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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 1 2013 5:40 p.m. MDT

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Grandma Barb
St. George, UT

Darn it, social programs are NOT SOCIALISM. Not even close.

noun: socialism 1. a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

The social programs that this country has embraced are not Socialism. None of them change the ownership of anything to the people. Well fed, healthy, well educated people are more likely to create a strong middle class, who pay more taxes and will make this country stronger.

When are you going to wake up and realize that the Republican Tea Party does not care about the "people" in this country. They care about themselves and the very rich people who are manipulating them as the base of the GOP. WAKE UP!

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Awe the compassionate conservatives.

Chris B says "Go get a job. Or another job. It's not my job to take care of someone else's kids. Its their job."

3rd says: "It's really sad that after ONE day of shutdown people are so unprepared that they need Obama's handouts.
Where are the family members of these people?
Where are the churches?"

SoCalUte says: "The solution is to Remove any and all dependence upon the government for our daily existence."

Redshirt: "We are also giving out money to single mothers going to college? Isn't their child important enough that they would do anything they could for them?"

CHS 85 nailed it. These are the same anti-choice conservatives showing their support for mothers who chose to have children.

Hyrum, UT

Some of the early comments to this article are nonsensical and totally without merit.

@ no fit in SG:
It's your comment that doesn't fit. Not one politician, Republican or Democrat has ever advocated shutting down WIC or any other program to help the poor. They simply don't want them abused. Sounds logical.

@ rightascention:
Yours is an uninformed comment. I've been around a long time and have never once heard any Congressman even insinuate, let along say that poor people and babies are not important. WIC and such programs were established by both parties in Congress because they are important. Read more and makeup less.

@ There you go again:
Yes... there you go again... speaking nonsense. Not a single Republican has ever advocated (let alone promised) to shut down government. They simply want to scale back government to reasonable levels in order to better control the out-of-control deficits that will otherwise soon be bankrupting our country. We have to learn to make outgo equal to income. And you need to read more to learn real political facts before further embarrassing yourself on these comment boards.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Grandma Barb" lets look at what the policies of just the past 10 years of liberalism have done.

You say that "Well fed, healthy, well educated people are more likely to create a strong middle class, who pay more taxes and will make this country stronger." At the same time a populace that is dependent on the government for the food, housing, and jobs will result in a weak and small middleclass.

Lets just look at some recent headlines, so we can see the result of liberal policies (Bush started many of them, and Obama has made them bigger).

"Median Income Falls For 5th Year, Inequality At Record High" Huffington Post. Income is falling the longer Obama "fixes" the economy.

"Middle class shrinks to an all-time low" Washington Post. If just feeding and educating them was all that mattered, we should have a growing middleclass.

As CNS pointed out "Record Number of Households on Food Stamps-- 1 out of Every 5" we are feeding them, but the middleclass is shrinking as people depend on government assistance to eat.

The problem isn't not having enough government programs, but having too many.

Price, Utah

We also need to look at this as what happens when you rely on a distant unelected bureaucracy for local need. A bureaucrat will give up his life but not his job. Money shouldn't have to go to Washington where the bureaucrats take their cut first and parcel out what is left back to the country side.
DC and its environs have not suffered a recession/depression. They are living high on the hog while sucking the life blood out of the rest of the country.
It is sad that these people will not get aid for the time of the furlough. It will be sadder if the Central/Federal government fails entirely.
Central planning has never worked, not in Rome, not in the USSR, and probably soon not in the USA.

Hyrum, UT

@ Grandma Barb:

The community as a whole is represented by government. And in social programs the distribution and exchange of goods is definitely regulated by the government (which represents the community). So even according to your definition, social programs are at indeed socialistic.

Taking money from some people (the taxpayers) and redistributing to others (social program recipients) is indeed a tenet of socialism. Therefore, these programs are socialistic in nature. I'm not saying some of these programs aren't doing some good. But by definition, facts are facts. Stalin and Marx used bleeding heart arguments to sell their forms of government too. Don't be naive.

It's actually you who needs to wake up and finally realize that it was Tea-Party type people who established this country in the first place and consequently established it into the great country it is. Now these same-type principled people want to save this country from the diluting effects of Obama and his ultra-liberal agenda. They want us to live within our means. Obama has us on the brink of national bankruptcy with total out-of-control deficit spending. Obamacare will only make things that much worse.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

"Obamacare" is the problem, not the government shutdown. Mike Richards is correct. We need to look to the real problem, not blame those who are trying to get us to see Obamacare for what it is, a monumental disaster.

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