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Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Hank Jr
Draper, UT

Not tough enough! "No Bowl Game for Utes"

Layton, UT

"He was specifically asked about BYU." LOL...Thanks for asking.

Tooele, UT

Hank, That happens sometimes when you're in a big boy conference instead of a "no one wants me" conference. I did notice you were joined in independence by New Mexico State and Idaho. Sounds like the makings of a conference right there. You guys already play them right?

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

No that's what happens when your a wanna be big boy in a big boy conference.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Specifically asked about BYU? Didn't think Dick Harmon would have been there.

St George, UT

Can't wait to see Stanford embarrass the Utes, and Oregon put up about 60 on them. See ya Kyle!! I hope you had fun in the 'big boy' conference, while it lasted.

4 in a row!
Ogden, UT

As long as the haters are on the Utah threads. See moniker above. LOL

As long as you want to talk about bowl games. Remind me who has the most bowl wins. Remind me who has two BCS bowl championships.

See you in 2016

LOL again

Orem, UT

Latest Sagarin Ratings:

#29 BYU(3-2) #32 SOS
#34 Utah(3-2) #15 SOS
#38 USU(3-3) #41 SOS

oh christy, too easy

Most National Championships
Utah 0

Most Heisman Trophies
Utah 0

Most AP Top 25 Finishes
BYU 17
Utah 5

Most National Individual Awards
BYU 15
Utah 0

Most National Hall of Fame Players
Utah 0

Current Bowl Winning Streak
Utah 1

btw, BYU and Utah have both won 13 bowl games, but BYU also tied 10th ranked Iowa in a bowl

16 of BYU's 31 bowl opponents were ranked in the final Top 25 in both polls
only 4 of Utah's 17 bowl opponents were ranked in both polls

Baltimore, MD

Bowl Results

BYU 13-17-1
Utah 13-4-0

Utah fans have been spouting off about SOS recently, yet strangely, they completely ignore how weak Utah's bowl opponents have been

Average Sagarin Bowl Opponent Rankings since 1996

BYU - 18, 19, 13, 27, 29, 24, 33, 24, 34, 121, 35, 66; average = 36
Utah - 46, 54, 37, 51, 55, 41, 65, 74, 6, 46, 6, 56; average = 45

10 of BYU's 12 bowl opponents were ranked in the Top 35
only 2 of Utah's 12 bowl opponents were ranked in the Top 35

4 in a row!
Ogden, UT

Cougs are a better footbal team, just ask them.

The only thing the Utes have is just score board.

Best thing about being 4 in a row, is the opportunity to go 5 in a row!

RES 2016

Arlington, VA


Better team is determined by overall record and ranking; ask anybody besides a delusional Utah fan, one game does not a season make, even though that's all the Utes been able to accomplish in the last four years.

Best thing about winning 4 bowls in a row, is the opportunity to go 5 in a row!

Enjoy the couch potato bowl for the 2nd straight year!

Park City, UT

Biggest mistake Hill has made in his scheduling, dropping BYU for the next two seasons; the Utes lose their September bowl and any opportunity to crow about their one-game season versus BYU.

Highland, UT

At this point it appears whittingham is just searching from something, anything, positive to say about his team. I am sure all the losing is wearing on him and he is at a point that he has nothing really left to say so this is what we are getting. We'll keep getting it to if they can make games close but come up losers. I don't see that happening this next weekend, I think they are going to get pounded so there won't be much of anything for whittingham to try to manufacture a compliment about. But on the outside chance they do keep it reasonably close we'll probably hear the same thing.


@ducky (A.K.A. sportsauthoritywannabee, true blue)

How did your team do against the Utes this year? Last year? The year before? And the year before? Overall?

Nothing like using relevant facts to support your claims, unlike tired irrelevant stats from 30 years ago which have no bearing on the present.

Go Utes!

Highland, UT


I didn't even mention another team. I'm specifically talking about the university of utah and their zero percent chance of beating stanford this week. I don't have any "claims" to "support". I'm also talking about whittingham searching hard for something to compliment his team about. If you can't win then what he is doing is what you do, you talk about "heart", or "grit", or "toughness".

What "tired irrelevant stats from 30 years ago" did I use?

It appears you can't come up with anything good to say about utah either so you were just pulling some stuff that had nothing to do with anything I wrote out in hopes it would be a slight towards me. Instead it just made things for your school more pathetic.


Springville, UT

The 'paranoia' of Duckhunter alternate names is hilarious.

Whit's loss of words is going to get worse as to compliments for his team. Utes are now on a tear of 2 conference losses and more are surely to come.

It's going to seem like a never ending string of moral victories in the 'weekly grind'.

Watch the Ute fans start slowly disappearing from the stories.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


News flash stop losing your bowl games and watch you bowl opponents drop in all rankings, including Sagarin.

BYU 6-5 in BCS era in bowl games and Utah is 10-1 over the same period.

Here are the AP ranked teams for both programs:

2003: Utah 17 Southern Miss 0 (AP #28 - final #42)
2004: Utah 35 Pitt 7 (#19 - #25)
2005: Utah 38 GTech 10 (#24 - unranked)
2008: Utah 31 Bama 17 (#4 - #6)
2010: Utah 3 Boise 26 (#10 - #9)
2011: Utah 30 GTech 27 (#30 - unranked)

1999: BYU 3 Marshall 21 (AP #11 - final AP #10)
2001: BYU 10 Louisville 28 (#23 - #17)
2005: BYU 28 Cal 35 (#31 - #25)
2009: BYU 44 OSU 20 (#16 - #27)
2011: BYU 24 Tulsa 21 (#34 - unranked)
2012: BYU 23 SDSU 3 (#30 - unranked)

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Here's something good ESPN has to say about Utah:

"Utah won’t make things easy in the South: The conference record might not show it, but Utah is a pretty good football team.

Despite going 3-0 in its nonconference schedule, the Utes have yet to really make an impact in conference play. But they’ve made it tough for others -- pushing Oregon State into overtime a couple of weeks ago and then putting a scare into UCLA on Thursday. Six Utah turnovers (all interceptions) didn't help its cause.

As for the Bruins, they survived a tough road game and did nothing to damage their national ranking. For a team that’s expected to be in the hunt for the Pac-12 South, you have to imagine they are happy to have Utah in their rearview mirror."

I am sure you would agree that there's one other team down south, considering they no longer can beat us, that is also happy to have Utah in their rear-view mirror.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

BYU fans swarming a Utah thread with no mention of head to head results, now that's curous? What a classy fan base.

Gilbert, AZ


Here's a great idea for improving Utah's SOS; start losing ALL of your games.

If BYU losing in their bowls was really the only thing that kept BYU's opponents in the polls, how do you explain BYU still being good enough to finish in the Top 25 even with a bowl loss.

Despite your whiny excuse making, the truth is, both BYU AND BYU's bowl opponents have been BETTER than Utah or Utah's bowl opponents.

That's why, win or lose their bowl, SEVENTEEN BYU bowl teams have finished in the AP Top 25, while only FIVE Utah bowl teams managed to finish in the AP Top 25, NONE after losing their bowl game.

If Utah's bowl winning teams were really any good, why weren't they good enough to be ranked?

* crickets *

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