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Published: Sunday, Sept. 29 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

Thomas J: the Utes have won the last four over "BUY" and will play some great teams this year in the PAC 12. You sir only wish that the same we're true for your team. Wallow in your shame as you prop up teams that you hope can do what BUY can not - beat the Utes.

Mcallen, TX

New Mexico is to the MWC, as Utah is to the PAC 12.

PAC 12 refs will favor UCLA--mark that down. Utes will double its penalties.

Utah 10

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Let the Pac-12 slaughter begin.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Alls I know is if we played Utah again we would almost certainly win them .

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Rockwell is making up stats from when players wore leather helmets. Nice!

West Valley, UT

What I think is funny that even though Ute's have a 18-4 against BYU and USU, that just shows how bad the state of Utah is at football. The last two seasons have not been good for the Ute's. The football programs in this state will never be great, good coaches will always use the state of Utah as a good way to move onto better programs. Urban Myer, Gary Anderson were able to do great things with average players but that does not last. The coaches that we currently have are all just average and that is how all programs in this state will be, is just average. USC has shown that you can have high ranked recruites and players but with an average coach you will just be an average team.

Phoenix, AZ

So I come on this article to read about what the Ute fans are commenting on this game, and the majority of comments are either referencing BYU trolls or throwing in not so hidden jabs at BYU's game that occured almost two weeks ago. And Utah is trying to convince the PAC-12 schools they are "over" BYU? this Sun Devil isn't buying it.

Anyway, Everyone knows Chris B's predictions are predicated on empty rhetoric, so we'll ignore his predictions. I'm sorry Utah, UCLA is the team to beat in the south. I'm siding with UtahBruin and saying UCLA 48, Utah 13. Game is over at the half or by mid third quarter.

Mcallen, TX

Look for some first period -15 yard penalties, and the utes will be domed the rest of the game.

Beverly Hills, CA

BYU fans just cant stop obsessing about the mighty Utes. You never see Utah fans posting on BYU articles. Then again, I suppose it is only natural - Utah is a national brand and BYU is a regional school hoping for some reflected glory.

Utah 37

You heard it here first. Rose Bowl bound!! Pac 12 Champs!

Mesa, AZ


"Utah on average is giving up 24 points per game, UCLA is scoring on average 52 points per games.

Utah is scoring 42 Points per game, 32 without Weber State. UCLA is giving up only 18."

These comparisons aren't valid, since ucla has played against a significantly weaker SOS [currently, ucla ranks #130/The U ranks #39].

Do you know what Texas State and NU have in common so far this year? Both have played against Wyoming at home. NU won, 37-34, after Wyoming hung over 600 yards in total-o on them., while out-gaining them for the game. Texas State won, 42-21, holding Wyoming to almost 1/2 this total yards on o.

Nebraska is a shell of its former self and, not unlike Texas, was vastly overrated in the PRE-season, based upon nothing more than name and potential. Neither has been anything of note in recent memory, particularly their respective defenses.

And please get off the Weber State deal. Our starters played merely 1 half and there's hardly a wide gap in ability/talent between them/NMSU.

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