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Published: Thursday, Oct. 3 2013 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

without Karl the Jazz wouldn't have even made the playoffs. Malone is a hall of fame player and #2 in scoring next to Kareem. The Mail Man WAS the Utah Jazz during their best years.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

And what good does it do to bring up the past?? You can do nothing about it. And Thomas is the biggest failure at being a GM. He needs to go stir the pot somewhere else..

Tooele, UT

Isiah Thomas may be right, but why bring it up in 2013?

Is Thomas looking to get back into sports broadcasting? Looking at his tract record as a GM, pro coach and college coach, broadcasting is probably the only thing Isiah would be any good at.

Salt Lake, UT

Was a big Malone fan. Still a big Malone fan.

Burley, ID

No wonder the Grapes are Sour ... Isaiah delivered them 20 years too late.

Wasatch Rebel
Kearns, Utah

Karl carried that team on his big, strong back. He was NOT a bad free-throw shooter. All-time? He may not have won a championship, but he was the best player on a great team, one that would've likely have won two championships had they not been facing the greatest player ever, Michael Jordan. Hey, that's it. Thomas not only resents Malone for the elbow, but also because Malone didn't beat Isiah's enemy, Jordan.

Springville, UT

I'm glad this came up. Reminds me of some of my favorite sports memories ever. I absolutely LOVED those years. And yes, I still think the refs cashed in for his airness Jordan. Maybe honest officiating and it would have brought about a Jazz title or two.

Awesome years. And of course, without Malone's toughness they wouldn't have made the Conference Finals let alone the NBA Finals.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

I always had an issue with Malone in the playoffs... his stats always seemed to decline in the playoffs while other teams big names seemed to increase.

That being said, I was at the "elbow" game and I never shed a tear for Isiah... what a weasel!

Springville, UT

I'm not really a Malone defender, but Thomas made some ludicrous statement.

Cache county, USA

All I can say is, who is isiah thomas?
His choices since retiring have been lets say questionable.

Leo Femedlers
El Paso, TX

Isiah 6:4 And the Mailman came down upon me with his 'bow and whacked my brow.

Malone 40:4 Be still and know that I am the Mailman.

Isiah 10:5 The grapes that I shall deliver unto thee shall be bitter and not sweet.

Malone 33:3 I will crush thy grapes and grind them to powder leaving neither root nor branch nor anything like unto grapes.

Springville, UT

@ Leo: Pretty funny stuff!

Ogden, UT

The NBA cry babies turning on each other

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

If things happened a in a vacuum then maybe Thomas would have some measure of credibility but he has none.

In a vacuum and without context sure Malone missed the freethrow and no doubt it was big. Do they get to the playoffs without Malone literally carrying 2-3 players on his back as he rolls into the hoop to lay it in night after night? Do the Jazz get to a Finals playoff series with the Bulls without him leading the NBA in FT attempts?

Just like a field goal in football to win/tie the game with few seconds remaining. Why is your team in that situation? Because the team wasn't good enough to be further ahead so while it appears to be on one guy it really isn't. Its about the team result that got you to that point.

Thomas on the other has been a failure at almost everything he has done, basketball related, since he left the Pistons a long time ago.

As the saying goes Thomas "You are the weakest link, Goodbye"!

Allen, TX

Zeke is weak.

Malone's a stone.

Leo, good stuff.

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

Who exactly is Crysiah Thomas? Is he the teeny tiny little point guard who ran into the Mail Man's elbow and required a couple of stitches?


As a Blazer fan, I remember what it was like in the finals. It was like we were not wanted there as a small market team. Utah got the same treatment.

Yes I agree this is old school talk. Isaiah "Red Lobster" Thomas was only a leader for the Pistons. His other NBA experiments were flops.

We see a little of Shaq or Barkley on TV calling out Dwight Howard etc. 99% of the NBA players today couldn't handle old school criticism. They rely on Twitter rather than getting in someone's face. Jordan, Bird, Magic, Malone, Rodman..... In the face of Burger King James, Wade, C. Anthony.....No way.
Kevin Garnett, Kobe and Duncan are the only ones I can think of that could handle it. They are veterans from another era.


Hate to mention it... but the REFS were the wink link. They took 3 away from the Jazz and gave two to the Bulls in the last playoff game due to horribly wrong shot clock calls. Hard to overcome the refs stealing five points from the Jazz. So... the Jazz really did win that game, no matter the official score. Oh, well... at least we had a Malone to cheer for instead of a Thomas to jeer at.

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

Jazz Source is right on. Calling Malone the weak link due to a missed freethrow or two is ridiculous and completely out of context.

That's like calling out KD for not winning a championship in OKC or LBJ in Cleveland.

In the realm of the NBA Finals, every possession, every shot, every freethrow matters. Kobe, MJ, Magic, Bird have all missed shots or had other mistakes that may have impacted the outcome of a particular game. When the Jazz and Bulls played in the Finals, they were pretty evenly matched teams. The Bulls got a few breaks that determined the outcome, the Jazz didn't.

BTW, Isaiah has always been better at running his mouth than anything else he's accomplished.


Shaq missed a couple free throws in his carreer too... Wonder what Thomas has to say about that. And I would love to see Thomas take on Malone in any type of venue. Even a freee throw contest would be fun. Now I remember why I hated the Pistons so much.

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