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Published: Friday, Oct. 4 2013 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Admiring Gentile
Salt Lake City, UT

Really great story.

So I hate to wield the "red pen," but I was an English major and I can never stop myself.

When Jason awoke, he started *complimenting* his wife, not "complementing" her. The former word means to give praise, and the latter word means something that completes something or makes it better.

Yes, obviously Jason and Candace do complement each other--but what he said to her was a compliment, not a complement (which is wordless).

Layton, UT

I think a lot of husbands, after six years of marriage don't see their wives with such unabashed attraction. I think that's why people gravitate to it--it reminds us of those heady days when all we wanted was to spend a few more moments with that special someone. I think this is a sweet reminder that with a little brain trauma (in this case, chemically induced) we might all be like young lovers again. :D

Charlotte, NC

I saw it and I thought it was very cute, I really did. But my goodness, husband of the year! This has gone far beyond what it deserves. I would think what you do and say when you are completely sober would matter far more.

Mission Viejo, CA

Hey Stafford Va

I'm from a small town in Oregon too. Hebo - ever heard of it. Where u from?


The sweet thing about how attracted he is to his wife is that he hasn't gotten bored or tired of her. He has spent the last 6 years loving her face and it goes deep, beyond his conscious thought. That is why the video went viral and people call him husband of the year.

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