Comments about ‘Jimmer Fredette focused on continual improvement as he searches for role on guard-stocked Kings squad’

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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 2 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

How Utah fans can badmouth Jimmer's talent after he practically single handedly destroyed Utah when he played them is beyond logic. You realize that you haters who have zero objectivity, also have zero credibility.

Harwich, MA

Jimmer is really living in a pipe dream thinking he's going to find real success in the NBA. Nothing personal here, he's just the cut out for the job.
Were I advising him I'd get him on a Mission, make sure he has his degree in place and with his BYU (celebrity) I think a good future with a career in a Utah business would do him well.
It's not time to fish, it's time to cut bait!

Lehi, UT

@ Dennis

1. Jimmer is married. He won't be going on a mission anytime soon.

2. Jimmer is making $2.5 million this year and his contract is already guaranteed for next season because the Kings opted him in. If he retires from the NBA, he will have made between $9 and $10 million in salary, plus whatever he has made in endorsement money. He could retire and live high on the hog with simple interest from a savings account. Jimmer is a made man financially. He has no need to do anything more.

3. Jimmer is a marketable product for NBA franchises. He will get another contract even if it is as a third string guard on the end of the bench.

That's pretty good fishing.

Provo, UT

TheSportsAuthority has no authority!

"Another sad, jealous comment from a BYU hater."

I am a BYU alum, and hardly a BYU hater.

Just a Jimmer hater.

Deal with it.

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