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Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 5:35 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Here's a suggestion, give Mac his honorary degree and put him in the Hall of Fame already!

Kirkland, WA

What a shame that Deseret News would run an article with such bogus claims with no balance from actual physicians. The premise of his claims are just not reality if you know anything about physiology.

West Jordan, Utah

Man, I would love to see McMahon get his degree and due in Provo next year. The timing though long overdue would actually be all the more sweet relative to what McMahon has gone through and I know Cougar fans would give him an ovation to remember for as long as his mind holds up. Mac was a warrior stud of a QB. He is my favorite all time Cougar and competitor.

Sandy, UT

How absense makes the heart grow fonder. This is the same guy who said the best thing about BYU was seeing it in his rear view mirror. I am not a BYU fan, but he was a walking honor code violation who was allowed to get away with it. It seems a little unfair to enforce it against the guys playing today and holding up as an icon someone to whose conduct the school turned a blind eye. How about some consistency.


I'm a fan of McMahon but doesn't any else remember that he used to take pride in headbutting his teammates? He even did it once without a helmet and his injury caused bleeding on his forehead. Back then it was his choice to show how tough he was.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

Um it is a physician who is working with him. The condition of brain fluid not draining properly is absolutely founded. My sister had to recently get a surgery with a shunt inserted to help her brain fluid drain, after she got scar tissue from menangitis.

She got menangitis because of a undetected tear in her sinus that was the result of the driver's side airbag deploying in a small car accident.

You sound like one of those guys that wants this to not be true because you want people to not believe in chiropractic care. Fact is, moved vertebrae causes all sorts of problems, and it is a science.

Mission Viejo, CA

We all like stories of redemption, and we all root for the guy to get his act together and live happily every after. BYU fans root for Jimmy Mac today. Let him earn his degree, he can do it! He gave a lot to BYU now lets hope they give Jimmy Mac the support he needs to get that degree and into the BYU Hall of Fame! It will mean more to him that way! He's alway as guy who EARNED what he got. He doesn't need charity. He does need our support and prayers (yes, I said it, prayers).

Woods Cross, UT

Big Easy SLC:

Jim McMahon's character off field? Jimmy Mac has been there for many struggling team mates, including BYU alumni. He is a flawed, yet amazingly compassionate man.

I want so much for Jimmy Mac to earn his degree and enter BYU's Hall of Fame.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

I was at the Miracle Bowl in in 1980 in San Diego when I first started dating my now Former Wife. Her most memorable comment was: Are College football games normally this exciting?. Its sad that his sports injuries have ruined his post-career life. Having Jimmy Mac inducted into the BYU Sports Hall of Fame doesn't define him. Just like Linda Ronstadt who has Parkinson's laughing at getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. It's not a priority in their lives. If there were such things as getting wishes granted. I'd wish them both having their formal health restored.

Salt Lake City, UT

We enjoy the skill and violence of football, both collegiate and professional. The cheers and announcer accolades come for the most brutal tackles and blocks. Then we decry and have sympathy for the inevitable consequences such as Jimmy Mac. There lies the cognitive dissonance and points out that Jim McMahon is not the problem, but the result of the problem.

Harwich, MA

Ask the players that played with Jim and Steve Young which of them they liked.
You'd be surprised at the answer.

West Point , UT

" The premise of his claims are just not reality if you know anything about physiology".

Seriously? Pray tell, where did you take anatomy & physiology? The Univ of Utah? Are you suggesting vertebrae damage/dislocation has no influence on CSF flow and spinal/cranial compression? Especially C1 & C2 as the article states? Time to get your money back my friend.

Here's hoping the best for Mac. He was a rough, "punky" rebel, but looking back, we wouldn't take him any other way. Without that fierce competitor and rebel cause, we wouldn't have had the miracle bowl. BYU fans wish you the best Mac and look forward to you being in the BYU HoF where you belong.

South Jordan, UT

FYI- This intervention is performed by Dr. Scott Rosa, a Chiropractic Physician who specializes in Upper Cervical care. There is no twisting or cracking of the neck at all. Upper Cervical Doctors relieve people from any and all neurodegenerative diseases, even the most surprising cases. If you suffer head pain, or chronic pain of any sort, do what my brother did and seek out an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. only 5% of chiropractors do what they do.

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then on YOUTUBE, search for "upper cervical chiropractic testimonials" to see how many crazy diseases go away with this type of care.

Fall River, MA

Dear Mr. (MAC) McMahon,
Please know you will be in my thoughts and prayers in hope of relief and cures to the ailments you suffer to. On another note,thank-you for all you contributed in keeping so many of us entertained.
Shoot,I live in New England and of course I'm influenced as a Pat's fan but I remember the "spanking" you Chicago guys gave New England and I remember it quite well. I just wonder what would have happened had you never gotten hurt !!! Truth, I never thought much of Ditka but I always thought you and your offensive and defensive "explosion" was some of the best football I ever witnessed in my life. I hope our boy Brady never sees the type of injuries you guys got pounded with and I hope every last one of you get rightly compensated from the NFL. THANKS JIM and GET WELL!!! God Speed!!! Rick Medeiros

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