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Published: Friday, Sept. 27 2013 11:10 p.m. MDT

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Payson, UT

Hope this was a confidence booster.

Glad to see the cougars win one convincingly. Turnovers a huge concern. Should move Hill out of the bottom 2 QBs in almost every category. After next weeks loss, hope to see the wins start adding up.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This game really gives us nothing. BYU was favored by three and a half touchdowns for cring out loud. The blueprint was laid last week, USU needs to stop the run game of Hill and force him to use his arm. Stack the box and play containment football. The cougars will not be facing an East high-esk team next week. The question is are you ready for talent like Chuckie? Can you play on the road? Can BYU win against a decent team?


Dick, you seem to be way down on Hill. You forget Hill is inexperienced and has more upside than any QB BYU has had in years in my opinion. People just have to be patient. You can definitely see his strong arm and legs. He will get better.

South Jordan, UT

Please, no more suspensions! We need Cody Hoffman in next week's game against Utah State. Whenever I get frustrated with Taysom Hill, I am reminded of Steve Young and his slow start as a sophomore at the Y. He also ran with the ball and was slow to connect with the pass. It worked out well with him; I have high hopes for Taysom. He's a great young man and will prove to be a great QB with more experience and confidence.

Ball security is an issue, for sure. I think some valuable lessons were learned last night with dropped balls! Adding Jamaal Williams back in the mix next week will give this team a lot of confidence with his dynamic presence and plays. Seeing other players come forth with great plays (Matthews #10, Brown #24, etc.) was encouraging.

Go Cougars!

Idaho Falls, ID

I am not sold on our offensive scheme. Way too predictable and simple. USU will beat us if Anae continues to be so predictable. Utah shut down our run game because they knew what play was coming, and I think Taysom is still struggling with making the right read. He could have run the ball a lot more for big yards because MTSU was crashing their DE all the time.

Also on passing plays it was not uncommon to see only one receiver out on a pattern. What is up with that? Also when Taysom has to scramble the receivers are loafing or standing around instead of sprinting to the open spot, especially Apo. The blocking from the receivers was excellent, however.

Beverly Hills, CA

As usual, BYU fans overwhelmingly celebrate a win over a directional community college is going to be a "confidence booster" and "Taysom shows improvement". At this rate of overinflated self confidence building USU, BSU, ND, and Wisconsin are going to steam roll BYU.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Taysom Hill, the greatest running back the school's ever seen! I've seen enough of this non-imaginative "up tempo" stuff.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Nice to get Bert and Ernie's comments from the cheap seats. Glad to see putting words in BYU fans's mouths, then berating them for what you imagined they said, has not gone out of style.

I think the team, and most of the fans, are aware that "state" and "university" are the only things this week's and next week's opponents have in common. Chuckie is the real deal, and while I have confidence in our ability to manage the run game, his passing will challenge our secondary.

But is it really so difficult to acknowledge that Taysom has NOT been as accurate a passer this season as he has been in the past, and therefore there is at least an even chance that his passing will improve?

I am looking forward to, hopefully, a good game against a more than worthy foe. Next week would be an excellent time to cut way down on the mental mistakes!

newhall, CA

The Aggies will defeat the Cougars next week. They are a better offensive team with a stronger, passing QB.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Hill did improve his passing game, but it was against a team that has one of the worst passing defenses in the country (according to Rivals).

I guess baby steps is all BYU fans can hope for.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

Its just like a shooter in basketball making a layup, slam dunk or free throws. Sure its not that hard to do those things but it build the confidence and helps later on. BYU will be fine, they will beat bsu, lose to wisconsin and the notre dame game is a toss up. USU right now scares me. Hopefully the receivers can get open and hill can get them the ball. If he throws for 50 percent or better byu wins.

Overton, NV

A "predictable" offense can still be successful if it is executed precisely.

See: Air Force

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Overton, NV

A "predictable" offense can still be successful if it is executed precisely.

See: Air Force


The goal was to become Notre Dame of the West, not Air Force.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Cougars did what they needed to do in order to get the sloppy win against a very good team with a lot of athleticism. In order to beat the Aggies, BYU is going to have to play much better than they did last night. I do think the Cougars D will be much better than the Utes at getting to Keaton and disrupting his timing. The Utes gave Keaton all the time in the world to find the open man. BYU will not.

I do think USU is the better team in this one, and should be favored. If BYU pulls out the win it will help Hill gain more confidence in his receivers.

Go Cougars!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Tell me something about ucla. Or better yet, tell me something about OSU.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

I love Utah fans who think BYU is going to be 'steamrolled' by a number of teams. Talk about pot calling kettle black. I have news for U. You beat BYU by 7. Not exactly a steamroll. Again it's your highlight of the year. I feel sorry for Kyle because it's his BYU games that help him keep his job. For the next two years no more BYU and a lot more job insecurity. Let's see how things go these next few weeks before you use the term 'steamrolled'. I do think you will see it at least once in Eugene, Oregon. You will play the roll of the pavement.

Woods Cross, UT

I don't care if Hill wins with his legs. If he gets the pass game going, it will make him even more dangerous with his legs.

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

I think we can all agree that Hill was better last night than previously, but that it was against an easier opponent and so it doesn't tell us much. The real test will be next week against a good USU team. No doubt Hill has plenty of potential, but that needs to translate into him making accurate throws and beating a team with his arm, not just his legs. If USU follow's Utah's game plan, I don't think we beat them. (Sorry, BYU, but after breaking my heart so many times I have started to expect heartbreak.)

Idaho Falls, ID


"A "predictable" offense can still be successful if it is executed precisely."

Here's my problem with that statement. BYU is not an elite team. Teams like Oregon and Alabama and LSU can get away with predictability because they have the "horses" to make it work. During the Lavell Edward years BYU was able to compete (at least offensively) with anyone because of their unique and unpredictable passing style. It leveled the playing field against teams with the premier athletes. For the most part, no amount of proper execution will compensate for the fact that the guy on the other side of the line of scrimmage is just plain stronger and faster than you. However, great coaching, unpredictability in play calling, and using a wide array of weapons can balance the game in your favor, despite an uneven talent level.

"Glad to see putting words in BYU fans's mouths, then berating them for what you imagined they said, has not gone out of style."

Amen, brother. I, too, get weary of the inane "straw man" arguments from JJJHS, et al.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Why can't a Socrates coached team play a complete game? Good grief, please tell Nike to stop putting goose grease on the ball, and JD as a returner, no way keep him at WR. Two gifts to the opponent is enough. No Virginia, a nice return does not cause any football people to have confidence in the guy. And don't think JD will not think of his miscues next time that ball comes sailing' his way. All you can say is: "It's a win". The ticky tack, honor code violations are a joke, and no I'm not taking The Whittingham Whitewash Company type non- response, but talking the issue through sans a game suspension unless someone decides to do something discusting like offend an entire religion.

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