Comments about ‘Alex Boye stars in Mormon modesty remake of One Direction's 'That's What Makes You Beautiful'’

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Published: Friday, Sept. 27 2013 1:35 p.m. MDT

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Toronto, 00

I think it's inspiring for ALL young girls out there! Girls can be fashionable, trendy AND MODEST!
A lot of the girls out there do dress up so "boys will like them" and she'll catch the eye of hr crush etc I think it's a great message from guys saying hey we don't need all that!! We like you just the way you are!! We don't want low cut shirts, or short shorts, etc
Kudos for the kids and Alex Boye!! DISCLAIMER: I am not Mormon. I saw this song on FB on a friend's wall who's NOT MORMON, ANshe had shared it from ANOTHER NON MORMON friend. We're all Christians of different denominations yet, we all share a love for Modesty!! What a great thing to teach our GIRLS!!

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