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Published: Friday, Oct. 4 2013 9:30 p.m. MDT

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west jordan , UT

Always happy to see my BYU win.

Hope that Keeton is not out for the season, he is great QB. As much as I am glad BYU won I would have liked to have seen Keeton in for the whole games. I hope that Utah State goes on to have a great winning season in the MW.

Utah > usu > byu
Salt Lake, UT

I still think Utah state is the second best team. If they had Chuckie the game would have been COMPLETELY different.

Aggies, Ute nation supports you. And I believe aggie nation supports Utah.

North Logan, UT

Sad day in Aggieland. The offense has a lot of work to do this week.

Springville, UT

I hope Keaton was not injured too seriously, wishing him a quick recovery.

I have no doubt that BYU would have won this game had he not been injured.

It was good to finally see some TD passes and having Jamaal back. Good game, Go Cougars!

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

Marked it down Chris B. Again, this game wasn't what you predicted, and not what I expected. Although I though that the game would be closer.

IRS Agent

Mark it down.

Sandy, UT

I'll continue to cheer for Utah, anyone who plays byu, and Utah State. Good luck to Utah State the rest of the year. I think you can compete in the MWC ever without Keeton

Get better Chuckie - see ya next year! You're a tremendous talent and this Ute loves watching you play. Wish you had put byu in their place tonight. Next year.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Utah > usu > byu:
"I still think Utah state is the second best team. If they had Chuckie the game would have been COMPLETELY different."

Awesome spin there. BYU can never win in your mind. lol

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Too bad Chuckie Keeton was knocked out early in the game - I hope he will recover soon. Will never know how the game would have turned out if he had stayed in.

A "W" is a "W", and BYU will take it.

The Cougars still put up 31 and probably could have put up at least 38 - clearly BYU ran out the clock for the last 10 minutes. I doubt Utah State would have put up 38 or more - even with Keeton in the game. No matter - this was a good win for BYU in Logan.

Provo, UT

As always, utah fans are the ones to comment first! Mark it down!

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Well, that was easy. Good game cougs.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

Here's a BYU fan who certainly hopes that Chuckie can recover quickly, but it looks like he'll be out for a while. Oh, and thank you Aggies for having the guts to play us every year. It was a tough battle, and I'm sure that next year's Premier Utah Rivalry Game will be another good one.

West Jordan, UT

"I still think Utah state is the second best team. If they had Chuckie the game would have been COMPLETELY different."

Chuckie is a tremendous player and his injury is terrible shame. I hope he makes a quick recovery.

Having said that, BYU still wins this game even with Keeton in the game. They had the lead when Keeton went down, and they took their foot off the gas the entire 4th quarter, and gave up a cosmetic TD.

West Point , UT

C'mon ute fans. BYU was shutting USU down with Keeton in the game. And last I checked Keeton doesn't play defense. BYU put up 31 midway through the 3rd qtr and went vanilla on offense from that point on.

I'm happy to see the progress Hill is making. There's still issues in the O-line but they are also getting better. BYU also manhandled USU at home, while Utah had to pull onside kicks out of their hats to get back in a game AT HOME where they were getting beat 23-14. Looking forward to more progress against GT.

I also concur with what someone else said. I'm happy USU has the guts to keep this rivalry going despite stepping up in conference and having tough OOC games. Much respect for the Aggies. And no, I know plenty of Aggie fans that cheer for BYU and despise Utah. BYU wishes you well Aggies, and the Cougars don't just offer lip service...we actually still want to play and compete with you unlike other programs who think more of themselves than they actually are.

Salt Lake City, UT

Too bad to see Chuckie go down. Nothing but positive for the guy.
Good win for BYU. Taysom played well I felt. The fumble was bad, but the pick was........weird?

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

Hope Chuckie makes a quick and full recovery, but it didn't look good. I was a Cougar who thought BYU was going to lose tonight, but played well to win. With or without Chuckie I think BYU still wins the game. Good win and good luck against GT.

Southern, UT

You know, it's tough to always be right. I knew this game was gonna stink for the aggies.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Hilarious how BYU can live rent free in ute fans' heads.

Sorry to see Chuckie go down. Hope it is a quick recovery.

That being said there was no way USU offense was going to put up 31 points on BYU's D.

Great win and good to see Hill to Matthews 3x in one game!

Nice win in that High School stadium, only a little bigger.

Hilarious post game comment.

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

Good to see BYU win, but really, really unfortunate for Chuckie. Hope it's something he can come back from later this season. Go BYU and go Aggies from here on out.

Mission Viejo, CA

I too was bummed to see Chuckie go down. Like Hill last year, this looks like a season ender. I was impressed with the Aggie defense - they played great. But 9 in the box left too many bombs open and boom. I hope Keaton will be back next year. It would have been an exciting game had Chuckie been in the whole time.

Good luck Aggies. You are a classy bunch.

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