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Published: Sunday, Sept. 29 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

Utah on average is giving up 24 points per game, UCLA is scoring on average 52 points per games.

Utah is scoring 42 Points per game, 32 without Weber State. UCLA is giving up only 18.

Just based on that alone, I am thinking UCLA is holding a pretty good edge. However, like I said before, UCLA does not have a great record recently in the St ate of Utah.

I don't know Ute fans, I am liking my Bruins more and more. But to be honest, these are the games I fear. The ones where everyone expects you to win. Here is to a good game and a Bruin win.


Palo Alto, CA


You're assuming Utah's realistic bowl options include the Rose Bowl, Holiday Bowl, etc., when in reality they're really New Mexico Bowl or bust.

South Jordan, UT

Every BYU fan would trade places with Utah.

I would be interested if certain newspapers would do a readers poll to see if BYU fans would trade places with Utah. Independence for Pac 12 if BYU didn't have to play on Sundays.

Seriously: Pac 12 consistently vs. Who knows? WCC vs. Pac 12 opponents?

My family has 4 tix to every football game and attends 5-8 basketball games each year. It is so much funner having quality opponents every week in football and now the rivalries are starting to happen within the Pac 12. It's fun knowing you have 10 really good basketball teams coming in each year instead of just UNLV and BYU and some times New Mexico.

I wish the rivalry game didn't go away. I would trade BYU for Michigan any day. Regardless, being in the conference is so much better than not belonging.

U 90
Corona, CA

@J-TX "Reminds me of a line from "The Princess Bride. UCLA to Utah, "Get used to disappointment. OK."

J-TX, does the scoreboard play in to any of your memories? Last 3 meetings:

Utah 44, UCLA 10
Utah 31, UCLA 6
UCLA 21, Utah 14

Salt Lake City, UT

No assumptions on my part regarding the Utes...not speculating about anything. I stated a simple fact:

If byu makes it to a bowl, they get the left overs from the power conferences. byu's schedule next year is less than a MWC part II quality. Finally, the 2 for 1 deals do, in fact, keep rolling in for byu. IMO, byu fans enjoy their independence gig but it is hard for me to understand why.

Las Vegas, NV


"I have no obsession at all with Utah"

Says the byU "fan" on a story about Utah and UCLA. Your very post proves your statement wrong. If this was your first post, or if you were a devout UCLA fan, I would give that to you. But when you constantly post on all things Utah, you either are in love with Utah, or you have an obsession.

Either way -- thank you for your continued support of our program!!

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!!

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Richard Cranium

"Chris B you are delusional if you think Utah will win the PAC 11 south. Your claim is based on what? The way they dominated Oregon State? (the only dominating win this season for the Utes has been Weber State)"

Delusional? Didn't Chris B nail his predictions about Utah beating USU during the offseason? Didn't Chris B predict that Utah's senior class would complete a perfect 4-0 sweep the BYU senior class this year? Let's not call him delusional when he's also been spot on with his predictions.

Las Vegas, NV


"*To all Utah fans, I will eat my crow gracefully if Utah wins."

How refreshing it is to get intelligent banter from fellow PAC-12 fans. byU "fans" could learn a lesson or two.

Just as UCLA is a different team this year as it was in '11, Utah is a completely different team also. Utah's offense has grown leaps and bounds this year alone. In 2011, the only offense we had was White. Hays only completed 5 passes for less than 70 yards. Last year, with a totally jacked-up offense, Utah only lost by 7 in Pasadena. Better yet, our inexperienced defense is gelling at the right time. Your coaches have stated that Utah's front 4 are better as a unit this year than they were last year with Star.

Of course, none of this means squat once the teams are on the field. So, for now, I look forward to the game and your Thursday night meal of the black bird. If it doesn't come to pass, I will gladly give your team credit where it is due, then we both can sit back and enjoy the USC dumpster fire!

Go Utes!

South Jordan, UT

So according to Utah Bruin, (Johnny come lately) we simply shouldn't play the game, lie down and just give it to UCLA.


Baltimore, MD


"Every BYU fan would trade places with Utah."

Every power conference has it's perennial bottom dwellers. It's not so much who you associate with that matters, it's what you do with those opportunities that matters.

Arizona has been a PAC member since 1979 - still looking for it's first Rose Bowl
Indiana has been a B1G member since 1953 - last and only Rose Bowl, 1967

Utah fans can beat their chests all they want to about "being in the PAC", but until the Utes actually accomplish something in the PAC, you're nothing but cannon fodder for the big boys of the PAC.


U 90

Didn't UCLA beat U the last time U played them?

Last three meetings versus UCLA

@UCLA 27 BYU 17
BYU 17 UCLA 16 (Las Vegas Bowl)
@BYU 59 UCLA 0 (largest shutout of UCLA since USC shut out the Bruins 76-0 in 1929)

@Utah 44, UCLA 10
@Utah 31, UCLA 6
@UCLA 21, Utah 14

BYU already has three accomplishments versus the Bruins that the Utes have never accomplished:

BYU has shut out the Bruins, and has beaten them in the Rose Bowl and in a bowl game.

Springville, UT


Hoping UCLA will do what BYU couldn't? I'm sorry what does BYU have to do with your conference schedule? We've heard for 3 years now how the Utes will do many glorious things in the PAC10.2... uh, it ain't happening.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that UCLA is going thump the Utes handily Thursday night. I'm pretty sure ASU, Stanford, and Oregon will do the same.

That leaves Washington, Colorado, USC and Arizona doesn't it? Out of those 4 games Utes will probably lose half of them.

Utes will once again be < .500 in their glorious conference and bowl-less.

That's exciting huh? LOL


Mr. Bruin: "You have punched it in on average two times a game without Weber State."

I'm curious as to how you came to this conclusion. I wasn't a math major, but I'm pretty sure 3 TDs vs. Utah State, 6 TDs vs. Oregon State, and 2 TDs at BYU averages out to be nearly 4 TDs per game, excluding the Weber State game. Are there variables or algorithms I'm not aware of in assessing this information?

Best of luck to your Bruins. I'd love a Utah win, as unlikely as it is, but all I really hope for is an enjoyable game to watch and no serious injuries to either team. Wish I were still in state to attend, last year was a lot of fun getting to see studs like Marqise Lee, Star Lotulelei and Ka'deem Carey in person. Never got to see Hundley or Barr live, hopefully some Sunday down the road I'll get to!

Saratoga Springs, UT


Johnny come lately? I have been here for the past several years. I did not say anything about laying down and not playing the game. On paper the game is all but over. But paper foot all doesn't count. I know the game has to be played. I know that my Bruins have had their struggles in this state. I know that anything can happen. I am confident that my Bruins will beat your beloved Utes. But I was also confident that Oregon was going to play for the title last year. Don't get upset about the stats. I am just pointing out some things that I think are beneficial to the game. We will have to see how it all plays out. Here's to a Bruin victory in Utah.

I said I would eat my crow. I am a big enough boy to do that. Will you do the same IndeMac? Thanks for keeping it classy VegasUte.

@Rockwell, when did you beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl? Sorry don't remember that one.

Baltimore, MD


Don't the Bruins play in the Rose Bowl?

Baltimore, MD

Oct 1, 1983, BYU 37 at UCLA 35, first game in the BYU/UCLA series

Part of BYU's 24-game winning streak that culminated in BYU's 1984 National Championship

Provo, UT

I'll say it steelute, the Utes will go 2-6 the rest of the way. And I hope I'm wrong actually. They might go 3-5 and make that bowl game and maybe play BYU in the Kraft Hunger Bowl. I'm hoping for that since the rivalry is going to take a two-year break.

I see the Utes beating WAZZU and CU and maybe AZ to get bowl eligible. I think they lose at USC, lose to UCLA. obviously lose to Stanford and Oregon, and Arizona State. The USC game is a bit of an unknown but I think whoever replaces Kiffin, even during the season, will harness that talent much better. But maybe like AZ that game is up in the air. So maybe, just maybe 7-5 is in the cards...But I would say 5-7 is more likely and 6-6 second most likely.

Saratoga Springs, UT


Sorry about my lack of history knowledge regarding the BYU UCLA series. I guess I just didn't care enough to go back to 1983, 20 years ago to find out about a win in BYU's history. We play Utah this week so I was hoping to enjoy in some friendly banter with my Utah friends this week. I really wasn't expecting to have to talk BYU information. BYU was a very talented team back then, thus the National Title. But I am more worried about the Utah game this week. As you should be worried about USU and your passing game. There is plenty I am sure there to stay busy enough. Utah is a talented team, they beat your Cougs. I am a sport fan, UCLA is my team. But I know enough to know that anyone can win on any given day. I mean heck, BYU even beat my Bruins in the Rose Bowl in 1983. But thanks for the history lesson. Much appreciated. If UCLA plays BYU again, I hope we can have some friendly banter. Good luck against USU this week. Here's to a UCLA victory!


Saratoga Springs, UT


You are right. I made a mistake. Your figures are right. I was looking at a stat page and must have looked at the wrong number, it happens. I wasn't trying to doop anyone, it was a honest mistake. Regardless, I still like my Bruins to win and win big. I have already put it down thinking 45-17. But the game still has to be played, I know that. As much as I am willing to give props to Utah if they do pull the upset. I hope many more Utah fans including yourself will be like VegasUte and give my Bruins the props. I will do the same for the Utes if they win. But right now, I am thinking UCLA wins.


Provo, UT

UCLA 42 Utah 28.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love how byu fans come here and predict a blowout and think its trash talk. One thing is for sure, Utah will put up a better fight against UCLA than byu would.

Talking trash on a team that has dominated you is like talking trash on yourself. It isnt rocket science cougs.

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