facebook page. Just because something is a policy doesn't mean it is followed. I have been watching this page for a couple of months. There are plenty of anti LDS comments, and the admin does nothing about it.

Tooele, UT

As an active LDS man, I actually do have sympathy for these women who are attempting to change LDS policy.

While I won’t attempt to speak fully on their behalf, I imagine they see how, in various parts of the world, women are still oppressed and treated like animals. In many countries, women are still not allowed to vote or hold office, are subject to frequent violent crimes such as rape and stoning with little, if any, means of bringing their perpetrators to justice, and of course, we see how in some countries women are still victims of barbaric practices such as being burned to death if they can not pay an adequate dowry to their future husband’s family.

On the flip side however, the western world’s view of gender roles and gender treatment has some very clear differences, and this is where I have concern.

How many times, for example, have we in the western world heard the message from feminists groups that children don’t need fathers? How many times in TV shows, movies and in popular music, are males shown as either lazy and brainless, or as selfish womanizers?

Florissant, MO

I did chuckle at SLCWatch's satire. I had not read all the comments. I know that it is easy to say, go join a church that will let women have the priesthood or embrace gay marriage. We know that the Lord is not going to let people tell him what to do and in turn, he is not going to let the Prophets do things contrary to his will. But the Lord does want people to see the errors of their ways and to soften and change their heart. I respect the church in their kind approach to these groups that harass, I would be a bit more gruff. Yet, if it were my child, I would hope that they would be treated with kindness and respect, so that one day she would return to the fold because she was treated kindly.

Murray, UT

Are these women even members of the Mormon church? Who is to say. If they are members, do they go to church?
its seems like if they were members they would have a hard time going to church.
can you imagine having them in a sunday school lesson?

Tooele, UT

This women's group talks a lot about equality, but if their definition of equality is based on how the world views it, then I can't help but wonder, do these women want an LDS Church where their sons are told over and over again they are worthless, that fathers have no role to play whatsoever except in simply being the person who fathers the babies?


I reject the notion that women's important role as mothers should automatically preclude them from any possible priesthood ordination.

One observation:

Women live long AFTER they have born and raised children. And many women don't have the opportunity to be mothers.

Maybe we ought to stop explaining, or justifying current positions and leave it that Church leaders, thus far, have not received inspiration to change the status quo.

Ranch is correct. There is rampant sexism in these comments.

Orem, UT

From Ordain Women's website:

“We welcome those who . . . care deeply about the Church and its members and are concerned about how gender inequity affects all of us." What an ironically paternalistic statement. In essence, Ordain Women is saying “LDS women need our help. They are obviously too weak to help themselves and too weak-minded to even know they need help.” I happen to believe that most LDS women are smart, strong, and living their faith because they choose to, not because they have no other choice. They don't need anyone, least of all critics of the Church, to come rescue them.

Home Town USA, UT

It amazes me that KK would go so far as to rebel so openly and push her opinions and lead other women away in her crusade. She oversteps herself to assume that demanding to be allowed to enter the GENERAL Priesthood session.. . along with her objective to be "ordained"? She is in the wrong church then to expect that in ours. The priesthood is conferred as already mentioned and clarified. IF it was intended for women to have the priesthood don't you think it would have begun with Joseph and Emma? Not.

KK, you do not understand your role and position as a woman in the church. A woman is blessed so much by the virtue of her temple covenants. She is not denied those blessings and is able to received them without holding the priesthood through faithfulness to all her covenants.

Treading in dangerous waters will only lead to more unhappiness and discontent, despair. For what? Do not be deceived. It is time to stop, turn around to be happy with those blessings already afforded you now.

Isn't what she is doing counter to the doctrine and teachings of the Church?

Orem, UT

I disagree with Ordain Women, but I also disagree with commenters who attempt to conciliate women for not having the priesthood. There is no need for that, because having the priesthood does not indicate greater favor by the Lord. Clovis Fan wrote, “Sister Kelly needs to realize that women are already valued higher than men in God's eyes.” Not true. The scriptures say men and women are valued equally by God.

Clovis Fan also said, “[Women] have the privilege of procreating and raising children.” Well, no, not every woman does, but every man can qualify for the priesthood. Comparing maternity to the priesthood is wrong. Gender influences our roles in this life, but our worth is not defined by those roles. In April of this year the Church made this statement: “The worth of a human soul is not defined by a set of duties or responsibilities. In God’s plan for His children, both women and men have the same access to the guidance of His spirit, to personal revelation, faith and repentance, to grace and the atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ, and are received equally as they approach Him in prayer.”

Tooele, UT


Everyone has a role to play in the LDS Church. For anyone to suggest that motherhood is the sole role women can play in the LDS Church is extremely short sighted. My wife and I don't have any children yet, but my wife has still held many responsibilities in her various church callings along with being the most important person in my life. I frankly can't imagine what I'd do without her.

It seems to me that some people in the world are so determined to make everyone "equal" that they fail to understand that each person has unique gifts, talents and abilities. If one wanted to push equality to the extreme, they would completely eliminate individuality. Not only would everyone look the same and act the same, anything that was unique to any individual would be eliminated as being unequal.

Is that what the true goal is?

Orem, UT

Clovis Fan said, “Men do not have the same privileges as women in creating and nurturing children. Without the priesthood, men would have nothing.” That's not how Elder Ballard sees it. He said, “Men and women have different but equally valued roles. Just as a woman cannot conceive a child without a man, so a man cannot fully exercise the power of the priesthood to establish an eternal family without a woman. In other words, in the eternal perspective, both the procreative power and the priesthood power are shared by husband and wife.”

Southwest Utah, UT

Sisters: Do you not consider going to some other church where you could be "ordained" because you believe God's Priesthood is only in the LDS Church. If this is the case, then why, at the same time, do you seek to convince the Lord that His eternal plan is in error?


"This group is bad news. I have been following this group for some time online. They constantly poke fun of current and past leaders of the church. This group is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Half of the group have an ax to grind."

Hmmm, well i just visited the facebook page and there are many comments. Thus far, I have not come across an anti-Mormon comments, so suffice it to say they are few, if any. Perhaps you can provide us with an example from one of the leaders of this group which is anti-Mormon or which doesn't adhere to their stated policy to back up your claim. You did not make it clear in your 1st comment that you were talking about OTHER people posting comments on their facebook page.

Would you also hold DN to the same standards? Does DN endorse every comment on its site? Perhaps Ordain Women should include a disclaimer on their facebook page.

I just think we should/could have a respectful, honest,and FACTUAL debate on this topic.

Los Angeles, CA

Even Eve thrust the forbidden fruit at Adam, saying, I wanted this, so now we both have to deal with it. It's the same pattern. I want it sister, so men -- make it happen my way. Somethings never change.

Alexandria, VA

While I don't always agree with everything in the Church, the Church is not a business in the public square. It has governing principles (which I acknowledged have changed from time to time - but not right now) - so - "Sorry Sisters - this effort is a total non-starter".

Springville, UT

Another step closer to apostasy after this weekend.

Maybe these gals should check in with Sonia Johnson and get some pointers on how to properly handle women's right issues.

After this failed media event I'm sure several of these ladies and their husbands will be in for the shock of their lives.

not from utah, 00

Of course none of the messages resonated with you. You are not a male!

Those words completely show the silliness of the Ordain Women crowd. This whole thing is an attention seeking objective.

Members don't receive revelation for the church. The Lord tells His prophets what He wants to happen, not the other way around. For a great rebuttal to this movement go to LDSmag and read the post by Maurine Proctor. It's what I've said from the beginning.

Jacksonville, FM

Funny - I didn't notice many empty seats, but then again there were probably just as many so-called empty seats at the General Women's meeting last weekend. I don't think the goal is to fill the conference center but to share messages. Many people coincide a vacation or long weekend trip to conference just to get into a session of conference.
I have a feeling none of the messages of conference have resonated with her, not just the Priesthood session.
I, however, have found something of interest & greater knowledge from all sessions. Shocking that a woman can appreciate the messages intended for the women, youth & men. I believe there is something for all in these messages regardless of age or sex.

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