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Published: Friday, Sept. 27 2013 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Offense gotta step it up. You give USU five turn overs Chuckie be running around for five TD. Rise Up

Enid, OK

A win is a win is a win.

Take it and drive on.

Go Cougars!

Idaho Falls, ID

I think it will be another defensive battle which will give the Aggies the advantage. Much better all around offense. We will see which true blue will win. I believe that we will win. The original True Blue of Utah. Go Aggies

Meadow Lark Mark

If BYU thinks that they can beat good teams with 5 turnovers, they better think again. It won't happen. They need to take better care of the ball.

Salt Lake City, UT

Before any one gets too excited, it was Middle Tennessee State.

Omaha, NE

MTSU is really good at turnovers, so don't expect this to be a recurring thing. Didn't BYU just emphasize turnovers for weeks? Back to the drawing board.

Looking forward to Van Noy, Fua, and Beck pressuring and sacking Keaton all night. Don't give me the "usu's offensive line is amazing and stout" garbage. The team is 20th in the nation in sacks. Even SJSU got him twice.

Proud Ute

9 penalties for 80 yards in the first half. Does that mean it's just not PAC 12 officials that "have it in" for the coogs? It couldn't possibly be sloppy play.

Baton Rouge, LA

The first picture shows Hill lunging in for a touchdown despite all Middle Tennessee and one ref can do to keep him out of the end zone!

Richmond, VA

Great win Cougars! Great to see Hill finally starting to come around as a passer to compliment his running. Much improvement from the last game but alas it was disappointing to see another problem with turnovers. Hope we won't repeat that against the Aggies or we'll surely suffer another defeat.

Also disappointed to hear of Hoffman's team rule violation. It would've been great to see him last night when Hill finally started to find his touch. He lost a chance to add significantly to his totals to break and set every receiving records he's after at BYU.

Glad also to see Jamaal Williams recovering nicely from his injury.

Go Cougars!

Frisco, TX

@Aggie84 - "I think it will be another defensive battle which will give the Aggies the advantage."

I'm hoping you are right - that it will be a defensive battle, because I think BYU is a better defensive team than the Aggies. But I will give USU the edge on the offense. I think it should be a great game.

Beverly Hills, CA

Wow, nothing like beating up on Eastern Western Northern Southern Community College of Tennessee to brighten up BYU Cougar fan's day. No incentive to get better when playing these kind of schools puffs up your self esteem after a tough loss. Now onward to a bowl game built on beating more directional community colleges!

Reno, NV

Thomas Jefferson, I don't see the entitlement problem, sorry. This team knows they have to earn their positions and play by the rules (see KVN, Hadley, Hoffman, the entire O-line after the Virginia game).

West Point , UT

"Now onward to a bowl game built on beating more directional community colleges!"

And for the Utes, onward to your cellar and whipping boy status, and Salvation Army bell ringing for the holidays. 2-7 is looking just about right for the Utes in conference. Why BYU can beat everyone else in your conference and has decent records against the PAC but continues to play crappy and lose to Utah is beyond me, but don't let it go to your head. Wins against a struggling BYU program is all Utah has anything to talk about, and it will be such for the foreseeable future. Enjoy.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

This game did nothing for me. Yes, a win is always the objective of any game. But if other Cougs fans are excited about this win, I don't know what they saw that I missed. I'm beyond done watching Hill run. This is the "up tempo" offensive juggernaut we read so much about? How imaginative is Hill doing the quarterback draw up the middle. And don't get too excited about this "passing numbers" from this game, against a very weak Mid Tenn secondary.

West Jordan, UT

Sacking Keaton all night, eh? One of the most elusive quarterbacks in the Nation, and though he has struggled a little bit the last two games, still one of the best.I will keep an eye out for all of those sacks that you proclaim will happen, but odds are Keaton will escape and beat you with his legs, e.g. the UofU game.

Should be a good game, and it will really show use what Hill is actually capable of when playing a good team after a good performance. (though any team that loses after gaining five turnovers is garbage.)As well as Keaton's ability to bounce back and reclaim his stride.
The Aggs have a much better defense, great linebackers, and a great ability to stop the run; and, their offence can produce. For this reason, I think they will win.
I am curious to see who the real Taysom Hill is, this game will be the best indicator so far. Two bad games, two good games, which one will take the best of five?

Go Aggies!
27-20for the Aggs.

Plano, TX

These cross regional games are good for college football, and pay off in the long run with relationships that develop and are leveraged long after they're played. MTSU is a pretty decent school in that region through the years, and for an independent like BYU - a good scheduling choice. Coaches and ADs talk - a lot, and you can never tell when someone will get a new job and influence scheduling at a big name school. And, this game was no where near the final score. Absent totally uncharacteristic punt fumbles by Falslev, it was a normal game. The BYU-USU game should be a great one !

Plano, TX

Props to Tom Smart on the photo gallery.

North Salt Lake, UT

"Before any one gets too excited, it was Middle Tennessee State."

Middle Tennessee has more wins this season than Air Force and SJSU combined. The Aggies haven't beaten anyone yet, either.

North Salt Lake, UT


Just a reminder, Taysom Hill has already beaten the best Aggie team in history. Chuckie Keeton is 0-2 against two good but inconsistent BYU teams.

If anyone has something to prove, it's Mr. Keeton.

Kearns, UT

"this game was no where near the final score."

Huh? The outcome of the game IS the final score. Oh, I see- the Cougs should have really won the game 60-0.

Sorry, no. The final score was 37-10. BYU couldn't even put as many points on the board against MTSU as they did against the vaunted Longhorns. This is what worries me with BYU football. This idea that beating a smaller program whose SOS is one of the lowest in the nation, somehow says, "we've improved and we're better than ever."

USU is going to be a tough game and will be far more telling about actual improvement than playing MTSU.

Last night, listening to KSL, I finally understood where a lot of this attitude stems from- Greg Wrubel. I can't tell you how many times he said things like, " That should have been a touchdown- but he got stopped," or "That call (or play, or miscue, or interception) shouldn't really be held against him. It wasn't REALLY his fault." That's what so frustrating about listening to him. He's not an announcer, he's a cheerleader who can't see BYU doing anything wrong.

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