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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 2 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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As a heartfelt conservative with strong family and faith values, and as one who believes America's greatness lies in the initiative and independence of its people, I have stood dumbfounded and saddened at the mass movement of America toward social liberalism. The possibility of the death of opposing viewpoints to social liberalism in America is very real. With close to 90% of our media -- not just broadcast but also social and blogosphere -- dedicated to social liberalism, where is one to get a true picture of things as they really are? Liberals, dedicated to a great society in which government involvement and intervention make the skies blue and the sun shine, never concern themselves with issues of personal freedom, or the cost involved. In their world as long as big brother takes care of everything from health to employment to what religious and marriage beliefs we're allowed to hold, the world will be a wonderful place. We want our children educated, but America's universities are also filled with people who espouse the same singular point of view, thus furthering the cloudiness of clear understanding for our kids. I fear they don't stand a chance. Where is the balance?


The only person to kill part of Obamacare was Obama himself. He gave business until 2015. They are on the honor system this year, you know what that means. Why is he allowed to change things, and not Congress?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe the Affordable Care Act could give counseling for reality shock. Fantasy politics took a hit when Senator Lee attempted to defund the already funded program.

G L W8

"Work together to make it better?" The President, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats have proven they don't want that. "No negotiations", they say, and their pleas for "compromise" mean only "my way or the highway." Their consistent refusal to talk to the House Republicans demonstrate they don't want any changes--except for those extra-legal, questionably unconstitutional changes President Obama, without congressional approval, has made to the law himself.
Anybody who doesn't see this is a pathway to constitutional and economical disaster has blinders on.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Your purpose, then, plainly stated, is that you will destroy the Government, unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the Constitution as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us. You will rule or ruin in all events."--Abraham Lincoln addressing Southern Secessionists

He might as well have been addressing Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.


What Congress givith, Congress can take away! Watch how quickly the Act will disappear when the Republicans get their act together.

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

Claiming that the House Republicans will "try to take the nation into default to stop Obamacare" is only half the story. One could also argue that the Senate Democrats will try to take the nation into default to preserve Obamacare. It's quite mistaken to blame the whole thing on the GOP. I blame both parties and a legislative process that fails to prevent stalemates like this.

And it's a huge leap of faith to claim that most of the kinks in Obamacare will be worked out by 2017. I am self-employed, and my medical insurance in January 2013 was $277 a month. In January 2014, one year later, it will rise to $567 a month. So I'm leaving. I'm making preparations to move to a Christian medical sharing plan, which (amazingly) survived Obamacare and is a legal way to avoid the Obamacare penalty. Meanwhile, huge numbers of sick persons may flock to Obamacare while young and healthy persons stay away until they get really sick. Maybe the administrative kinks will be worked out, but the premises of Obamacare are still wildly untested and could cause all of Obamacare to collapse without a single GOP vote. I hope not.

Saint George, UT

So, according to the author, let's keep something that has been a lie. It was promised to reduce cost (lie), promised to allow choice for your doctor (lie), to make health care better (lie), and, of course, the biggest one of all, this isn't 'socialism'. This is the most bizarre claim of all. If this isn't socialism, someone please inform me what it is then. Socialism: a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. To state that Obomacare is not Socialism is amazing, particularly coming from a professor at a major university, and BYU! Perhaps he has never read the writings of Ezra Taft Benson. Well, of course, he's a dead prophet and was living in a different day and age. Indeed. I'm sure he would have a few things to say about the ignorance of those who want to view Socialism positively. NO thanks.

Doug P
cape coral, u.s.a., FL

The reason the Affordable Healthcare Act was passed by Congress was because the majority of Americans felt and still believe costs related to healthcare in the U.S. are skyrocketing out of control and were unaffordable or unavailable for a significant percentage of citizens and their families.

There is no more debate or negotiations. It is the law of the land and the Supreme Court put its iron stamp on it as well when it was challenged. The article clearly spells out the benefits of the law.

We have in Congress a group of extremists who are needlessly peddling doom and refuse to negotiate. Shutting down government and blackmailing the American people as the Tea Party Republicans have done, will eventually not work and will backfire come election time.

Remember that folks next elections.

newbury Oark, CA

bandersen, I would prefer to follow the Constitution when creating or changing laws. If you are against your definition of socialism, then stop using the internet, roads and bridges and watching BYU football on FCC controlled airwaves.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The Republicans should go ahead and do their best to implement it, or rather to support the administration to implement it. Then when it is incredibly messed up, they can say, "We did our best." It is possible right now that someone in the White House is saying, "Wow! We really messed up! No one will ever vote Democratic ever again. How do we conceal this?" And then Pres. Obama says, "I know! I will tell the Repubs I won't negotiate. Lee and Cruz will get mad and do everything to stop Obamacare. Even shut down the government. No one will ever find out how bad we messed up and we can blame the Republicans. (Evil laugh). I am a sinister genius! (Some more evil laughter.)."

(OK, I am stretching things a bit with the evil laughter, but Dems are playing chess and the Republicans are playing checkers.)

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

I agree with most of what the Professor says in this editorial. But one thing I don't agree is his suggestion that single payer systems are somehow socialized medicine. Government paying the bills hardly makes for socialism. For the county to turn to socialized medicine, the government would have to be far more involved. It would have to own and run the hospitals, employee medical service providers, make all purchases of medical supplies and drugs and control their distribution. It would have to have the power to determine who could become a medical provider and who could not.

A single payer where the government just pays the bills to privately run or to non profit hospitals and to independent physicians and other health providers who are not employed by the government hardly qualifies as "socialized medicine".

American Fork, UT

Work together to make it better. Please.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Excellent editorial, Richard. I would invite all the conservative commenters here to read E.J. Dionne's editorial in the Trib this morning. Mike Lee and our House sheep ought to read it too. There is no way to spin this government shutdown as anything other than a Tea Party attack on the Constitution they give lip service to.

S. Jordan, UT

I thought the tea party was greatly diminished?

A coalition of a few congressmen cannot hold anything up. It is the sum total of the GOP that has given the house of representatives the power they are exercising. That would be the house, elected by the people, that has a Republican majority.

This isn't a tea party thing, this is a Republican thing. Just like the ACA is a Democrat thing.

If we don't like it, then we have an election cycle that is just beginning and again the will of the people will be exercised. Just like last time.

So many of the posters on this forum are predicting doom and gloom for the GOP. They may be right. They were not last time. We'll see. The GOP has not lost my vote yet as there is not a viable alternative. Certainly not the Democrats.

Roosevelt, UT

This country allow freedoms of speech and thinking. To condem others because of their choice is wrong. A person covinced against their will is of the same opinion still

Home schooling has been shown to be a much better method of education yet public schools continue to placate the masses. As a coluntry we do not always agree or vote for the best.

Now the country is having to swallow the bitter pill it voted for. It is law, regardless of who you voted for. It is like a 45 mph speedlimit on I 15, it may not be the most pleasant thing but we will survive.

I feel bad that our state is represented by Senator Lee as he has grown to be a headline hound and is more concerned with getting his name in the headlines than helping the people of Utah. Even money bags Orrin is backing away from this latest round of Senator Lee hunting a microphone. Were anyone else to act like that and not be an elected official they would be arrested.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Rather the solution is to reform it to correct those flaws. Obamacare is here to stay. So let’s work together to make it better."



Next step,
Get rid of the FOR-profit leeches of Insurance, and go to a Single Payer System.

Springville, UT

And Mr Davis, whether you like it or not, Congress has the power to add, change, or remove laws. That "remove" portion regarding Obamacare is what is upsetting to you. I suggest that you follow your own counsel and live with the fact that Congress may at some point get rid of it.

And further, it wasn't the House of Representatives that shut down the government. It was the Senate. Nice spin by the media, but it was expected since they are deeply in the pockets of the Democratic Party. I have no doubt that were this a different issue and the shoes were changed, the media would be applauding the tough House of Reps.

Hyde Park, UT

Wow! What a one sided-biased editorial.

Ignoring the points being made by those who disagree does not make them wrong, nor will it make them go away. Taking care of the poor is a good idea, but everybody can see that this is fiscally unsustainable. Cost estimates have already quadrupled, and their have been no ideas brought forth on how to fund it.

Our economy cannot sustain it and return to health! I guess if we are all equally poor, at least we will all be equal.

City, Ut

I hope Richard Davis monitors comments to his story as I have a question.

I will FREELY admit I have NO IDEA WHO TO BELIEVE in regard to Obamacare.

Will it be a train wreck?
Will it be all wonderful?

We have employee sponsored health care now, but have I have seen several insinuations that big employers see $$ to be made by dropping that and paying the penalty.

From a DesNews story by Dan Liljenquist Sept 26:

"employers who don't provide health care insurance will pay the federal government a “tax” or penalty, beginning in 2015..up to $2,000 per employee.
Employers, whose finance personnel are usually pretty good at math, are realizing that they can save a bunch of money if they (1) stop providing health care to their employees, (2) push their employees to the federal insurance exchanges, and (3) pay the per employee “tax.” Since most companies that currently offer health insurance as part of their benefits package pay a whole lot more than $2,000 per employee per year for health care, the economic incentives to push their employees to the...subsidized exchanges are quite powerful."

Your thoughts please.

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