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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 2 2013 4:35 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Give him Barry's......he showed more leadership than Obama in Syria!

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Sorry, TRUTH. There is no Nobel Prize given out for WAR. If there was, Bush and Cheney would have shared one. As for Putin, is it really so awful to give him a little credit? The world knows he's no angel, but then I guess it's Obama getting all your bad vibes right now, correct? Boy, you sure showed him who's who with that "Barry" stuff.

Salt Lake City, UT

After awarding one to Obama, the award has lost all credibility. I'd give it to Spiderman!

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

If Obama can get one for doing absolutely NOTHING, then perhaps it's ok to give one to a Russian who at least had a solution!

Murray, UT

The same Vladimir Putin that invaded the sovereign nation of Georgia.....

William Gronberg
Payson, UT

Menachem Begin ordered the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946. Yasser Arafat was far less than the poster child for non-violence. They received the Peace Prize.

Some folks seldom pass up the opportunity to slam Mr. Obama. Some folks lack of knowledge of history approaches infinity.

The committee is composed of five members selected by the Parliament of Norway.

NONIMATION is not the same as SELECTION.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

You knew the world was becomming childishly hopeful when it gave Obama the award for having done nothing except be born. If you say he became President, do you think Romney would have gotten it too? Of course not. The Peace Prize to Putin. Perfect.

Allen, TX

Come on, people! The Nobel Prize means nothing any more. It is awarded for one single solitary act despite a life of mediocrity. Might as well be an Oscar.

In Putin's case, the only positive thing he has done is intervene in Syria. (Though his motivation was clearly that Syria is a huge arms market for Russian weapons).

In Obama's case, it was for being the first 'Black' elected President. (Though his Presidency has been a disastrous failure.)

Murray, UT

Putin is at least as qualified as Obama because he stopped Obama from warring on Syria. He trumps Obama in peace.

But let's face it, Putin, Arafat, Obama, Gore, as a group are like Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo. Seriously, 'peace prize' is the wrong word. And yes, the Nobel peace prize has been made meaningless.

metamora, IL

William: The rest of the stories for Menachem Begin & Yaasir Arafat is that they both realized that peace was a more effective solution. Begin signed a historic treaty with Egypt which brought peace between those nations for 3 decades. Arafat, maybe gaining wisdom with age, realized that accepting Israel's existence would be the only way to get the US to mediate peace talks -- and no doubt send money to the Palestinians. Both men had altered their view and worked to achieve a different outcome.

Putin has not. He hasn't done anything to bring peace anywhere -- not to his own country and certainly not to Syria. His only contribution was to help the POTUS remove his foot from his mouth without too much embarrassment.

William Gronberg
Payson, UT


Criticism and the “The rest of the stories...” accepted. Thank you.

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