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Published: Friday, Oct. 4 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Merritt Island, Fl

The continued obstruction by House Speaker Boehner to bring the CRA to the floor for a vote is simply failed leadership. During the normal Legislative session the House voted no less than 50 times to abolish ACA, every one failed even with a Republican majority.
A Continuing Resolution is simply a tool to continue funding the Govt. at the previous year levels. It is not a new annual budget, something the Congress has not done in years. Like it or not, the ACA is the law, confirmed by the Supreme Court and this tactic is shameful. Work out the differences as the FY14 budget is developed and approved.
I am a Moderate Republican and see nothing of value to be gained in this childish effort. Backers $$ of Sen Cruz are now attacking other Republicans who do not agree in ads. A blog I read on another site listed a score or more of past Republican legislation not popular with the Dems that is now open to repeal when the Dems take the House and strengthen their position in the Senate.
Be careful what you ask for, you may not like it.

Wilf 55

Outside the U.S. people cannot understand this insanity. A law has been approved through a democratic process, upheld by the Supreme court, confirmed by the reelection of Obama, and then a minority can get its party to try to block the implementation of the law through unfunding and is willing to shutdown the government over it? Dictators are laughing: that is American democracy?

Mind to Mind
St.Peters, MO

A poll of 410 people is hardly worth mention!

And is certainly NOT VALID as a baseline for anything meaningful!

Rewrite this..."news article"....when the number of people polled reaches 10,000.

Then there might be some value to the "reporting" on this subject!

Clearfield, UT

Truth: Dan Jones is a widely respected and highly ethical pollster. Talk to the citizens in Southern Utah whose living depends on tourism to our national parks and ask them who they feel about the mess congress has created. The real train wreck is the tea party. I predict Lee will go down in flames next election. The irony of all this is the ACA was proposed by conservative republicans and implemented by Romney in MA. The ACA was the topic of discussion at work. While everyone opposed it all present liked parts of it. The republicans are fighting battles they cannot win. Republicans unwillingness to face reality is hurting our economy.

Sandy, UT

Americans are getting what we deserve. We say we want things (a balanced budget, no Obamacare, less government regulation) but we fail to support those politicians actually brave enough to fight for those things. All it takes is a couple of negative stories from liberal journalists and the people are willing to throw people like Mike Lee under the bus. We are $17, 000, 000, 000, 000 in debt! 40 cents of every dollar the government spends is borrowed. But hey, we can get an Obama phone, green energy companies can hundreds of millions in government loans before they collapse and we can all be forced to buy insurance with "benefits" I don't want at inflated prices from companies that donated millions to Obama.

Yes, I guess Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are radicals. By todays standards, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Frankin are extremists. I am thankful that we have a few radicals who are willing to risk their political futures to try and protect our liberty and prevent a complete fiscal meltdown. Can we send Orrin Hatch to Texas for Ted Cruz and a future draft pick?

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Anyone who believes it is even feasible to "eliminate" the Affordable Care Act through this shutdown has been snookered by the Republican Party. I'm not being facetious, it literally is not possible. What the Republicans are doing is known as grandstanding; it is not problem-solving.

So, if they'll lie to you about the premise for shutting down our government, what else are they willing to lie to you about?


It is heartening to see that, even in a Dan Jones poll, that two thirds of the people of this state do NOT disapprove of Mike Lee; a majority that would be coveted by most congressmen. Even a small majority do NOT disapprove of the Tea Party; alleluia! The negative spin of the article is noted.

Utahns have not all, and not always, been courageous defenders of freedom and the Constitution but I believe the present crisis is seen as a last stand for freedom; maybe it is!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

It is worth far more than shutting down the government.
Here is what is at stake: Obama Care gives the executive branch far more than life and death control over every American, it gives them full access to 100% of your private information.
All your financial records.
All your medical records.
NSA already maintains a massive database on all of your electronic communications. They know who you are communicating with and what your are saying.

How does Obama and his supporters use private information?

Obama won the Democrat Primary for State Senate in Illinois because David Axlerod got his old employer, the Chicago Tribune, to to unseal the divorce records of his opponent. The incumbent dropped out of the race.

How did Obama win a seat in the US Senate? The LA Times got a California judge to unseal the divorce records of his opponent, Jack Ryan and published such salacious material that Jack could not recover.

This private information will be used for opposition research. Anyone who does or says anything this crowd does not like will be destroyed. Obama is using the IRS to target the TEA Party.

He will use it against you.

Durham, NC

I love it... unless a poll says "everybody thinks like I do", well the poll must be suspect.

Have you ever considered that you hang out with people of a like mind - and that those who dont' agree with your view point, just don't express that to you directly?

Nope... must be bad polling data.... because your way of thinking is the only valid way of think. Hence the need for only one political party in Utah... no debate. No discussion. No different life experiences. Everyone is the same....

Good grief...


Republicans aren't shutting down the government. They want things fixed first. They believe if Obama, congress and big corporations get exemptions then why should the people have to have it.Dems want to only inflict pain by shutting down the vet memorial and the parking lot at Mount Vernon even though it's privately owned. It takes more effort and money to put up barriers. They are playing politics and it's cruel. Hurting the people so they will blame it on Republicans. Reid doesn't even care about a little girl getting funding for cancer treatment as long as he can win this fight.. And no I'm not Republican. I'm proud of Lee. Whoever voted for Hatch or Matheson should be ashamed. Neither has a backbone and are both only there for power. Whey else would Hatch stay so long? He rarely has stood up for the people. Lee has got so much hate from both Dems and Rep but continues to fight to help us get better health care.Hatch ran on doing all he could to fight Obamacare but again that was just to get reelected.

Humbly Yours
Camas, WA

Anyone else feel politically hopeless after reading this article? If UTAH'S majority does not see how Obamacare is a violation of practically EVERY principle and virtue that our pilgrim and patriot ancestors sacrificed everything for, then what will!? And if UTAH doesn't see fighting for principle in this moment - despite the cost - than how will we EVER standfight for something again?

Didn't I read 'somewhere' that when the "voice of the people" i.e.majority "doth choose iniquity" (Obamacare?) then pretty much 'God help us?'

God help us.

Pragmatism and comprimise can never be built upon the foundational principle of 'standing for right - even when no one else will. was sacrificed everything for very state that claimed to embrace principles of s to embr


The ACA, ie. Obamacare, is the law. It was approved by the House and the Senate, both of whom were voted in by their states and districts. It was signed by the president and vetted by the Supreme Court. It survived about 49 attempts to repeal it. To say it was 'shoved down the throat' of the American people is certainly not true.

The Republicans will now hurt anyone they must to score political points with this stunt. They can't stop the ACA. It's already funded and implemented.

Pleasant Grove, UT

When we chose Mike Lee over Bailout Bob, it was because we knew he would stand for principle, whether or not it was always popular. I'm grateful that he is willing to take a stand. Obamacare is a bigger disaster than any temporary shutdown of non-essential government services.

(I'm always suspicious of news stories which report the results of a poll without reporting also the wording of the questions. This is the Internet age. Surely the poll's internals could be posted, and a link provided from the story. I wonder if the comment moderator would pass this suggestion along to the editor.)

Salt Lake City, UT

No methodology, no credibility. National polling has consistently shown that a majority of Americans (Dems & GOP) don't want Obamacare, never did - everyone knows the outcome of socialized medicine - poor healthcare for all, rationing and fewer doc and medical options. It's a bad law, should never have passed but it did through D.C. procedural trickery and coercion, which was very unfortunate. I applaud Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz (and many others in Senate and Congress) for finally standing up for the majority of Americans and our future freedom when polls and media won't.

Springville, UT

"vile saboteurs"

Yeah right. When libs begin using terms such as the above to define those that are executing their constitutional right in the House and Senate we begin to understand what is really happening.

Springville, UT


"@ Autumn: Do you think Christ would be against providing Health Care to all Americans?"

Do you think Christ supports abortion?

Humbly Yours
Camas, WA

Anyone else feel politically hopeless after reading this article? If UTAH'S majority does not see how Obamacare is a violation of practically EVERY principle and virtue that our pilgrim and patriot ancestors sacrificed everything for, then what will!? And if UTAH doesn't see fighting for principle in this moment - despite the cost - than how will we EVER fight for for principle again?

Didn't I read 'somewhere' that when the "voice of the people" i.e.majority "doth choose iniquity" (Obamacare?) then pretty much 'God help us?'

God help us.

DN Subscriber 2

This poll shows two things:

1- Low information voters (and poll respondents) are easily misled bu carefully crafted poll questions.

2- The media is overwhelmingly in the Obama camp and their propaganda message in favor of Obamacare, and blaming the Republicans is getting through.

Anyone who understands the dire financial condition our country is in, and the ramifications for future spending as well as our individual health care cost, quality and availability recognizes that Obamacare must be stopped, or at least delayed until it can be repealed.

The fight over Obamacare is mild compared to the real battle over raising the debt limit and you can be sure that once again Republicans will be portrayed as mean, evil, greedy, uncaring jerks for wanting to cut ANYTHING, despite the obvious fact that we are long past the point of being unsustainable for ALL of our entitlement programs.

"The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."


To sum it up:

A majority of DN commenters and their associates support shutting down the govt to delay or defund Obamacare.

Perhaps Democrats should do the same in order to get expanded gun background checks?
Afterall, a majority of Americans support expanded background checks.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

Mike Lee panders by saying Utahns have an "extra gene of patriotism"

What about religious edicts saying we are subject to "kings, presidents, magistrates, and rulers"???

I think the extra gene theory is ludicrous and absolutely patently false! And many, many Utahns could use some straightening out with regards to what their religion teaches.

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