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Published: Monday, Sept. 30 2013 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Area 52
Tooele, UT

I’m one of those 800,000 civilians who will be furloughed during this Shutdown. I have a family of four to take care of and I’m definitely not blaming the Tea Party on this. The Progressives and Socialists in this country are ones to blame.


"Do you know who the largest employer in the WORLD is?

That would be the US Dept of Defense. Are you willing to cut that?"

Of Course!

We need to close our overseas bases, bring our troops home, quit meddling in other countries affairs and stop being the world's policemen. We have our own borders to defend and we can do
much more cheaply. The defense dept has become a scared cow but we have not won a war since we created it vs the old War Dept. Not only are we losing the wars overseas, but we are also loosing the war here. The invasion continues!

Is there waste, fraud and abuse in the Dept of Defense? Of course there is. We need to make some serious cuts there as well.
Less government! That is what we need.

The US House controls the purse strings of our nation and our elected reps who voted to stop the "train wreck of Obamacare" deserve our thanks and support. If they won't stop spending, cut off the money!

We have a chance to fix this in the 2014 election. Google "Online Freedom Index" to see how they voted.

S. Jordan, UT

"The Democratic response has been consistent and proactive."

Thanks for the morning humor!

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

A potentially defining moment whether the President beats back an insurrectionist power play or the right wing succeeds in getting what they couldn't win at the ballot box. This is the stuff history is often made of.

Orem, UT

I have to laugh at Obama and other far-left liberals who insist that congress is not doing its job when it proposes defunding a "law of the land". They act like it is criminal to try and cut funding for something that was passed and signed into law.

Perhaps they would have a leg to stand on if the president took that approach when it came to ENFORCING the "laws of the land". Instead he thinks he can pick and choose which laws he will enforce and which ones he will not. When it comes to our country's immigration laws, the Defence of Marriage Act, federal drug laws, the second ammendment, voter ID laws, and other "states rights" laws granted by the constitution, he blatently says "I don't like that law so I won't enforce it".

How is that different than congress saying "I don't like that law so I won't fund it"?

S. Jordan, UT

Couple of notes:

Year President #ofEmployees

1962 (Kennedy) 2.48 million
1964 (Johnson) 2.47 million
1970 (Nixon) 2.94 million
1975 (Ford) 2.84 million
1978 (Carter) 2.87 million
1982 (Reagan) 2.77 million
1990 (Bush) 3.06 million
1994 (Clinton) 2.90 million
2002 (Bush) 2.63 million
2010 (Obama) 2.65 million

While the comparison to Reagan is lame, the bottom line is that Obama has increased the number of federal workers. I offer no condemnation one way or the other. There has been an effort by both parties to reduce the number of federal workers.

Re:Makid -

This bears repeating - The only bipartisan effort concerning the ACA was its opposition. I know that many posters like to advance the idea that this was a Republican plan but you are wrong. Not one Republican voted for this monstrosity. When the Republicans were in control of the presidency and the houses, this plan was NOT advanced. The fact that Romney signed it into law in Mass. did not make it a Republican effort. A Republican in Mass. is as influential as a Democrat in Utah.

Context matters.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


repub voters got exactly what repub candidates promised.

repub candidates elected in 2010 and 2012 promised to shut down government.

"seasoned" repub senators and reps went right along with the 2010/2012 newbies.

The "shutdown" was planned and executed by repubs.

Clearfield, UT

Joe Capitalist Obama has done more to enforce immigration laws and deported more illegals than Bush. To those who think the shutdown is no big deal I say really. How many of you know someone on social security or who work at Hill Air Force Base or the IRS. Should we shut down the FBI, bureau of prisons, coast guard, homeland security, send the air traffic controllers home. People come from all over the world to visit our national parks and monuments. How much of Utah's economy is dependent on tourism. It is a big deal. The stock has been down lately. How much of that is due to the situation in Washington. I suspect it has a lot to do with it. This government shutdown is affecting my retirement savings.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

All you who point fingers at the GOP, what is wrong with these two changes with the ACA? these are the two provisions they left on the table which Harry Reid and Obama refused to accept and thus shut down the government (which is no big deal......at least to me).

1. Politicians and their staff should not be exempt from ACA. Why shouldn't they live under the same rules they passed for everyone else? BTW......it was because of bribing two Senators did this ACA pass (Nebraska and Louisiana). Isn't it funny that the Senator from Nebraska retired as did the chief architect, Baucus. they don't want to be within 10 feet of this monstrosity.

2. Delay was given to businesses. Why not extend it to the citizens?

Those were the two modifications the GOP wanted. Are these really worth shutting the government down. Apparently the Senate Dems and Obama think so even though those two changes have huge support (~80%) from the public.

American Fork, UT

We hate government so much here that everyone should be turning cartwheels, and the entire exercise was caused by 'the party' for which everyone votes here.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Hatch and the rest of the Republicans.

The Affordable Care Act is definitely not something that the American people want.

If you're one of the millions of people in this country without health care or who have gone bankrupt because of medical bills, that's too bad.
Not my problem, I have health care through my employer, and I don't care about the rest of you.

...sure hope I never lose my job....

The Republicans have offered many many alternatives to the Affordable Care Act.
They have so many new ideas about the health care crisis in this country, and the Democrats just won't listen.
Just watch Fox News if you won't believe me.

Our Senators and Congressmen have unlimited access to awesome health care benefits, why would anybody else need health care?

Boise, ID

Everyone has a goose getting cooked in this government story whether the newsies include them or not. Our government is so wasteful that we are on the verge of collapsing due to our debt and the fact that one guy's goose is in the pot or not is irrelevant. He is a big boy and quite capable of moving on like so many millions of other Americans must do.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

To shout shut it down and describe how frustrated you are as set forth above, and then to blame it on others indicates that the tea party cannot govern, only force and demand.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The loudest and most vocal people in America who want to limit and destroy our national government are businessmen. Yet it is businessmen who will lose their profits when it happens. Only those who can pick up their chips and move to a new game will survive.

As for people many will not survive, but that’s OK because P.T. was only partially right, there’s many more than one born every minute.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

I see nothing extreme in Lee's or Chaffetz' positions to follow the Constitution, lessen government's size and incursion into individual liberty, to take on the often corrupt establishment in Washington, and to decrease spending and the enormous national debt. They are men of principle and have the courage to face the heat.

Anti Government
Alpine, UT


These hired liberal activist "posters" wink wink posing as average random people want to make me throw up.

Our government shutting down so they can do less damage? Sounds like a great idea to me. Alot of our problems are easily traceable directly back to our government yet people seem blind to detect it.

When will the average citizen wake up and realize they are just pawns in the politicians game for power and control? And that goes for both sides jut one side more than the other.

Instead many mindless sheep allow the politicians to divide us and as a result we have been conquered.

What a shame.

Only a fool would believe the unaffordable care act was designed to actually help the average citizen. If it was why are democrats trying to exempt themselves from it? Seriously, why? It achieves the objective of more government involvement in your life and presenting a public "perception" that a politician is doing something for you. That is when you ought to be scared. Nothing but an attempt to buy votes with citizens money (actually the national debt/credit card).

Wake up people.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

The Tea Party Rethuglicons have been writing this script for years. It has continued in "re write" to become more and more troublesome as their hatred of our President who represents a minority....
Ultra Conservative Republicans never, in a thousand years, in their wildest dreams, imagined America being led by a Negro male. It did not matter his upbringing, his education, or any other beneficial laws or policies President Obama would implement.
The day after President Obama was elected, these Republicans met and constructed their plan of our President's destruction.
Someday these people will have to discuss this truth with their God.

Far East USA, SC

"Politicians and their staff should not be exempt from ACA"

Please do some research. They are NOT exempt.

The GOP inserted and amendment remove the health care subsidy that they had been receiving for years and years. That would be like congress passing a law that says that YOUR employer can no longer subsidize YOUR health care.

It is effectively a paycut. It was done for purely partisan reasons.

Congress is not exempt from the ACA. Nor are their staff. Many large employers pay a part of their employees health care. The GOP went out of their way, and changed the long standing rules, in an effort to make the ACA look bad.

Pure partisan politics. At least take the time to understand what you are ranting about.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"All you who point fingers at the GOP, what is wrong with these two changes with the ACA?"

It's fairly obvious to me that this more than an attempt to delay the individual mandate for a year. It's part of an overall strategy to kill the ACA before it can be implemented.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Isn't a Government Shut-down, or better yet -- NO Government at all -- what these uber-Conservative Tea-Partiers have based their ideology anyway?

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