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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 2 2013 1:25 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It's a good thing our country didn't need someone with a proven track record of taking things in bad financial shape and making them in good financial shape.

We're much better off with someone who simply knows how to give away other's money.

Mcallen, TX

Only educated, well rounded people should be voting.

An educated society wouldn't vote in the kind of leaders we now have.

Ignorance is growing, and we may never recover.

Brigham City, UT

Boy will there be a lot of happy people out there.

American Fork, UT

I saw a post on another thread wherein someone was wishing for a 'Perry and Palin' 2016. Wow, for all the things one can say about Romney, at least he's not absurd. Nor, it seems, is he out there enough for what the republican party has become.

Web Geek
Lehi, UT

America, you missed the opportunity of the century to elect a man of sound judgement, sober thinking, and experience. You missed a man who looks beyond partisan politics to find real solutions. You missed a man with a real plan to help America become great again. You missed a man who was right on Mali, Iran, Syria, the Affordable Care Act, Detroit, and much, much more.

I'm sad that Mitt Romney has declared that he will not run again, but I don't blame him. America, you.... we.... missed out.... BIG TIME!

Salt Lake City, UT

Community Organizer who has never run a business, school, city, or state elected over the Michael Jordan of economics/business.

Awesome!!! Way to go Americans....

Lafayette, IN

Chris B: I agree.

We have a White House and Capital Building full of people who keep their lucrative jobs by bribing some people with other people's money (plus the money from the saps that seem to imagine we will some day pay them back).

Manti, UT

After the awful way many in this Nation and especially the liberal media treated Romney, I wouldn't blame him for not running again. I voted for him and I would do it again. But the environment in our nation is more for receiving entitlements and taking instead of putting in your fair share and working. I don't know if Mitt Romney should have to put himself in the same situation, where the liberal media will ridicule him because of his faith, his family and anything else which is dear to him and take anything good he has ever done and drag it through the mud with lies and half truths. Do I think Romney should run again? He is probably the only one who could pull the country out of the disaster it's in now, but why in the world would he want to? But if he runs again, I will vote for him again.

DN Subscriber 2

I salute him for his effort, and know that he loves our country and wants to make it a better place for all its citizens. He also has the knowledge, skills, and most importantly the INTEGRITY to have made major improvements.

History will record 2012 as one of the great missed opportunities, and the event which permanently condemned our country and way of life to decline because voters chose unwisely.


So many people just can't accept that the President defeated Romney. How could it happen? Obama was the chosen one, not Romney. Mitt has accepted it. Many people will probably never accept it nor understand how something so contrary to what people prophesied happened.

But it did happen. If Mitt can accept it, maybe others can try to digest it.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Which Mitt Romney?

Lindon, UT

Does anyone wonder, as I do, if it is possible the American people will one day wake up (when our economy/debt gets so bad that there seems to be no return or recourse) and clamor for Romney to run again for president? I am thinking of the example of Great Briton at the start of WWII, when they got behind Winston Churchill, whose mother was American and father British, and elected an "unelectable" person as their prime minister because of his country's need at that time.

St. George, UT

"I've had two bites at the apple. Three strikes and you're out," a relaxed Romney told the overflow crowd...

That sounds like he's talking about giving it one more try! LOL.

Ogden, UT

Mitt Romney won't run for President again? If he is to be believed, which is doubtful given his record, all I can say is Thank God!

Mitt would have been a disaster, and would have run the country right down the toilet. His idea of financial management was/is to bleed a company dry and send its jobs overseas. Truth and honor aren't in his makeup. It's good that enough people were well-rounded and observant and educated enough to see through his etch-a-sketching and his smoke and mirrors to the real person underneath, recognize his lack, and send him packing. The US dodged a huge disaster when we avoided having to have him in the White House.

Please, Mitt -- don't try to inflict yourself on the country again. We deserve better.

Spanish Fork, UT

Romney should learn from Winston Churchill, that a man with talent and vision should ignore the momentary whiplash of the fickle public and present himself at the bar of public service. Churchill was repeatedly humiliated, lost office, was fired from being prime minister and many other ministarial postion but he stayed in the ring and fought for his cause. Finally the British people sort of woke up and Churchill saved England and the free world with his character and policies.

Romney should keep running for president. He should stand mighty and tall right now and decry Obama's policies with voracious clarity.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

obama won because more takers than makers voted. your community organizing boy is doing a great job.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

to Hutterite earlier this afternoon

"I saw a post on another thread wherein someone was wishing for a 'Perry and Palin' 2016. Wow..."

Really? I was hoping for Palin/Tebow in 2016. ROFL!??

Bagram, AE


I find it hilarious that you actually suggest Romney would have been worse than Obama. Look at foreign affairs at what Mr. "Lead from behind" has done. Isreal is isolated more now than ever before in the post cold war era with little true US support. The middle east is destablized in a major way with US credibility at an all time low. We were recently out smarted by RUSSIA of all countries. Romney was correct on every front, from Russia to Syria and Egypt. On fiscal matters, there is no debatable position you can take that puts Obama's track record about Mr. Romneys. We would be out of the recession and engergy dependent in 5 years.

We all understand why he didn't win. There are no illusions here. He didn't win because he couldn't mobilize the Republican base, a good portion of which couldn't come to grips with voting for a cultist mormon, as well as the great democratic party hand out. Biased greed won out.

GK Willington
Salt Lake City, UT

to Pete1215

Ivy Leaguers are out of control on Wall St & DC. Is there any wonder the US slowing circling the drain?

Salt Lake City, UT

re: USAlover

Please. Mittens has a long way to go before he's even the Blake Griffin of Capitalism.

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