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Published: Thursday, Oct. 3 2013 11:30 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Collie should basically double the number of byu players actually playing(Assuming he plays)

Utah has over 20 guys playing in the NFL(and by playing I mean actually playing).

How many does byu have?


Think recruits know this?

You'd better believe it.

Layton, UT

Good luck to Austin. I wish him the best. Since he is determined to continue his career, I hope the new rules in the NFL will allow him to stay healthy and be successful.

Syracuse, UT

Nice to see Collie catch on with the Patriots. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

Chris B, give it a rest. You are an embarrassment to true Utah fans. Obviously you are aware that Utah is in the PAC-12 so why all the focus on our local Independent program? Real Utah fans are focused on the UCLA game today and hoping we can compete at a higher level in our new conference. I guess BYU haters focus on BYU?

Good luck Austin! Go Utes!

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Collie would be a star in the NFL if he played at Utah in our BCS conference.

Because his stats would be better and the NFL would like him better because he would have had more stars at Utah.

Now Collie has to sit out from the Colts because he went to byu instead and byu is not in a BCS conference and thats bad.

West Jordan, UT

Good for Him. I hope he shines at New England! With Tom Brady throwing, I'm sure he'll do great.

GO UTES!!! Blackout BABY!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

If he can stay healthy and that is a big "if", he could have just landed in the best possible situation imagineable. I hope that is what happens.

Richfield, UT

Man, Chris B you really like to hear yourself talk. Granted you have a point the Utes have done a good job at getting talent to the next level, but do you really have to comment that many times in a row without a response from someone else? Oh, Ansaw wasn't a Crowton recruit, unless you aren't counting him because he was a walk-on. In that case, it isn't going to matter this year because atleast Van Noy and Hoffman will be drafted and playing next year.

Go Cougs, we're going to need our A game to beat the aggies tomorrow, we better take it with us to Romney Stadium, those boys are ready for us.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Save the preaching for Sundays. And please tell me, why are you focused on the UCLA game?

Does your focus on the UCLA game improve our chances tonight? Stop acting like you impact the game somehow. You sound silly.

As for Collie and byu, I'm simply pointing out yet another aspect we dominate: NFL players

We'll see if Collie can survive the year.

orem, ut

First and foremost, Congrats to Austin, now stay healthy. Secondly, thank you Utesby5. BYU fans appreciate civility, and I appreciate you calling a certain fan out. That being said, fans like Chris make it extremely hard for BYU fans like myself to root for the UofU, and make us cheer for anyone playing Utah. It helps ALL schools in Utah when any of the schools do good. I realize we have some fans that root for BYU who are the same way, and they make me mad. I was mad at the refs at the BYU UofU game, but ashamed that some of my fellow fans threw garbage. They should be banned for life from coming to games.
If you really think BYU is not in your league, and you no longer need BYU to play, then by all means, don't read our articles, in a paper written for BYU fans. If you can be classy and nice, like Utesby5, then we welcome you.

orem, ut

RedUtes08, I forgot to mention you too. Thanks for the great comments.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Even though we've moved above you and no longer need you, it still fun to remind your fans who still think you are national power that you are more equivalent to a San diego or Tulsa than a national power. As soon as your fans acknowledge reality, that your program isnt' going anywhere I'll be able to stop reminding you.

Be more like usu fans. Acknowledge Utah is the premier program and support us, and then we'll get along better.

Logan, UT

@Chris B,

With your "logic" it is very surprising that Utah only managed to squeak by with victories over BYU the last 2 years given its "superior" athletes. You would think with the "disparity" in athletic talent that Utah would have dominated.

Your obsession with all things BYU is very interesting. As a result, I'm sure that you will miss the rivalry for the next 2 years. Counseling may help. Hang in there!

orem, ut

Chris, the only thing your comments do, is bring down the quality of the Utah Fanbase. You say don't live in the past when we bring up our NC, but then live in the past and remind us of the amazing Sugar Bowl victory. As a BYU fan, I can admit that the 2 BCS bowl games you went two, were amazing. As a Ute fan, you crow about how amazing your program is, and how bad the BYU program is, but last year BYU went to a bowl game, and Utah's stayed home. And we won't even bring up the difference in the Basketball programs. Does being independent suck sometimes, sure. But we are stuck with it, and we support TH and BM.
The one thing I, along with many other BYU fans do not do, is sit on the SL TRIB website and hijack the UofU articles as soon as they come out with negativity and sourness. All that does is show you are ANTI-BYU and not Pro UofU. And if being a bottom dweller Pac12 school, who has a hard time beating Colorado is your teams goal, congrats your team made it.

Go Utes, CA

Congrats to Collie. It is too bad that injuries have held him back. He had some great games for the Colts. Hopefully he becomes a go-to target for Brady.

Tooele, UT

@Chris B

"The future of College football in Utah is the Utah Utes."

Do you know who said that, Chris?

You did. In fact, you have said it more than once on these comment boards.

And yet, here you are, commenting again and again on an article about a BYU alum signing with an NFL team.

Hey Chris, guess what? Utah is playing UCLA tonight. The game starts at 8:00 p.m. this evening. If you and the other "Ute fans" need to know how to tune in, you can go to the "More Sports" link here on the D News site and click "ON TV" and it will tell you.

Idaho Dad
Pocatello, ID

I'd like to second the thanks from technonerd7 to Utesby5 and RedUtes08. God bless you both. And God bless Chris in spite of himself. I love my Ute friends and try to be civil, but Chris can get under your skin sometimes.

West Jordan, UT

I hope to see Collie do well and shake that plague of injuries.

My only reason for commenting is simply to show that a lot of us UofU fans are not petty and childish. We can cheer for any player that comes out of the state of Utah, no matter what school he came from; though in my case, everyone except for Max Hall. Just out of principle.

Though I admit it cracks me up sometimes that so many people get riled up by Chris B; it does not take away the fact that his mouth is dyed red with his own twisted mix of Kool-Aid, and nobody but him is drinking. After reading his comments for so long, it has gone from comical to almost embarrassing that he is a Utah fan. Though technonerd7 has a good point, he seems to be more of an anti-BYU person than a Utah fan.

Go Utes, Go Aggs, and though it almost hurts to say it, but since the rivalry swung our way... From here on out, I hope BYU does well, just so Hoffman can get those records. Heh heh...

Mckinney, TX

Chris B

When your team doesn't get a bowl game and will not again this year, don't talk smack like the Utes are a BCS power. The fact is the Utes will be lucky to win 5 games this year. The Utes are the worst team in the PAC12. The Utes will never win the pathetic PAC12 South. The three best teams are in the North. But hay, You are the champs of Utah.

clearfield, UT

Boy Chris, you comment a lot on politics, but I guess the BYU thing is what really gets your engine running. It's not hard to understand why BYU with its strict code of conduct has a tough time recruiting good non-Mormon athletes. Heck, we know some schools practically send the cheerleaders to the homes of recruits to get them to sign. I still say that one of the best wins for a Utah school in a long time was the thumping BYU gave Texas a few weeks ago. I'm from So. Cal. and please Utes, do the same to UCLA. Now you all know what SCfan stands for if you didn't already. Namely USC. As for Austin, I really liked the way he played with the Colts, and hope that he can do the same for the Pats. Only I worry that the blows he has taken to the head may cause long term problems. I pray not. In the meantime, I root for Utah teams, and if the Utes have a great season going when they play SC this year, I'll root for them. SCs season is all but gone now.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@ TheBleak and SCfan

I share the sentiment. I love rooting for any player coming out of Utah who play in the NFL...except Max Hall. I lean more toward BYU but I couldn't stand Max Hall and his arrogant attitude. I enjoying watching the Utes and the Aggies succeed, too.

But man, Chris B needs to get over this complex of his so that we can just enjoy football season and friendly competition. Anyone (BYU fans included) who puts down someone else in order to elevate themselves has serious issues and should go to counseling. i.e. "Acknowledge Utah is the premier program and support us, and then we'll get along better." Laughable! Really? "Grovel at my skinny knees and kiss my stinky feet...and then we can be friends."

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