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Published: Thursday, Oct. 3 2013 11:45 p.m. MDT

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play by the rules

May Kyle's next victory come against the University of Colorado. He has spent so much time scheming to beat BYU that he can't coach his way out of a paper bag these days!

Lindon, UT

Utes lose to a PAC12 opponent again.....where are you Chris...I thought that you Marked it Down. 6 picks against the third best team in the South 4-8 and no bowl game...Mark it down Christy

Salt Lake, UT

Couldn't be more proud of our team, coaches, and conference.

Taking an undefeated 12 ranked team to the wire in a huge home conference game is something other Utah teams can only dream about.

And just remember to those who mock utah's record in the PAC 12:

However "bad" we are, you're worse! We beat you!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Way to represent Utes! Six interceptions? Had no idea you were that charitable.

Mcallen, TX

In the passed month, both BYU, and Utah played ranked teams.

The state showed well with a 1 & 1 record.

Let's hope the utes haven't run out of gas.

Salt Lake, UT

Isn't it funny that fans whose teams can't beat us have to jump on the bandwagon of teams who do?

We own the state of Utah.

Tonight we showed we can play with anyone in the country.

Proud member of the second best conference in the country!

Go utes!

Hyrum, UT

Utah played an entertaining game and is a decent team. But after marking down another one of Chris B's erroneous predictions, I'm about to send him a bill for all the wasted paper he's cost me this year.

But hang in there, boys. Utah still might beat an out-of-state team before the end of the season.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

Utes home for the holidays, congrats

Harrisville, UT

Utah will still go to the rose bowl

Tooele, UT

I am a BYU Cougar fan, but let me just say, hats off to the Utah defense. You guys played your guts out and on so many plays, you prevented UCLA from scoring or even getting a field goal.

In this game, the Bruins 3rd conversion rate was horrible and that is due in large part to that amazing Ute defense.

But now, Utah's offense is faced with the same problem as BYU's offense. TURNOVERS!

Take away a couple of turnovers in this game and in the Oregon State game and the Utes are easily 5-0 right now.

There aren't very many times when I feel bad after a Utah loss, but tonight was one of those times.

Phoenix, AZ

Uh oh, what is it going to be from ChrisB...silence or excuses? Winner of this will win the south. No respect for the Devils equal no respect in return. Spin it how you want "close game to a ranked team" in the end, it's another mark in the loss column and another loss to a winning PAC 12 school. Utah does not deserve to be in the PAC 12.

Provo, UT

I'm excited to hear what my friend ChrisB have to say. Good game by the Utes they came close.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

Utah ought to looking into the BIG SkY

Where is Hadley?
Salt Lake, UT

As tough as the conference is, would usu and byu beat anyone in the PAC 12 if we invited them(we won't)? If Virginia is too much, Colorado likely would be too.

Byu and the WAC 2.0(Mwc) are a combined 0-11 against the PAC 12. I guess that answers my question!

Saratoga Springs, UT

Utah played very well tonight. Their defense was top notch. My hats off to the Utah defense.

Some thoughts:

1) This game could have been a hour shorter than it was if it wasn't for all the dang commercials with TV timeouts. Disappointed with FOX Sports 1 on this game.
2) The refs were terrible, on both sides. Reminder: This was the same crew that blew the call at the ASU Wisconsin game and another game a week later.
3) Utah's defense is for real
4) INT's were not Wilson's fault, can't blame a QB for tipped INT's. I will say this. Someone on another article said how does a 6'7"QB get tipped. Answer: When your delivery is side arm and not over the top. That is how Wilson throws (side arm)
5) UCLA was clutch on 3rd down conversions
6) Hundley should have pulled the ball out and ran it more. The middle was stacked and so was running left.
7) UCLA had a lot of key passes dropped with a lot of room around to run.

My hats off to the Utes, they played solid, especially D!

But Happy for my Bruins!

Bartholemew T. Benedict the III
Salt Lake, UT

The refs made a lot of bad calls in the game. Is it too much to ask that it be called the same for both teams?

Saratoga Springs, UT

Only one Ute fan I want to call out, it is only because of his "Mark it down" comments. Your post for the past two weeks is below ChrisB

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT
Win tonight = Win Pac 12 South

I'm calling it now:

Utah 27

Utah 1 turnover
UCLA 3 turnovers

Mark it Down

I am sure you will be back next week doing the same thing because you never learn. Again, my hats off to the Utah Utes, I am a believer, you convinced me tonight. But still glad my Bruins hung on to win. Go Bruins!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Travis Wilson mania on hold as the Utes are well on their way to their usual 0-4 start in the PAC 12.

samuel h wiscomb
Sun Lakes, AZ

You CANNOT expect to win when you throw 6 interceptions

West Point , UT

Good game Utes. I know none of us believe in moral victories, but I think Utah made a statement tonight. Winning in SLC is going to be very tough for anyone. Utah is a good football team, and they showed it tonight. Keep your heads up...the Cardinal is up next.

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