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Published: Monday, Sept. 30 2013 10:40 a.m. MDT

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Clearly in the MTSU game BYU had slowed down their offense. If I remember the stats correctly BYU had 74 plays and MTSU had 75. I think this was on purpose, to allow Taysom more time to develop. Taysom did a much better job of passing, but the OL was able to give him more time. In most of the upcoming games the other team's defense will be much tougher than MTSU's and Taysom won't have as much time to do reads and plant his feet correctly. Hopefully he can improve quickly, but even the best QBs at BYU took a lot of games to really develop their passing game.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The annual game for second best team in the state this Friday against Utah state huh?

Sounds exciting.

But I'll take my game against UCLA with the Pac 12 South on the line any day.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

to Chris B

I don't know. Seeing "Go fast Go hard" Go down in flames could be amusing.

Wally West

per Chris B

"You guys see what a go fast go hard team did to Virginia?"

Byu is leading the nation in running a play every 16.8 seconds.

Its a full second faster than Oregon but the Ducks are undefeated. Further, Mariota can throw accurately consistently.

Palo Alto, CA

Chris B

"You guys see what a go fast go hard team did to Virginia?"

Nobody's comparing BYU's offense to Oregon's offense, but it will be interesting to see what Oregon's go fast go hard offense does to Utah.

Of course, Oregon's run heavy offense didn't have to contend with a two-hour lightning delay, torrential rain, and sloppy field conditions BYU's offense encountered in Virginia, and unlike BYU, Oregon wasn't running a new offensive scheme in the very first game of the season.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Hate to break it to you, but recruiting is key...

Hill=Pocatello Idaho?? Hhhhmmmm...how much competition up there?



Maybe, just maybe, Hill isn't as good as he looked in high school...be he fast? Or be him slow?
He could be bad at any speed?

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

Oregon has been developing their GFGH for over 6 seasons. The VA game wasn't bad considering it was the first time BYU ever ran it.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

These guys have a lot of NFL talents.

Danbury, CT

I seriously doubt any of the above posters have ever played anything above intramural sports. Yet, they know it all. Congrats Chris and buddies. What "team" are you on again?

PS - Does posting multiple times make you feel better??

Mesa, AZ

To Christie B.
Nothing is on the line against UCLA. Utah should expect a good old PAC10.2 butt whipping and be happy with their Utah 6A State Championship. Mark it down!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN


Todd Haley is the offensive coordinator of the Pittsurgh Steeler and never plaiyed High School football , or college...not sure about intramurals. He did golf however..

So...if you have to play college football to post, i guess he is out...like me!

How about you? which NFL team did you suit up for Easter Coogie?

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Ryan, "BYU's rapid offense is lengthening the quarterback learning curve."

BYU's "Nitro, Go Fast Go Furious, No Huddle, Wang Dang, Banana Rama Ding Dong" offense only improves the learning curve of the punters.

Oh the topper is that awesome three point stance, down set hut run out on the field offense and defense, that learning curve is improving. those boys are getting really good at that.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Go Fast--Go Hard is the best way to go if indeed, we want to play with the big boys. It takes time to learn the system and it take even more time to be able to play it well. We can't change now. Looking at many reruns of the Utah game @ BYU,
the Utes are doing the same thing, except this year, the Utes are running faster, and hitting harder, as the 7 point lead they ended up over us does not really tell the whole story as the Utes looked far superior in speed and in hitting hard than the Cougars looked in that game. The Utes looked like we did when we played Texas, while playing the Utes, we looked like we did vs. the Va; game. Give us time. When we get it right, we will be dangerous to every team we play. It may not be this season that we do get it right, but in time, we will get it right and our patience now will pay off later.

Vancouver, WA

I don't care if BYU went 0-13 every year I would still cheer them on. Win or lose BYU provides and stands for something greater than any other school. Go Cougars!

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

"Win or lose BYU provides and stands for something greater than any other school. Go Cougars!"

"Something greater"? Please insight me. Im missing something here. I can give you 2 retorts countering your one claim of supremacy.

Frisco, TX

I saw enough from Hill against MTSU to know he will make steady progress with his arm and ability to read defenses. Let's remember, last year was his first year and he sat most of the year with an injury.

New OC, new QB, new scheme = some growing pains.

BYU will still qualify for a bowl with a 7-5 record (6-6 worse case scenario).

For all the Ute trolls, will Utah be bowling in December?

River Falls, WI

RE: HeyBaby

"Hate to break it to you, but recruiting is key... Hill=Pocatello Idaho?? Hhhhmmmm...how much competition up there?"

It doesn't always matter where you're from. Hill had offers from four PAC12 teams and Boise State. Scouting talent in Franklin, IN < People who do it for a living. He is #6 in rushing yards in college football this season, and is starting to grasp the GFGH system. And he's a sophomore. Yes I wish he was a better passer but he's still one of the best QBs in college football and only looks to get better.

Cedar Hills, UT

Cougar fans, leave the Ute trolls alone. I fully expect the Utes to be 6-6 and go to a bowl game this year. The arguments that they will not are stupid. They are good enough that they will offer up some surprises. I certainly think they can beat USC, Washington State and Colorado. That is six wins right there.

Frankly I am tired of hearing the denigrating of them in the Pac-12. I think we all know that if we were offered like they were, we would jump in a heartbeat even with the challenges with BYUtv and the some of the anti-Mormon sentiment on the West Coast. Kyle Whittingham is a very good Coach and right now he owns us. I truly wish it were different. I live in Utah Co. and have commuted to work in SLC for the past 14 years. The ribbing is ok, but the occasional vile verbal beat downs sometimes becomes intolerable. That said, someday we will beat Utah. I for one would hope that when that day comes, that we Cougar fans keep our mouths shut and wish the Utes a good rest of their season. Faith, Hope, Charity!

Mission Viejo, CA

Good article. Sums it up well. I noticed that they slowed down last game. Hill will be a great QB, maybe as early as this season.

I don't care what Utah does. At all. I'm sick of hearing people talking about what Utah is going to do or not do. They don't matter to BYU now at all. Unless BYU plays them in the Kraft bowl this year they are no more or less important than Virginia or Texas. Just a number on the scorecard.

As for the Utah trolls, the way to shut them up is to win. Let them chirp. They matter less than nothing. Other than Chris B. who is funny. Keep it up Chris. Be sure to show up after the UCLA game to tell us how the HUGE IMPLICATIONS turned out.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Wiscougarfan " Hill had offers from four PAC12 teams"

Maybe so but I can assure you he wouldn't be playing QB for any of them. Safety, LB, RB? Maybe, because he's a very good athlete with great speed. However, his QB talent is best suited to Pocatello.

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