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Published: Monday, Sept. 30 2013 11:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Just the process of shutting down the government costs two billion dollars and another two billion when it starts up again. A huge amount of national debt goes to pay just the interest. Default on what congress has already spent and the interest payments could more than double. Since all of the economic gains since 2000 have gone to the top one-percent, shouldn't they be the ones to make up the increase caused by their Tea Party surrogates? Perhaps by making billion dollar salaries of hedge fund managers taxable as ordinary income. I want good government. And I don't want the anarchists that the ultra-far-right has forced onto the GOP ticket. It seems the mass meeting approach is designed to enable that kind of thing. We need a primary system where all Utahns can use their vote so 'the voice of the people' determines the best outcome. The Book of Mormon is right about the voice of the people as a whole usually being the wisest choice.

Sandy, UT

If the Democrats were to "compromise," wouldn't that send a message to Republicans that they could hold the budget (or debt ceiling) hostage any time they were displeased with programs or legislation? Such an arrangement would effectively give the Republican house (or any party in a similar position) a wildly disproportionate amount of power.

In negotiation, every side wants to seek out leverage to enhance their bargaining position. Holding the federal government (or debt ceiling) hostage is a shameful ploy for either party, and the country should seek reform — constitutional change, if necessary — to make sure this never happens again.

Francis LeGuarde
Sandy, UT

No matter how serious my concerns about Obamacare — and I am profoundly worried about some components of the legislation — I can not support the shameful tactics employed by the Republican-lead House. You don't furlough 800,000 Americans and threaten the economy to repeal bad legislation or prove a point. As Utah's congressional delegation face re-election over the next several years, Utahns should place a renewed focus on seeking out statesmen (and women) rather than trigger-happy political activists.

Spanish Fork, UT

Let's hope salaries of Obama and all elected officials are not being paid. Turn off the lights in the White House and take away all his Secret Service protection. If the people voting on these measures are affected by them, maybe they'll think twice before acting so stupid.

Bountiful, UT

Yesterday I spent the day at Arches Natl Park. There, we met several couples who were traveling to the natl parks, all from out of state, a few from out of country. They were quite distraught that they had come so far and didn't know what to do now. The foreigners were confused by the whole thing (as are many of us). We were able to tell them of some state parks here and in surrounding states that they could visit, and they were quite grateful....nevertheless, still disappointed, as they had anticipated and planned for this vacation for so long.

Attleboro, MA

Yay! Shut it down! We are spending money we DON'T HAVE!

Mcallen, TX

@CHS 85:

Do your own homework! The data is easy to find.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Compromise was a dirty word to the tea party a week ago. Shut id down will be the slogan of an un-patriotic extremist in another week

Altamont, UT

Yeah, but I have been trying to find a room for this weekend in Torrey for about 2 weeks now Everything is full, or they want serious money. I think they will be OK for a little while. LOL!


The State of Utah and it's citizens need to seize the "national" parks through the legal means of the US constitution. *

*Tenth Amendment


Thomas Jefferson commented that :
"I believe the states can best govern our home (domestic) concerns...I wish therefore to see maintained that wholesome distribution of powers established by the Constitution for the limitation of both (federal & state); and never to see all offices transferred to Washington"

In 1911 the Supreme Court said, "Among the powers of the state not surrendered- which powers therefore remain with the state- is the power to so regulate the relative rights and duties of all within its jurisdiction as to guard the public morals, the public safety, and the public health, as well as to promote the public convenience and the common good"

The State of Utah has the right and the best ability to maintain and regulate the national parks as well as all of Utah's natural resources.


Unfortunately, with the passing of the seventeenth Amendment (wherein Senators are elected by popular vote rather than being appointed by the state legislature), the states lost the right to be represented in the Senate, where thy had held a veto power over any legislation which violated states' rights.

Utah has great leaders. Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz are revealing just how counterproductive and wasteful the federalization of state responsibilities has become.

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