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Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 10:20 p.m. MDT

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Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

These women don't understand their roles as women. They share God's procreative power, but that isn't enough. They've been taken in by the world, which creates a divide between women and their true role. If these women keep this up, they are endangering their membership in the church.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

I am not of the LDS faith, however, it seems to me that these women were able to view the talks given at the LDS Priesthood session as you could find them on the BYU TV channel. I asked a Mormon friend about this as they subscribe to this channel. It is only my opinion, but if you want to be ordained to the Priesthood, you need to be asking the person who's priesthood it is. It is my experience with members of this church that they take these types of questions to God. I would say go to the source and ask him/her.

Tucson, AZ

I think the Church has handled the requests as well as it possibly could. I've worked with feminists in academia for years, and though I still disagree with a number of their viewpoints and methods, I at least respect their sincerity.

On the surface, the orchestrated, public methods used to garner media attention do appear to be an attempt to shame the Church as a misogynist organization that has not kept up with a changing society. Certainly that must not have been the intended result by many of these women and the men supporting them, but I think that is exactly the divisive perception that Ruth Todd was referring to. Unfortunately, there are a number of people with different causes, who rather than engaging Church leaders in a productive, personal dialogue to better understand each other's views, seek to publicly force the Church to change to fit their social views.

Sandy, UT

These women need to get the terminology correct. No one is "ordained" to the priesthood. The priesthood is conferred. Men are then ordained to certain offices in the priesthood. Their website also contains a fair amount of false doctrine.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

Kelly said "Those messages are not directed to me"

Then why on earth is she trying to get into the priesthood session in the first place? The purpose of the priesthood session is for the church leaders to give counsel to the brethren of the church, not the sisters! The sisters had their meeting last weekend to receive counsel from church leaders that is directed to them.

Even if they were admitted, they would still complain that the message wasn't directed for them. This would create a chain reaction!

She goes on to say "that it is always nice to be in the presence of the prophet and those in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles"

If she's sincere about wanting to be in the presence of the prophet and the twelve apostles. Maybe she should get a ticket to one of the other four general sessions. But the problem is that it's not good enough for these women.

I'm sad to see them make these choices. It's not the prophets decision on who gets the priesthood, it's God's decision! He gave men and women different roles in this life for a reason.

Tucson, AZ

After reading an article in USATODAY, I think Ruth Todd's suggestion that most view the movement as "divisive" is spot on. The author's article suggested that the debate about the role of women in the "Mormon church" "raged" on with today's actions. If a national news outlet uses those terms to describe this event, then I think it is safe to say that today's actions were perceived in a more divisive rather than unifying manner. The article also gave a number of people a national forum to spew lies about the Church.

As indicated in my earlier comment, unless these are the intended results/goals of this group of women, I would suggest they resort to methods that do not appear so confrontational and attention-seeking.

Washington, DC

Could have watched it on BYU TV from home and saved themselves the trip downtown :)

Ad Rem
Falls Church, VA

It's always funny to watch religious people - they disagree with the theology of the church of which they are a member, and so they try to "change" it via protest or democratic action. If they don't believe in the doctrines of the church, why are you a member?

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

Kate Kelly is defeating her group's goals by saying the Priesthood messages didn't resonate with her.

But there were quite a few empty seats in the Conference Center. Let 'em in if they aren't taking any seats from men and boys wanting to attend.

They'll stop coming since the messages "don't resonate with them."

John Adams
Palmetto Bay, FL

"When asked about the meeting [Kelly] said none of the messages resonated with her.

"'Those messages are not directed to me,' she said..."

That ought to be an indication of something, Sister Kelly, wouldn't you agree?

Its Common Knowledge
Houston, TX

When asked about the meeting she said none of the messages resonated with her.

"Those messages are not directed to me,"

Of course they didn't resonate with you... It was intended to instruct the Priesthood. No where in these articles has there been any mention of whether these sisters attended the General Relief Society sessions last week. My guess is that they had other interests and concerns that kept them away. I believe the messages at the Relief Society meeting would have resonated with them if they had the proper spirit with them.

Minot, ND

I am not even remotely interested in having the priesthood! The last thing I need as a busy woman & mother is to be shackled with that responsibility. I already have enough on my plate & don't need to deal with having the priesthood. Honestly quit focusing on what you don't have and focus on the things you do.

Buena Vista, VA

"When asked about the meeting she said none of the messages resonated with her."

All of the messages in the priesthood session were very inspiring, and resonated with me. May I suggest that if they did not resonate with her, that tells us more about her than it does about the messages?

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

Sophistry. These women would have us believe that they worship Christ and recognize the authority of the priesthood as found in the Restored Gospel, yet must not believe the Prophet and Apostles are chosen of God to lead his kingdom here on earth, ergo they need to be told what the Lord intends in relation to the role of women. We can see from their website that they believe that God is both male and female, a doctrine that is not taught by the LDS Church and what likely is at the root of their disagreement with an all-male priesthood.

Like wolves in sheep's clothing they claim to be part of the flock and yet use the media to foist themselves into the limelight in a divisive staged protest that mocks the practices of the LDS Church by including prayers and songs in order to seem to follow the good shepherd. Did Kelly even listen to the talks before she proclaimed that there was nothing in them that could benefit her? She is now famous and enjoying her 15 minutes and should she continue will likely leave or be excommunicated from the LDS Church. Sad story.

Canandaigua, NY

Kate Kelly demanded entrance to the Conference session for the priesthood session; when she was refused she watched it on a computer. Then she stated, "None of it resonated to me."

Of course it didn't!!! The session was directed to the men of the Church. Where was she last week when the messages were directed to the women? She could have requested and received tickets for that event and been in the presence of the First Presidency at that time.

She needs to be reminded that her band of 150 women do NOT represent the views of the rest of us.

Hucahuca City, AZ

"When asked about the meeting she (Kelly) said none of the messages resonated with her."

This one sentence says a lot about Kelly's attitude and the contention that dwells within her.

And perhaps this is why the Priesthood session is for priesthood holders. If the messages don't resonate with you because they are not completely directed at you, then why persist in your divisive (but peaceful) protest. Sure, everyone wants to see the General Authorities in person, but there is Relief Society general session, and four other conference sessions for you to attend to see them. Most members never get the opportunity to see the GAs in person. So be thankful that you have, Sister Kelly.

Cinci Man

All sessions of Conference were wonderful, including the Women's Meeting and the Men's Meeting. The General Authorities, both men and women, are leaders of faith and inspiration. This small group of women deserve our prayers and hopes that one day, they will understand and enjoy what God has for them. May we all seek such understanding! May we gain peace from that search! On an earlier post to another article, someone said this:
"What is it that a woman would be seeking through priesthood ordination that she does not already have but a TITLE which has nothing to do with how God sees her, but with how the world sees her." The goal was to have recognition and to Council the Brethren. I rejoice in the gospel and am humbled by the existence of such good men and women who lead the Church under the direction of the Savior. One day, may we all be in tune, rather than in conflict.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

They look pretty pathetic out there.

Tucson, AZ

"When asked about the meeting she said none of the messages resonated with her."

Right. That's the point, sister. It is a meeting with messages for MEN. So what was your point of all this brouhaha? Ridiculous.

Idaho Falls, ID

"When asked about the meeting she said none of the messages resonated with her.

"Those messages are not directed to me," she said, but added that it is always nice to be in the presence of the prophet and those in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles."

I think that she answered her own questions about why she was not let in to the Priesthood Session

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