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Published: Monday, Sept. 30 2013 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

I bet those 800,000 government workers would care.

Los Angeles, CA

"we need one [government] that pays its bills and quits running up debt..." I wholeheartedly agree. And the way to do that is to discard Reagan's failed trickle-down economics and go back to the tax structure that we had 50-70 years ago when the US economy was booming and the middle class was healthy and growing. All tax rates were higher then, and the tax rates on the highest earners was upwards of 80%.

Salt Lake City, UT

Freonpsandoz, you are spot on. There would be no debt crisis were the old rates in place. But it is a waste of time mentioning such here, alas.

Cedar Hills, UT

how about if we just shut down the White House...for about 3 years?? BO can spend his time on late night entertainment shows and the golf course. I guess not much would change would it.

Fresno, CA

Freonpsandoz and marxist, do you also want to go back to the pre-1986 deductibility of personal interest? And eliminate the EIC? And restore other deductions, tax loopholes/shelters/breaks that existed when marginal rates were higher? I've read many claims that few taxpayers ever really paid taxes at those high marginal rates, due to the myriad ways of sheltering income from these rates. And thus those high rates never really harmed the economy (but did cause some capital to be directed towards bad investments)

Going back to the old system might have great economic benefits. After all, if personal interest on car loans were 100% deductible, people might buy a new car every year or two to take advantage of the tax break.

Are you really advocating going back to taxing 20% (1960 rate) of the first dollar of taxable income? That would be about $6000 tax on the first $30,000 taxable income in today's dollars?

Centerville, UT

Don't worry, the White House and the media are working hard to make sure everyone notices...and blames the Republicans. Even though it is Reid and Obama that have planned this shutdown for weeks now, maybe even months.

Social Mod Fiscal Con
West Jordan, UT

The Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 5 years. Nobody seems to be all that worked up over that. In fact, how many people even know? And out of those that know, how many realize how criminally stupid that is?
Perhaps 5 years from now we'll be talking about how the government has been shut down for 5 years and nobody really cares!

Sanpete, UT

Freonpsandoz, Marxist

According to a recent article by Forbes, the top 400 wealthiest American's have a net worth of just over $2 trillion. So even if you took every single penny they have, and taxed them at 100% after, you still wouldn't touch the debt of the US.

But please, don't let common sense blind you.

Saint George, UT

Anarchy for sure! not! is there any way we could make this last for a generation?

American Fork, UT

Too late. The stock market noticed.

Let's Agree to Disagree
Spanish Fork, UT

The fact that many people may notice it has shut down is evidence that the federal government has grown way too big.

Huntington, Utah

families without a paycheck will notice.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Social Mod Fiscal Con
The Senate passed a budget earlier this year. The House had refused to go to the conference committee since the two chambers passed different versions.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA


We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

If the income tax were raised to 100%, how much money would the government get?

Not a stinking red cent. Nobody would work for nothing. As tax rates increase it destroys incentive. If you raise taxes high enough tax revenues actually go down. Raise them to 100% and they go all the way down to zero.

The economy boomed when Reagan lowered the tax rate. Under Obama the poor are hit the hardest. Black teen unemployment is something like 37%. Poor working people are losing their full time status because of Obama Care (how is that for compassion?).

If you took everything away produced in manufacturing, mining and agriculture there would be nothing left. All wealth is created in these three industries. Obama thinks you can stimulate the economy with government spending. Government consumes wealth, it does not create it. Obama's plan will make things worse. Much worse.

If you want prosperity you have to obey the laws of economics. You cannot create prosperity without creating wealth. Strictly follow the constitution and we will get back on course. Our present government will not do that.

st. george, UT

I will notice, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the 800,000 will as well. I have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay. It's all fun and games to those of you who this doesn't impact, but please remember those of us who are not going to get a paycheck if this nonsense continues. And we aren't all corrupt politicians or lazy government paper pushers.

Murray, UT

I haven't noticed yet. Can I stop paying taxes? I bet not. But I bet that even with the government shut down, we are still deficit spending. That is what is really scary.

I hope the Obamas can't take Air Force 1 for any vacations during the shut down. I hope he had the foresight to go to Washington before midnight. - Questionable.

For a guy who really wanted to be president, again, he doesn't seem to like being in Washington much.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Mr. Rock, we aren't talking about tax rates here. This thread is supposed to be concerned with the shutting down of the federal government, starting tonight. And, BTW, the Constitution does not contain anything about the nation's economic system. Please concentrate.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wouldn't it be great if we could just get the 49% Who pay nothing to start paying their 40%! Takers vrs Makers! Time for a revolt......

San Francisco, CA

Most of those 800,000 Federal employees are just ordinary working people who have mouths to feed and bills to pay. They would care, their families would care, and the people who need the services they provide would care.

Now, if Congress and the President were furloughed, who would notice? It isn't as if they are working people who actually serve a useful purpose. I'd trade the whole lot of them for one day of keeping research going at the Centers for Disease Control or one day of keeping Yosemite open.

Mesa, AZ

While I agree with your general sentiment and questioning about life going on untroubled because for one, people are uninformed, but the facts underlining your argument is what is is truly troubling. Life WILL be altered for hundreds of thousands because of this. But then again, for years now, life HAS already altered for thousands as well do to the greedy actions of a Wall Street few, and this past year, sequestration HAS affected many families. Why haven't we talked about that? Most folks lucky to have kept their job this last few years either aren't aware of the struggles of those affected by structural changes in the economy, or could care less because their personal fortunes haven't been affected. Why worry about that 10-15% of those affected, when it's easier to focus on the 85-90% who seem to be okay?

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