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Published: Friday, Oct. 4 2013 10:10 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Taysom Hill is emerging as a legitimate dual-threat QB, a scary thought for future opponents.

Idaho Falls, ID

Hill and this offense has potential. Imagine what this offense could do if they didn't waste the first 2 plays of every series.

When the running game wasn't working very well tonight, the passing game was working. It's just that Anae kept abandoning the passing game to run the same run play up the middle over and over again. Aside from 2 long runs by Williams and Hill, USU pretty much shut down the rushing game by loading the box.

Take what the defense gives you and PASS THE STINKING BALL!

Snowflake, AZ

31-14 not 31-10

Spanish Fork, UT

Good article. USU losing CK hurt their offense, but Hill played against the defense. Great job and pleasantly surprised. I've worried that it would take time for Hill to grow and then figure out Anae's offense so it's nice to see that happening. Looking forward the GTech game. Going for 3 in a row.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Could not happen to a nicer guy or better man. Go Taysom!

Salt Lake City, UT

I am so glad that teams have finally stacked the box, forced the pass and made Taysom beat them with his arm. Oops, that didn't work. Now what are they going to try? Anae is learning, the offensive line is constantly changing which is a challenge to coach, the running backs are using a turnstile to get out on the field or into the hospital. Hope Alisa can get another year. Hope Hine is back next week, good to see Brown getting playing time and Jamaal and Lasike stay healthy.

I love to see the growth, coaching and development of the team.

By the way, Utah State fans have been gracious and good sports. Thanks.

Don't know who this other people are. Wasn't their game Thursday?

Lehi, UT

It was a good performance - not stellar. We will see how he performs against Wisconsin and other teams coming up. Sorry but I think as long as Hill wants to run the ball, he will never be a stellar quarterback. Think Tebow!

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that Taysom came out and gave quite a quality performance. I have always been one of his supporters.

Lincoln City, OR

It was really nice to see Hill win with his arm tonight... No question it will help his confidence... I can't say however that he has completely turned the corner... There was still a handful of mid-range passes that he missed or threw behind the receiver (but of those there was probably 3 or 4 balls that should have been caught...

I just wish we could be playing utah this next week instead of GT... I think we would probably like the results alot better.

New to Utah

This was Hills best performace because it was in Logan with a sell out crowd and a very good defensive team. Hill's perseverance through rehab and then all the critics after the Utah disaster shows that Hill can produce impressive numbers. BYU came to play football in Logan and that was very refreshing.

Rexburg, ID

It seems that for the most part of Bronco's tenure, BYU has started off slow ( a lot of 1-2 startes), but then things start clicking by the fourth game of the season.

Finally, Hill had some time to throw and finally the receivers looked to be in sync. The O-line still needs improvement, but hey, there was significant improvement. In the fourth quarter Anae took his foot off the gas maybe to work the clock and who knows, maybe out of respect for USU.

On to Georgia Tech.

Mission Viejo, CA

It was frustrating to see Anae calling running plays into the teeth of that defense. But what if he had not? They would have pummelled Hill down after down. Send the house and ignore the run.

I think Anae knows his job better than we do.

As for Hill's passing, it was excellent last year before he got hurt. I have been saying all along that Hill will mature.

He'll be a great quarterback. If he can stay healthy. Did you notice that he minimized the hit by sliding, running out of bounds and one time dropping to his knees to avoid the hit.

Smart boy. He'll be the next great BYU QB.

Bummer about Chuckie, though. I'm sorry for you Aggie fans.

River Falls, WI

I still think that Hill's success and failure is largely contingent on the play calling. It was embarrassing how many times BYU still tried to run up the middle on a defense that was shutting them down. Thank heavens the coaching staff made adjustments this game and started calling throws. Once the passing game is clicking then that diamond formation becomes pretty effective.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Not silenced. He has a lot of work to do. He is hitting wide open recievers on blown coverage. He is getting better though. It will be good to see him hit receivers in stride and with timing and touch. My observation is that he looks to run first and is running around before finding a target to hit. That could be due to pressure...but it is also because he's not a true passing qb.

Springville, UT

Cautiously optimistic. This all depends on a capable O-line allowing Hill the time to make decisions. Loved the fact that Ridley was a great target.

Last night's success was dependent upon an average defense. It's too bad that Keeton was injured and that Hill faced a team distracted by that event.

A great improvement. Hope it continues.

Las Vegas, NV

Georgia Tech is a triple option team that's a lot like Air Force but quicker. We played this team last year at Georgia Tech and beat them pretty easily. We should win this game because our defense is not the kind of team to execute this type of offense against. Georgia Tech is 3-1 but 2 of those wins were against Elon and Duke not exactly stellar football teams. The North Carolina win was not bad, but BYU defense is much better than North Carolina. I'm hoping that the kind of game Taysom Hill had against Utah State is no fluke once-in-a-while thing. People compare him to Tebow, but he actually reminds me of Eric Crouch who played for Nebraska from 1997-2001. Crouch won the Heisman is 2001 and was a great passer and runner in college. Crouch was a speedy runner like Taysom, not stocky and a power runner like Tebow. Crouch was on a terror in 2001 because he was quick and could pass the ball. Defenses had a hard time dealing with him because they couldnt box the defense or Crouch would kill them with his arm. Hill can be that.

Orem, UT

I saw improvement. If he continues to improve, with hard work and experience, he will be a very good QB. I did not expect him to be Ty or Steve or Jim from one game to the other...I hoped for definite improvement...and he showed it. Nice game, Taysom and Co.

I hope for the best for Chuckie and for the Aggies. I hated seeing him go down...the game lost luster for me.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Excellent as always!

West Jordan, UT

Hill's performance was solid, but I would not say "stellar". He still has a tendency to overthrow or underthrow his receivers, and poor Ross Apo is still having the ball thrown at his feet every time his number is called. And then there was Hill's fumble on their own 15 that gave USU its only touchdown of the game until garbage time when the game was safely put away and BYU had pulled all their starters on defense. Point is, Hill has made definite progress the last two games, but he still has a lot to work on. I am hopeful he will get there, if not this season, then next.

Orem, UT

After getting off to a slow start, which can partially be blamed on wet, soggy conditions and getting his timing back after rehabbing from knee surgery, Taysom Hill's passing efficiency has improved from 123rd, dead last, to 112th, in the last two weeks.

By comparison, at 97.4, Taysom is only 10 spots behind Jake Heaps, 102nd at 105.1. Still a long ways behind Travis Wilson who has fallen out of the top 10, 44th at 146.2.

For the week:

Taysom - 17/31, 278 yds, 3 TD, 1 int, 155.7 eff. rating, Raw QBR, 50.6, Adj QBR 68.7
Travis - 22/44, 288 yds, 2 TD, 6 int, 92.7 eff. rating, Raw QBR, 15.3, Adj QBR 52.8

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