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Published: Friday, Oct. 4 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Autumn Cook
Lehi, UT

Can you provide a link to the poll sample, methodology and question wording? Most of the Utahns I've talked to DO believe stopping Obamacare is worth shutting the government down over, and we're thrilled to have a fighter in the Senate in the form of Sen. Lee.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Autumn cook.... This is just another dan jones poll.....jones is a democrat and his wife is active in liberal politics as well! Imyawn whenever I see one of these polls.....they never ask what they claim you answered,

Riverton, UT

As one who works for the government, specifically a full-time National Guardsman, I believe it is worth the fight to shutdown the government to get rid of Obamacare. If we don't fight it now, we will pay for it, big time, latter. Even the poor will pay in the end...

St. George, UT

Well Autumn, maybe you should get out of your echo chamber then. If this shutdown continues, the harm to individual lives, the economy, our national security, and national reputation will secure Lee's place in History among our nations most vile saboteurs. The fascinating and very sad thing is that you can't even see that you have already lost.


I know that I was never asked and I am glad that we are fighting right now for our rights. Thank you Mike Lee and others who are in there finally showing that we will not be quite when we feel that something is as wrong as it is with Obamacare. It is all wrong and it is going to cost this Nation dearly if we do not do something about it now.

Tucson, AZ

I agree with @Autumn Cook, let's have the poll to see.

I can't believe that if Utahns are supposedly that "pragmatic," they wouldn't want to fight to end Obamacare. I also find it to be inconsistent the statement that "Utahns want the government to run efficiently," yet they would not want to fight to end Obamacare, something that will prove to be one of the worst efficiency nightmares that our government has tried to shove down our throats.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

I also disagree with the results of the poll, as just about everybody I talk to realize that it is time to take a stand. The pollsters must have worded the questions in order to get a result.

Salt Lake City, UT

Eh, everyone knows Utah is just a liberal bastion. Oh right...

New to Utah

This was a very slanted article which clearly articulates the Obama talking points of destroying the tea party. It shows that even in Utah journalists push liberal causes. My friends,associates and people I talk to view Obamacare as the most partisan bill perhaps ever written , horrible legislation. The poll doen't factor in the media's total bias of blaming Republicans for the shutdown which was in fact Harry Reids decision to not conference and solve the impasse. Obama and democrats wanted the shutdown for political advantage, republicans wanted to keep the government running but wanted some compromise to help our economy and create jobs. The tactic of blasting Lee and praising Matheson is right out of Obama's playbook. Matheson voted with republicans on reopening the government. Democrats are arrogant,my way or the highway party, republicans are willing to compromise and conference.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I agree with the poll. Obamacare isn't a reason to shut down the government. The fact that the govenment is in this fantasy that we can borrow and borrown so that we can stimulate and stimulate the economy so that we can make it boom and generate extra tax revenue in the future that we will use to pay off the debt, at some point in the future. (Jimmy Carter talked about that in 1976). It isn't realistic and the shutdown may be the means to shock everyone into realizing that the status quo is unsustainable. We might get a paradigm shift.

If we don't do it now, in a few years our lenders will get wise then they will pull the plug. The sooner the better.

Obama's position is that he won't negotiate and the Republicans fallback position is #1 of debt increase for every $1 dollar. That's reasonable. The Obamacare stuff is diluting their message however,

Freeland, WA

I'm glad to hear that there are some sane people in Utah and that they recognize the insane behavior of the Tea Party, mainly John Boehner.


It bothers me that news media can't even report this event correctly. Congress voted for a budget that funded everything except the ACA. That was NOT de-funded but only delayed for a year (just as our President did with the employer mandate).
The Republicans are not the ones shutting down the government. They funded everything the Dems. wanted except that one item. The Dems then shut it down by refusing to vote "Yay" or even come to the table to negotiate. If you want to cast blame blame the Dems for the shutdown.


Hmmm... Let's try to guess what demographic of people were asked the poll questions. Not too tough to figure this out. Downtown Salt Lake City or maybe Park City perhaps? Doubtful there were many conservatives polled in this one. And the poll question? "The evil Republicans want to kill babies and old people with this shutdown. Do you fell it should continue?" We are not falling for these polls anymore.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

America's future looks very dark when a controlling interest in the government is out to take away the people's healthcare, food stamps, nutrition, clean air and water, and now livelihoods -- all to preserve the inequalities of society's status quo.

Leesburg, VA

If this article is based on true facts.Then, there is hope for Utah.
If Utahns are really pragmatics as the article indicates, hopefully they will analyze their political,social, economical decisions before talking and voting.

What I usually perceive from this paper is a bias against the Democratic Party. I think may LDS members feel that the Republican party is the Church's party ( I know, I know, the church indicates that the brethren don't take sides).

Most of the country do blames the Republican party, not because of their ideology but for being spineless and allowed themselves to be taken hostage by the extremist of the Tea Party.

@ Autumn: Do you think Christ would be against providing Health Care to all Americans?

Paul Scholes
Provo, UT

Could it be Autumn that you and I tend to spend time around those who share our views? The Jones organization is a polling organization with a stellar reputation for conducting scientifically valid polls.

To another issue - I take exception to Evans' statements that Utahns simply don't understand that Democrats turned down bills to fund the government or we would have responded differently to the polls. It is just that kind of dishonest patronizing ("If only you knew what we know, you would understand that we are right and you are unintentionally wrong" attitude that bothers me. I read multiple papers daily including those on the left and right as well as one or more international newspapers. To suggest that I am somehow uninformed if I don't agree with your position is the height of arrogance. I firmly disagree with Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz on their handling of this issue. I am informed. And, I vote.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

I'll believe that next election cycle, and I won't be holding my breath. The first comment on this page is more believable about the Utah mind-set.

Thrilled with Mike Lee...really? really? So sad it's funny!

Provo, ut

They didn't call me. The poll question should have read, "Do you shut the government down for a few days to get rid of Obamacare or do you let Obamacare shut down the economy and the government as we know it permanently?"


"Utahns expect effectiveness and efficiency and results out of their government, not ideological tantrums."

I guess this means that Utahans are very happy with their government then? Efficiency? Yep, no waste, fraud and abuse there!

I think what the poll says is that many Utahans are not willing to fight for freedom and liberty. They are very pragmatic about the government being trillions of dollars in debt and borrowing 40% of all we spend and paying huge interest on that borrowing? About jobs disappearing?

Being pragmatic though, if one does not recognize that freedom and liberty are disappearing, then it makes little difference now. Later though, their tune will change!

Fully fund Obamacare - make everyone participate - do away with all exemption, exceptions and exclusions, including the President, Michele, unions, churches and congress. Make it effective immediately with no delays - start it today. No waiting until after the 2014 elections.

See if the people still believe it will bring costs down and improve healthcare. Then see if the Democrats and the RINOs will be willing to continue funding it or perhaps they will want to repeal it? Maybe then they will want some "Change"?

Tax credits means we pay for it.

Layton, UT

This fight is more about over reach of government and out of control spending. What the republicans are trying to do is turn essential government programs back on without funding things that we don't need. It is an awesome way to show the US public how to cut the budget! Go Senator Lee and Thank you.

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