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Published: Monday, Sept. 30 2013 11:40 a.m. MDT

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one old man
Ogden, UT

Ultra-right wing stupidity at it most virulent.

The Skeptical Chymist

This is hostage-taking at its worst. The right wing couldn't win the presidential election, even though they campaigned against Obamacare, they couldn't win the Senate back because Senate races can't be gerrymandered. They only hold the House because of gerrymandering. Look it up - there were more votes cast for Democratic candidates for the House than for Republicans. Yet, they're going to hold the government hostage - causing real harm to the country in the process. And for what? To prevent Obamacare from taking effect. Get over it! You lost the election. If you want to make Obamacare a better program, come up with real improvements that can be voted on. Otherwise, just get out of the way.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ oldman and Skeptical....
It is not the Republicans that refuse to compromise. They have already put up several proposed compromises only to have the Democratic Senate say "No" it must go our way or we don't play.
Even though I stand to lose a lot in wages during the shutdown I support the Republicans and their efforts to get a reasonable compromise.

spring street

If defunding the ACA is as popular an idea as the GOP would like us to believe then why are the votes not there in both houses and a president in office to do so? there is a reason they have to try to piggy back such a bad idea onto such serious legislation instead of letting it stand on its own.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The spin to shut down has gotten comical in a tragic un-american way.

Spanish Fork, UT

Interesting how Deseret News slants left... if I call the protest at Priesthood meeting "silly" they edit me for being mean and calling names. If the guy "one old man" calls opponents to his liberal view "stupidity", that's okay with the Deseret News because those who they are calling names are on the right, or should I say, In the Right.

Kirk R Graves
West Jordan, UT

Ute has it right. the US Constitution was crafted not only to balance the different branches of government, but to balance the demands of the majority and the minority.

Right now, the minority are those in favor of the ACA. Sadly, party politics is more important to most of our politicians than the demands of the majority of the citizens of the US (those apposed to ObamaCare). If they allow the ACA to fail (or even falter) it is an admission that the entire thing was a mistake.

Provo, UT

As long as the NFL doesn't shut down, I'm cool with it.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"(Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid said he's not going to accept anything that the House does,".... and yet the House and Republicans get blamed for not acting (while the Senate Democrats are at home on recess refusing to act on anything the House does).

I guess you have to drink a lot of coolaid first to follow Reid's logic. The Democrat leader of the Senate says he refuses to act on ANYTHING the House does... so it's the House and Republican's fault?

If you want to look like the side that will compromise... at least get off recess and be there and say you are ready to look at what they pass!

You can't reject what they send you and send them something they must accept or else... and then go on vacation... and expect the American people so see YOUR side as the ones who compromised!

patriot vet
Cedar City, UT

The Republicans have a 54%-46% majority in the House, the Democrats have a 53%-47% majority in the Senate. Therefore, the Legislative Branch is split 50-50. The Executive Branch is Democrat.

Common sense tells us that the Democrats have a 75%-25% edge over the Republicans in the Government. The Constitution yields the decision-making authority to the majority.

The Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) can overturn the majority decision. That is the recourse of the minority Republicans with Obamacare.

Syracuse, UT

I am a republican, but it is dishonest for our politicians to say it is the Senate not willing to pass legislation to fund the government. The House is deliberately eliminating any reference to the fact that the reason the bill will not pass is that they are trying to sneak in additional items on the ACA. It is the House and the Senate forcing a government shutdown. Why not just pass a bill to fund the government the next fiscal year, and then squabble about the ACA.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Wow, the Right seems to be really starting to believe their own fantasyland rhetoric (that Republicans are compromisers and not responsible for shutting down the government). These guys could give lessons to Joseph Goebbels.

Funny though… the look on Hatch’s face in this photo tells a very different story.

Curious – can anyone cite another time in our history when one chamber of congress sought to undo a specific law in this after the fact game-of-chicken manner?

Cedar City, UT

I checked the Constitution. Yes, the majority rules. The Democrats are majority in one of the 2 Legislative Branch houses. And of course they also hold the Executive Branch. The minority may appeal to the courts. Elections do have consequences.

patriot vet
Cedar City, UT

I hope DN editors will accept my comment.

True patriots defend and support our Constitution, and accept the Constitutionally elected Executive and Judicial branches. We can't be 2-sided, luke warm or fair-weather cheer leaders. We need to be patriots.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

IF you think just Republicans do this, or it has never been done before...

- How many times did Democrats try to overturn the Bush Tax cuts Congress themselves passed?
- How many times did Democrats try to de-fund the wars (even after Congress passed the resolution to employ military force in both instances)?
- How many times did Democrats shut-down the government during the Reagan Administration?

If you don't know... you have a one-sided memory.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Hours before a shutdown of the federal government, 2polls show Americans are directing their wrath atRepublicans.

2 polls released tonday show Americans are blaming to Republicans in Congress, Democrats and President Obama.

63%, disapprove of the way the GOP is handling the budget impasse according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.


In a CNN/ORC poll, 69% of Americans say Republicans are acting like "spoiled children". That compares with 58% who say the same about Democrats and 47% who place that label on Obama.

Obama does the best acting like a "responsible adult" in the CNN/ORC poll: 49% of Americans choose that phrase to describe his behavior. 24% Americans say Republicans are acting responsibly, and 35% say that about Democrats in Congress.


@patriot vet
Cedar City, UT

True patriots defend and support our Constitution, and accept the Constitutionally elected Executive and Judicial branches. We can't be 2-sided, luke warm or fair-weather cheer leaders. We need to be patriots.


[You mean like those Shutting Down the Government over a fully Constitutional law they don't like that was:
passed by the House,
passed by the Senate,
Signed by the President,
and upheld by the Supreme Court?]

Salt Lake City, UT

Any other face but Mr. H. please. Ah well, such is business in Congress. Still not willing to face reality that civil rights has entered the White House. Oh my! Thoughts of shutting down government make them clucking chickens . . . or chickens with heads cut off. It's sixes.

MemoFromA Demo

Sad thing is, Hatch DIDN'T even have the fortitude to cast a vote on the bill the House sent to the Senate. Senator Hatch DIDN'T vote. He and Senator Flake are the only two Republicans who refrained from voting. Oh, if only we had a young, courageous senior senator in the Senate to stand along side Senator Mike Lee and speak in behalf of the people of Utah.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

So.....we're $17 TRILLION in debt (that, folks, is the same as 17,000 BILLIONS.....yes, 17,000 billions) and everyone knows it would have been wise had we said this is garbage the very FIRST time we spent more than we took in and held our foolish government representatives accountable.

However, now that we're $17 trillion in debt, holding government leaders accountable is a bad thing.


Does. Not. Compute.

Sandy, UT

If Obamacare is bad as republicans make it, they should just let the law become law and force the implementation of it as it was passed. Force the democrats hand at implementing it right away and sit back watch it implode.

But my guess is they are worried it will not implode and fear losing the house in next few election cycles and the presidency.

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