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Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 10:20 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

This group is bad news. I have been following this group for some time online. They constantly poke fun of current and past leaders of the church. This group is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Half of the group have an ax to grind.

Sanpete, UT

If were the stake president of these women I would call them into my office. They are walking a fine line between passion and apostasy. This type of garbage is what gives the church a bad rap. They don't care about getting the priesthood. They are so far into this that all they care about now is the amount of publicity they get for their misguided campaign.

West Jordan, UT

Miss Kelly said that while listening to the Priesthood meeting, nothing resonated with her. All she wanted to do was get her 3 minutes of fame. I'm sad for her and her little followers. If she is not happy then she needs to branch off on her own; trust me NO ONE is going to stop her from leaving. As with any other activist (who wants to shout and make noise)Miss Kelly accomplished nothing. I hope she moves on and out of the way of those of us who did appreciate the beautiful messages our brothers, sons, husbands and father's were receiving.

Provo, UT

Good grief... I think someone likes the attention they are getting.

Cedar Rapids, IA

@mainly me, @the deuce, @ arizona1, @reader:

All your comments are spot on. We see the adversary hyping the same sex attraction issue with the Church, then he adds a second front with a small handful (out of 15 million) wowmn and their male supporters.

One can conjecture these proponents see other religions have allowed female clergy and think they should have the same opportunity.

The priesthood for women and same sex marriage approval are two rails of the same track heading nowhere within the LDS Church.

Comparing all worthy males eligible to receive the priesthood and allowing women to hold the priesthood are doctrinally eons apart.

Glenwood springs , CO

I've taken girls to the young woman's conference in the spring at least a half dozen times. Guess what? They didn't let me in because I'm male. Why ? Because it is a meeting for young females. I went to a place with the other males and watched the meeting on tv. We were all ok letting the young woman having their time together.

Carson City, NV

This is so sad in a time that we all need to stand together. These women can and do teach Sunday School, primary, Seminary and Institute. These women are asked to give talks in their ward on Sunday. These women can stand and bear their testimony monthly. These women can help with Family History, Indexing and temple attendance. Why do they want the priesthood? Because they can't have it! I'm tired at the end of the week doing the services I'm asked to do. Yet I do them gladly! I feel great comfort that our priesthood holders are there to bolster me up, give me blessings should I need them. After seeing the bishops schedule for the whole ward, I would not want his job. To me a shepherd takes 24/7. And you must at all times be worthy to give a blessing. I would so much rather see these women protest about unequal pay or medical care for all women and children. Look for something worthy to do. Remember Who You Are!

Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

There are plenty of great religions that have women functioning in the role of the priesthood as they see it relates to their religious organization and philosophical beliefs. Just join one of those churches and religion instead of try to change the one you belong to by petition or demonstration

It's a religion, not a social or political cause, which is why it is a theocracy not a democracy.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Those of us who have a spiritual witness from tHe Holy Spirit that Joseph Smith received a vision of the Father and of the Son would never give counsel to The Lord on what His doctrine should include nor would we tell Him that he somehow forgot to extend priesthood responsibility to the women of His church. If Christ is the head of this church, then why shouldn't we allow Him to direct His church His way? I would think that if a "priesthood leader" decided that Christ's doctrine was somehow faulty, that that "priesthood holder" would forfeit that authority to act in Christ's name.

We probably all have questions about points of doctrine, but no one whom I know who has received a testimony via the Holy Spirit, would deny that testimony in an effort to seize "control" of the church from Christ - who directs His church.

Salt Lake City, UT

While were at it I want to join the NRA (National Rifle Association) and push them to support a ban on guns. I want to join Al Qaeda and start a pro-American and Pro-Israel chapter. I want to join Amnesty International and push for a violent, kidnapping and torture group to attack those who don't share our views. I want to join PETA and host the annual BBQ and small animal sacrifices. I want to join Green Peace and move them to invest more in oil companies, Japanese Whaling and help cut down all those unsightly trees. I want to Join the International Rescue Coalition and change their policy on refugees so we can send all those fleeing oppression back where they came from. I also want to join the Optimists club and help them admit there just isn't any point in going on.

Oh, and for those who don't understand satire...It's a joke.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

This movement is being orchestrated by enemies of the LDS Church.

J Turner
Salt Lake City, UT

There is a way for this group to have a priesthood conferred and still be in the Mormon tradition if that's what they desire. The Community of Christ(Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ)has given their priesthood office to women years ago.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

@ Ad Rem

After reading the article, then reading your comment I wonder
what do you believe in? Your little rant belittles the religious and so again I ask what do you stand for?
Always easier to tear down then create isn't it?

Hucahuca City, AZ

We see from most of the posts here that Kelly's comments of non-resonance of the spoken messages to her, is a direct reflection of how this movement is not of the Lord, but of the Great Agitator himself.

Her cause is divisive and contentious. Therefore, she, and I'm sure most of her group, was left spiritually empty because the Holy Ghost cannot dwell where their is contention. Another reason why the Bretheren handled this situation in the manner it should have been, through the direction of the Lord.


@Uncle Rico

"This movement is being orchestrated by enemies of the LDS Church."

Uncle Rico, please back that comment up. You obviously have information that we do not. Let's hear it. Who specifically are the enemies you are accusing and what orchestration is occurring?

Idaho Falls, ID

While Ms Kelly claims to be active in her ward, based on their website, I would venture that MOST in this group are not active or not even members of the Church. She states it is nice to be in the presence of the Prophet and Apostles yet her actions and behavior deny them. She has founded an apostate group that publicly and actively riles against the doctrines of the Church. Is this not grounds for excommunication? Tough and sticky situation for her Priesthood leaders.


"This group is bad news. I have been following this group for some time online. They constantly poke fun of current and past leaders of the church. This group is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Half of the group have an ax to grind."

This movement is being orchestrated by enemies of the LDS Church."


From the group's website:

"What’s your Ordain Women profile policy?
We do not solicit, nor do we support, diatribes against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Rather, we encourage thoughtful submissions on what the ordination of women would mean personally and/or for the institutional Church. We welcome those who are faithful Mormons, those who might return to the LDS Church but for gender inequality, or those who care deeply about the Church and its members and are concerned about how gender inequity affects all of us."

Clovis Fan
Clovis, CA

Sister Kelly needs to realize that women are already valued higher than men in God's eyes. They have the privilege of procreating and raising children with God, they are the fairer, gentler sex and because of this more women than men will be saved in the end. They already have an extremely important, highly valued role in this life and beyond without the priesthood. Men on the other hand by their nature will have a more difficult time than women overcoming the natural man. Men do not have the same privileges as women in creating and nurturing children. Without the priesthood, men would have nothing. Sister Kelly's lack of understanding of the great blessings she already has just by being a women will lead to her spiritual demise if she continues down this path....

Huntsville, UT

The sexism, it is strong in these comments.

Beaverton, OR

Sometimes, SOMETIMES, men and boys need to feel comfortable in their own skin while in the midst of others so they can understand the messages said without the "all-knowing eye" of a female presence (like wives or mothers).
Let them have their time together. It's a great male bonding time, and women don't need to be in there to feel equal. Let them be!

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