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Published: Thursday, Oct. 3 2013 4:15 p.m. MDT

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If talking smack were smoking crack, we'd all be arrested and compelled to surrender our temple recommends; eventually the game has to be played and things must be settled on the field. However, for all the folks who think that Pac-12 membership must inexorably translate to perpetual athletic superiority over a lowly independent/member of the WCC, how is it that BYU's basketball program is on the rise, whereas the U is still stuck in the muck of its recent mediocrity, Pac-12 or no? The answer is, of course, that BYU's basketball team is, and will be, no more "perpetually" superior to the U than the latter's football team will be to BYU.

Southern, UT

Clearly no one reads. I said I doubt the aggies were favored in that game. As in, I knew they were going to lose and so did everyone else.

@Go Big Blue

Fact: You lost to UofU even though you said you'd win.
Fact: You lost to USC. And I believe you said you'd win that one.
Fact: BYU is better than USU. How much better, I don't know, but they are. As far as Ifel Of-a sofa is concerned I didn't watch that game because as stated many many times before. I'm not a Ute fan unless they are beating USU or in a bowl. So I don't care if they won/lost the game.

Layton, UT

Um.. did anyone notice that Texas is 3 and 1. Pretty good start for them. Did anyone notice the half dozen turnovers Utah was offering up at their game last night. Tonight will be hard fought and close. BYU by 14.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

@Y Grad / Y Dad
"A pretty pathetic cross section of BYU haters."

I agree, I hate haters.

Logan, UT

Did anyone notice that BYU hasn't beaten UTAH in a very long time!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Did anyone notice that BYU is so relevant to the big, bad, PAC-12 Utah Utes that Ute fans can't stay away from any of the BYU stories?

Rent free in your heads. Thanks.

Go Cougars!!

Marysville, WA

Vindication. SCOREBOARD.

Hopefully now that the in-state games are over and UU has had their yearly bowl game, the utie trolls can go talk smack on their precious PAC opponents' fan boards. Yeah, like that's gonna happen . . .

Southern, UT

Irnmomo and all aggie fan's

Who won the game? Who won the game? Who won the game? I don't think the aggie came close. I believe I am now 3-0 with my predictions this season.

Lincoln City, OR


DN needs a thumbs down mechanism... If they did, 90% of your comments wouldn't even show up after about 8 views... Lose the vile... take out your frustration on some PAC12 teams that you guys are incapable of beating... Play some more Weber Colleges... But get away from the emotion...This is exactly what Max was talking about and oh my, was he ever accurate.

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