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Published: Sunday, Sept. 29 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

Kiffins gone... Is wit next. His records is abysmal in conference

West Jordan, Utah

I believe.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

Better find something else to do this Thursday night besides watch football. You won't like what happens. Unfortunately, the same things you wish on BYU fans... on BYU articles no less... is going to come right back at you. It won't be pretty. For some strange reason, there seems to be some justice in there somewhere.

After Thursday, you will 1-3 in your last 4 picks. Not much to brag about. Oh well, there's always next year. But wait... you won't be playing BYU next year. That means there won't be anything at all to look forward to... except playing Weber. And yes, we'll mark that one down, as requested.

Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy USU's and BYU's bowl games without too much of your usual criticism ... since they will be the only local teams represented again this year. But keep trying. There just has to be an eventual end to that conference cellar dweller status sometime... maybe... possibly... hopefully. We're all pulling for U, Chris.

Sandy, UT

Ha ha gotta love BYU trolls. A couple days after beating a team I've never heard of and they're already back at it on the Utah boards. What's funny is BYU is probably the only team in the nation to go the whole month of September without a TD pass.

Sandy, UT

Tators: you must have some obsession with Utah because you post a lot on their articles.

Sandy, UT

All I ask is that when Utah makes a bowl game at the end of the season that the trollers come on here to admit they were wrong. I'll certainly come on here to admit it if I'm wrong if they don't end up going. But to think they will go 2-6 the rest of the way after a 3-1 start is pretty naive, even for the Utah haters.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Does it get any bigger than this? UCLA, a top 10 team, playing in SLC in a conference game. Yes, it can get bigger - just wait 10 days and Stanford, a top 5 team, playing in SLC in a conference game. Getting to play the very best, getting to see the very best, never could have imagined this. I love it! Go Utes!

Hyrum, UT

@ steeleute:

I have no obsession at all with Utah. I just like to call them as I see them. Besides, I post a lot less on Ute articles than a host of Ute trolls post on BYU articles. A lot less overall. Numbers don't lie. I admit than In a weaker moment, I occasionally succumb when certain Ute trolls set the table for such a response. But definitely not Chris B type of on-gong and never-ending BYU obsession. Not even close.

But on top of that, I do admit somewhat embracing the feeling of letting Chris B and a few of his minions feel a little bit back what they constantly dish out. One thing you still need to learn, steeleute... What goes around, comes around.

If lightning strikes and the U somehow has a winning season, I will man-up and admit my prediction was wrong online. Not a problem if that's all you're asking. But until then, it won't cause a loss of any sleep.

Sandy, UT

I'm all for having a reasonable football conversation though. So if you guys want to explain why you really don't think Utah has a "chance" at a bowl game then I'll be happy to explain my opinion why I do they think they will make one. I follow most of the in-state teams though pretty closely and if you want my two cents on the rest of BYU's season and how I think it will play out I'll be happy to let you know insult and jab free.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I can't believe I am saying this about our defense but it's all comes down to the DBs. Our secondary was horrendous against OSU and ULCA is a better team. Our secondary seemed to have fixed the issues against BYU but then again they have one of the worst passing offenses in the country.


Sandy, UT

Tators: unfortunately some of my fellow fans troll way too much on BYU articles and vice versa with some BYU fans. Even I fall into the trap and will go post some stupid troll comments sometimes. Maybe it's a good thing the two teams won't be playing for the next 2 years. Hopefully some of the animosity dies down during that time.

Salt Lake City, UT

byu fans hoping UCLA will do what byu hasn't been able to accomplish in four years is just priceless. byu lost again even with a strategically placed bye week before the game, magic uniforms, and KVN predicting a "bloodbath." LOL!

I noticed that as of today, not one opponent byu has on their schedule is currently ranked. You guys really need to get into a conference...if the MWC will take you back.

As for the Utes, there is some great football coming to SLC. That's what elite conferences are about...excellence on and off the field.

- Cheers!

Sandy, UT

Uteology: Ya, our DB's will probably determine the outcome of this one. I think the LB play needs to be big too because they will need to contain Hundley if he decides to run. Should be a fun game though, I'm excited because I'll be there decked out in my black Ute gear!

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

It's fitting that the Utes chose to make this a blackout game; their slim PAC 12 South hopes will end on Thursday.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Isn't it great there is still one team in Utah very much alive for a power conference title game and rose bowl birth?

Things I've said since the offseason:

1. Utah would beat byu(done)
2. Utah would beat usu(done)
3. Utah would go 8-4(well on our way)
4. The Utah/UCLA winner would win Pac 12 South.

And for those who say Utah won't be UCLA, you are the same people who said Utah wouldn't beat usu and wouldn't beat byU.

And we know how those went.

GO Utes

Onward and Upward

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah 27

Mark it Down

West of I15, UT

@Tators and Thomas Jefferson...LOL!

I love how cougie fan's have to jump on the band wagon of other teams hoping they can do what the cougies have no chance of doing....beating the utes.

I know it hurts cougies 4 in a row, 9 of 12 and complete domination overall of our little brothers to the south! Poor KVN came back to provo for no reason he played his superbowl and lost yet again 0 - 4 for KVN in his "superbowl"....GO UTES!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

UCLA will be a huge test, but home field should aid Utah. The PAC 12 is loaded this year, so any win will be a good win. It sould be great to get this one;


Just Smiling

A lowest regarded bowl game at the end of a season of playing no ranked teams (what ever happened to Texas, Boise State, Wisconsin and Notre Dame?)The hardest schedule EVER in BYU history? Ouch! Compare that to Utah's schedule of 5 more top 25 teams. I'll take the exciting, challenging and highly respected season every time.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"I love how [BYU] fan's have to jump on the band wagon of other teams..."

Yes, that's soooo much different than Utah fans jumping on the band wagon of EVERY BYU opponent.

I know it hurts, winning the battle, but losing the war with BYU every year.

KVN will be playing in another bowl game this year, while the sorry Utes are once again spending bowl week on the couch.

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